24: Legacy Episode 5 Promo

Take a look at the promo for the fifth episode of 24: Legacy – airing at next Monday at 8/7c on FOX. It looks like things are heating up big time.

Also be sure to let us know what you thought about tongiht’s episode by voting in our poll.


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Ben Grimes getting a new makeover? Clean shaven and all.

Omg where’s tony this is borrrring

Really? That boring?

Supergirl and The Bachelor are on around the same time, watch one of those shows then – should be more thrilling for you

I’m still thrilled by this version of the show so far
Looking forward to the next ep!

I’m quite enjoying Legacy too, but for fucks sake Marlon stop being a condescending cock. If Joshua isn’t enjoying it that’s his business.

Yeah this is boring compared to the original. And this Jeffrey dude being the cinematographer sucks compared to rodney charters if I’m not mistaken. I miss kiefer sutherland so much now, yeah you all gotta admit it , Jack was something else and no matter how hard the new guy tries ….
I just don’t buy it.

Speaking for myself 1 I don’t watch neather of those shows lol pathetic comeback real good. 2 technically I’m not quiting yet. I wanna find out if we get to know how tony broke outta prison. & 3 sombody is bh butt hurt wow.

Hey cmon, all I read from the post was ‘where’s tony?’ and ‘this is boring’

Not sure how that episode was boring when it had all the elements of a good 24 episode
albeit Carter didn’t kill anyone

– conspiracy within the senator’s camp
– Ingram scheming with Carter
– Mullins being a typical CTU head
– Nicole saving Isaac
– Isaac and the way he talked the police out of arresting Nicole

24 was never about action for me but this stuff !!

So, sorry if I sounded like a cock – but 24 Legacy won’t succeed solely by bringing in previous characters and being action-packed

The problem for me at least, is that the Nicole and Isaac storyline (currently) has zero significance to the main plot.

And they’ve both been shown to be very capable of taking care of themselves, so when they’re put into these dangerous situations it doesn’t quite have the tension it should. It just feels like that plot line is being used to fill up time.

IMHO 24 Spoilers, I feel they’re setting up for some very interesting, brotherly tension/family dynamics – Eric ‘stole’ Nicole from Isaac – and now they’ve had a bit of a moment! I don’t think Eric will likle that! :-D

Yeah agree that the writers must have some sort of connection in place with this particular storyline

But does it really have to connect?

Kim’s storyline in Season 2 with the abusive father who killed his wife etc etc had no relevance to the plot maybe a bit when Jack called her to shoot him (twice!) – that was pretty awesome.

Character development is what I hope to see with Legacy – but based on the ratings it’s not looking good

That relates to the plot as that relates to why Kim couldn’t get out of the city quickly despite Jack telling her about the nuclear threat.

The Isaac plot is linked because that is where Nicole has to hide (though I don’t think the terrorists are after her anymore).

That doesn’t compute.

Kim’s story was about contextualizing the Nuclear threat. Her struggle to escape the city added substance and urgency to CTU’s efforts.

This Nicole/Issac story does not even compare. Hell, even Kim’s story was marred by increasingly silly and contrived scenarios.

I realize what the writers are going for, I just don’t think it’s playing out well on-screen thus far. Eric and Nicole had, what, about three minutes of total screen time before they were attacked and escaped/drove to Isaac’s place?

The writers dove head first into this love triangle plotline before Eric and Nicole’s relationship was properly developed. It was too much, too soon IMO.

12 Episodes I guess

I’m trying to recall what LAD was like

I believe I saw a brief shot in this promo of a tac team fast ropping out of a helicopter. I wonder if they used actual Army Rangers to film this, as a tribute, like the movie Black Hawk Down did and 24 season 4 used real Marines in the rescue of James Heller and Audrey.

& that’s fine if that’s what 24 is about for u that’s your opinion. But I personally don’t care about the new cast including the lead. I don’t find any of them interesting it’s like the writers are trying to fill in for jack with out jack. Sorry but since kiefer chose to leave I’m only watching for tony. Not sure why that’s a bad thing. But it’s really not imo. A let of people are doing the same way. It’s really not a big deal. Besides tony is probably saving the show right now. So you’re statement about lagcey won’t succeed because they brought back previous characters & action packed is exactly why people are watching for tony. So that’s not necessarily true.

I do agree with you about Tony.

I jumped for joy when he returned to save Audrey and Jack in Season 4.
Been waiting for a moment like that for years.

I truly think we are the only hardcore followers left though. I’m not sure that any of my old group of friends are watching Legacy right now. So I’m hoping that the new audience (who don’t know who Tony etc are) are going to enjoy to show with fresh eyes for the drama, espionage and thriller stuff. It’s a fool’s hope though. TV Shows need stars and I don’t see one here.

You two aren’t alone–I also am part of the old guard and I’m only going to watch for Tony. I actually haven’t watched ANY of Legacy yet…deliberately. I have ZERO interest in ANY of this and I’m only going to start watching once Tony enters the picture.

I’ve been called everything under the sun for stating this position: racist (uh, Tony is latino and the reason why I’m watching so how am I racist? Derp.), not a “true” fan of 24, fake fan, pathetic, etc. Well, you know what? I watch this series for the CHARACTERS and I want CLOSURE for my characters–not this copy/paste version of 24.

Real time is NOT why I have EVER watched. The real time is useless. It’s the characters I care about.

The writers are more than willing to ignore the real-time constraints of the show for the sake of convenience and expediency. Which throws the whole “real-time is the true star of the show” into question.

The problem with Legacy is that it’s being compared to 9 seasons of the iconic 24 which it can’t live up to. As much as the producers want and try to say it is a new show unto itself, it will always be seen as a new season of 24 without Kiefer Sutherland, and never reach the bar the other seasons set. If 24 never existed this would be considered a great show. It has the same problem that NBC’s production of “The Sound of Music Live” had a few years ago. As much as they said it was a different and new live stage production, it was always compared to the iconic 1965 movie. Just as Carrie Underwood is no Julie Andrews, so is Corey Hawkins no Kiefer Sutherland.

& kiefer continues to say to this day the real star of the show is the format. Well I don’t watch shows/movies for there concepts I watch a good thriller because of a good thriller. I watch a good comedy because of to make me laugh. I don’t watch things because of an idea. Even though sometimes the idea is really cool or good I watch the things I watch based on who’s in what & weather it be the era or whatever the idea maybe based on the show. It depends on who’s in it & what the show is about. & I can usually tell by a trailer is something is going to get me hooked.

Joshua, Kiefer is simply being polite. It would be viewed as egotistical to say that a show is all about me even though he knows that it is. Throughout his life, Kiefer has always been a very kind and gracious person.

I think Kiefer actually believes it though. Which paints him in an even better light. He’s a great guy.

I know he’s saying that to be polite I agree but his contious theory is not working. Kiefer seems nice but can’t say he’s theory olds up. @ least imho he’s the star or he was & that’s his opinion but I can’t say I agree with the theory he keeps insisting over & over & over.

Anyone who finds this show great hasn’t seen 24. This season and series is a “legacy” alright. Every plot point in this show has been done. Don’t remember Jack knocking out mason in his office the same way? Don’t remember Jack breaking people out and going rogue? The backstory and set up is Operation Knightfall all over again. On and on.