24: Legacy Season Finale Press Release

24: Legacy Episode 12 Rebecca Ingram and Eric Carter
24: Legacy Episode 12 Rebecca Ingram and Eric Carter


Rebecca’s deal to save Donovan doesn’t go as planned. Meanwhile, CTU must rely on Carter to go out into the field and facilitate an important exchange in the all-new “11:00 PM-12:00 AM” season finale episode of 24: LEGACY airing Monday, April 17 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (TFL-112) (TV-14 L, V)

Cast: Corey Hawkins as Eric Carter; Miranda Otto as Rebecca Ingram; Jimmy Smits as Senator John Donovan; Teddy Sears as Keith Mullins; Dan Bucatinsky as Andy Shalowitz; Anna Diop as Nicole Carter; Ashley Thomas as Isaac Carter; Charlie Hofheimer as Ben Grimes; Coral Pena as Mariana Stiles; Sheila Vand as Nilaa; Raphael Acloque as Jadalla Bin Khalid; Gerald McRaney as Henry Donovan

Guest Cast: Carlos Bernard as Tony Almeida, Bailey Chase as Thomas Locke, Oded Fehr as Naseri, Moran Atias as Sidra, James Moses Black as Director Donald Simms, Ismail Bashey as Hammad


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I’m a little confused by this. The episode 11 press release suggests Donovan has been freed and is working with Carter, but this press release suggests otherwise. Thoughts?

Yeah that is pretty confusing. It’d be ridiculous for Donovan to be captured, freed, then captured again in such a short time span.

And I sure hope this finale is not another hostage exchange.

You know 24Spoilers, Donovan might develop the “Kimnapped” curse. A la season one, how many times was Kim Bauer kidnapped? (Laughs)

I think it just means that she didn’t intend on actually being captured.

He must get caught again? Perhaps by the Russians this time!

March 29, 2017 at 10:32 pm
Hmm, curious. This says 12AM. Mistake? Or no time jump?

Time jump

I also wonder that, maybe they decide not to have time jump for this season?

As of right now, it looks like this show will get axed after one season. If that’s the case, I hope the writers give us what we want. CTU has to rely on Carter, but what if he’s cornered and can’t do anything? Who saves the day? Give us a surprise Jack Bauer cameo (that Kiefer said he is open to) where ultimately, he saves Carter and the world all in one episode because he’s a badass.

There is a time jump in this episode so he can do it.

Maybe Rebecca turns out to be the bad guy and is actually working with Naseri.

Meridith Bloom
April 2, 2017 at 12:08 am
I have been thinking this for a while yet fearful of expressing. I lack what would be Rebecca’s motive but it would be a grand twist. She had opportunity. Who arranged for Naseri to be their translator? What would Rebecca’s reward be? Is she mercenary? Is she working with the Elder Donovan and is her interrogation of him a disguise? Is there some reason she feels ??safe?? going to the terrorists to “rescue” her husband? And we perhaps won’t know until the final episode.

Hope there’s going to be a Jack Bauer cameo and possibly it should be “one and done” for Legacy.

Why do they release these press releases 3 episodes in advance? We haven’t seen episode 10 yet. From the release, “Rebecca’s deal to save Donovan doesn’t go as planned. Meanwhile, CTU must rely on Carter to go out into the field and facilitate an important exchange…”

1. Donovan doesn’t die in episodes 10, or 11.
2. Eric doesn’t die in episodes 10 or 11.
3. Whatever deal that is going to be put in place by Rebecca in either episodes 10 and/or 11 will not succeed.

The site is called 24 Spoilers for a reason…

*Ahem*….look at the site title.

Hmmmmmm, gotta admit that finale doesn’t sound too good to me so far. Will probably shit on LADs though.

God, I was so disappointed at the time. Honestly, though, I feel better about Live Another Day these days. I think I just…go it. I worked out what they were trying to say about Jack and I’ve come to accept that it might have been the only ending they could give him at this point.

This one scene from 24 Season 4 pumps more adrenaline through my blood than any of this Legacy 24 combined.


However the last couple of episodes of Legacy have been pretty good.

If Keifer truly doesn’t want to be a part of the show anymore, they need to give a cameo to Bauer and give him the final silent clock in episode 12.

That was awesome

This one takes the cake for S4 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZQPmRqLNwA

Why does he have to die? Everyone says that and I never understood it. Just let the man go home to his daughter and grandchildren and retire in peace. Why does death HAVE to be the ending for Jack?

I think for me is that the world doesn’t know who Jack is. And by the world I mean the 24 world.

Nobody apart from the government, his family and colleagues know that he was responsible for saving lives. Apart from S7, when he was in court for torture crimes…..not even sure if that was publicly (24 world) televised.

So….I think for a hero who has saved lives for 9 days….he has to go down in a massive final blaze of glory and be recognised post-death of the things he did.

Similar to Brody from Homeland after his death on S3 when Carrie put a star on the wall in memory of him.

I just don’t know if I can see Jack walk away in the sunset with his family…..

I don’t see why he can’t have the sunset ending. And killing him off would be beating that horse to death. They’ve already beaten that horse to death and then some with the whole “woe is me–I’m such a tragic character that no one appreciates” theme with Jack. A happy ending is the one ending that WOULD be daring enough. I don’t know about anyone else, but it gets TIRESOME after a while watching Jack having nothing but misery slung his way.

I agree, a happy ending would be more acceptable to long-term 24 fans. No one likes his hero to be kiiled off after so many days.

Exactly. Jack’s already HAD his tragic ending…SO many times. I mean…damn!

Jack has survived death so many times that for him to be just dead in the end…for me it doesn’t make sense. They must be more creative than that, but if I judged based on Legacy, I have many fears. And there was a news that Kiefer wanted him to be killed in LAD’s finale.

I hear you. As long as these incompetent writers are at the helm and as long as Kiefer holds onto his Bauer death wish, we may never see a happy ending for Jack because GOD FORBID they ever give a single fcking character a happy ending on this show…*rolls eyes*

I thought the Season 4 finale would’ve worked perfectly as a series finale. All of Jack’s friends working together to help save him and fake his death. The handshake with Tony. The final phone call to David Palmer. Putting on his shades and walking off into the sunrise to start his new life.

I don’t see how that ending can be topped, felt like it was the perfect way to “kill” Jack Bauer.

Given it was the end of Surnow’s time as showrunner, it definitely has that ‘series finale’ vibe.

Yes! That is the best 24 season finale in my book. It ended on a high note that could have concluded the series, I agree with that.

I wonder why he got the silent clock for the end of LAD. Was it simular to the reason with the end of day 6? Uncertainty of where his character will go? Jack cannot simply die, he deserves at least a satisfying ending.

I don’t think either ending works. Jack is too damaged. He’s done too many horrible things. The door for a peaceful life was firmly closed at the end of season 8 when he gave into his violent compulsions. He crossed a line he can never turn back from. I think that’s part of the hidden genius of LAD’s ending; Jack has accepted the darker parts of himself rather than resist them. It’s actually completely full circle.

In season one, Jack desperately tries to live a normal life while separating his family life from his field work. At the end of season 9, Jack implicitly realizes that this is impossible and he no longer tries to fight for it – in fact, he understands that the further away he is from the people he loves the better of everyone (including him) will be. That’s the reason for the relief he experiences on the helicopter.

I like it.

I personally wrote a short fanfic that ended Live Another Day as a series finale. Audrey survives and the time jump is used for them to fly from London back to Washington DC and the last fifteen minutes takes place in Washington. President Heller gives an impassioned, patriotic farewell speech because of his Alzheimer’s and hands the presidency over to Vice President Mike Novick as Jack and Audrey start over together, literally driving off into the sunrise. Kim Bauer is there too and Jack plays chess with Little Teri, coming full circle since the show began with Jack playing chess with Kim.

That’s…really not good.

“I work with computers!”

March 30, 2017 at 8:17 am
Why does everybody want a Jack Bauer cameo?
That is essentially what they are doing with Tony and it’s disappointing as fuck. He doesn’t have a story and the sole reason he was brought back (interrogate Henry) yielded no results… I don’t want a Jack cameo like that. If they ever bring back Jack, it has to mean something and be integral to the story. Not some cameo appearance.

His cameo could easily be integral: a ten minute scene after the time jump of Tony arriving in Russia and breaking Jack out.

And the reason why people want these cameos is because these characters are ARE the show–not this new batch of “whogivesash!ts” we have now.

And yes–Tony’s return is definitely disappointing but that’s due to writing. If handled properly, Jack’s cameo could be GREAT.

Well, probably Jack’s cameo could have nothing do to with Legacy’s story, but at this point if the cameo itself is good – Jack doing something interesting, and worth watching, I’m ok.
Tony’s presence so far has nothing of the kind. It’s pretty much useless. Could have been someone else.

The best thing they could do for Jack is something akin to 24 Solitary: have a short clip of Jack somehow being set up to be broken out of the Russian prison and have it be a bid for a final Jack season.

Or, the clip could be of Tony breaking into the prison with his team and breaking Jack out.

Hopefully, they’ll pull something like this off.

That would be better than the hole Legacy.
Russians should make Jack work for them, not to just in a prison, incarcerated. Imagine a season of Jack working for Russians somehow. No CTU, completely different. In the end of the day, if Jack solves the situation, he might be free to go, but we always know something goes wrong during the day

Sounds like a plot for a 24 movie if ever they could get one off the ground. I’ve always been opposed to a 24 movie (the concept just doesn’t work) but a Jack Bauer movie that drops the real time format COULD work. They could call it: “Jack Bauer” or just “Bauer” like with what they did with the “Jason Bourne” movie.

There was an old Johnny Depp movie from the mid 90’s called “Nick of Time” which took place in real time. The premise was very similar to 24 Day 1 (a father is forced to assassinate a politician in order to save his kidnapped daughter). I remember liking it at the time, though it’s been like 15+ years since I watched it.

But that was a much smaller scale movie. I think the expectations for a 24 movie would be big budget action flick with lots of set pieces etc. And I agree that just wouldn’t work in real time.

24spoilers, I remember that movie! It was quite suspenseful, even with a simple premise. The only way a 24 feature film would work is having it take place in 2 hours, simular to Redeption, and have it commerical free in the telefilm format.

Yes, I’ve seen that movie and still enjoy it to this day. That movie came out before 24 did–several years before, in fact–and I have no doubt that 24 Season 1 took several of its cues from Nick of Time.

Nick of Time’s format worked not only because of the low budget but, unlike 24, it didn’t last for 24 hours. The first three Die Hard movies also took place over the course of a day but not 24 hours. A 24 movie would demand one 24 hour cycle and audiences would be going to it, expecting real time action. That’s why I feel the premise couldn’t work. The entire movie would either have to take place in real time for two hours with maybe a time jump or something (which would be lame since it’s only 2 hours) or drop the real time and have it take place over 24 hours or they could simply make a movie about Jack and say “to hell with any real time at all”. I think option three makes the most sense at this point.

Yes I think a “24” movie would just have to have a timespan of a 24 hour period, not have to be real time.

It would be better than what they did with 24 Redemption which people always forget about.

Some great movies that take place within a day or less (excluding intro sequences) are Taking of Pelham 123, Speed, Red Eye, and 12 Rounds. I think Inferno also takes place in a 24 hour period.

All Tony will do in the finale is have another short scene where he’s updating the apps on his Android phone while charging it in his car.

LOL!!! I love these Tony jokes. :p

Don’t forget the time jump scene! Tony will try ordering “Amazon Same Day Delivery” for the first time to see if it’s really “all the rave” and then the time jump happens: *12 hours later* he receives the package.

March 30, 2017 at 3:12 pm
I suppose at least Tony’s return gave us these memes, yeah… Still would have preferred an actual storyline with substance.

I can just see Eric going after Jadalla and Naseri, Rebecca calls Tony to help rescue Donovan. But by the time Tony shows up, Eric’s taken care of everything. Tony just does his face scratch thing and leaves.

LMAO!!! With the way they’ve handled him thus far it would fit right in. :P

Tony will save the day and be a 24 Legacy hero

Bluetooth Group
March 30, 2017 at 6:25 pm
Jack already had his happy ending with his daughter and grand kids at the end of season 7, beginning of season 8. But the writers snatched that away from us. The beginning of season 8 where hes hanging out with his granddaughter alive and well could of been the epilogue to season 7, clock ticks down to 00:00 roll credits. Instead they made Jack go on a murderous revenge spree, and then get takern by the Russions at the end of LAD. they should of just left well enough alone

The same can be said for Tony and Michelle as well: they chose to retire in peace at the end of Season 4. They were officially out of the game. That should have been their epilogue there….but NOOOOOOO–let’s kill them both off unceremoniously and disrespectfully in the very next season then revive Tony and buttf**k his corpse by turning him into a terrorist who kills innocent people without a hint of remorse on his face–like he’s suddenly channeling Nina Myers’ spirit or something. Yeah…fans will LOVE that!

Bluetooth Group
March 30, 2017 at 6:41 pm
I agree. SMH

But WAIT now were changing him back to a supposed good guy without explaining HOW or even giving him more than 10 minutes of screen time!

Cmon man, the Tony and Michelle kill in Season 5 was sad – don’t get me wrong. But it was amazing TV to kill off 2 characters we grew to love.

and I’m sure all will be explained before the series is over regarding Tony being out of prison

The Tony and Michelle “deaths” in season 5 was fine, season 5 is the best season to me so believe me I had no problem with that.

24 Legacy and its use of Tony has been a joke though

So far yes, but let’s see how the last 3 episodes pan out

He’s gotta have some kind of impact!

I was all down for killing Palmer, Tony and Michelle in Season 5, that’s why it’s my favourite alongside Season 1. It’s all about personal stakes, without them you just have another shitty day of Jack being back because of attacks.

Another reason why season 8 is an understated masterpiece.

And some fans did love it. It’s called fiction.

I don’t care. It was poor writing. Fans can love it till the end of days–doesn’t change the fact that it was a badly written contrivance.

It’s called “personal opinion”.

Bluetooth Group
March 30, 2017 at 6:39 pm
I’m giving only a 14% chance that the “Important Exchange” is Jack

I am wondering the same thing Bluetooth Group. That would be cool to see that! Besides, I wonder if that would lead into a cliffhanger.

Have to admit, I wondered if the exchange involves Jack.

That’s because you’d make a better writer for this show than its actual writers. Hell, a monkey with a bullet in its brain would make for a better writer. I vote for Koko the gorilla as a new writer!

Thanks. :D I bet Koko the gorilla wouldn’t recycle old plots and would come up with something new. :D

Yeah, I’m going for a 99.9% chance that it’s just something lame and boring and involving either Rebecca or her boring husband. *Yawn*…

I’ve always liked Jimmy Smits, but for some reason he comes across as a bit of a fucking mong in Legacy, and too retarded to be a believable president.

too retarded to be a believable president

You mean like somebody else we know? ;)

Yeah, but he’s not the president anymore.

Hmmm… something tells me he’s talking about Don Don…

Bluetooth Group, I’ll give it 15% lol !

I really don’t think they should throw the kill jack idea out there anymore. Because if one day they try it. People are going to expect it. But imho lad was left open ended for a reason. So another iteration of 24 needs to previde closure as they keep insisting they will get to. & not leave the ending open.

At first, I was thinking the terrorist took Rebecca while doing the exchange for her husband. So the finale exchange was for her.

But since these ideas of Jack being part of that exchange has me excited, though I know I shouldn’t coz it ain’t happening. And I wouldn’t want Eric Carter being part of anything involving Jack. Would rather be it Tony.

Yeah, there’s simply NO way that they’ll introduce Jack in any scene involving Carter. They think we care about this guy (I don’t) and they don’t want to risk having Jack steal his “thunder” (LOL!!!) so they won’t bother.

RIP 24.

I haven’t seen The Raid so i really don’t know, but what if Bin Khalid was still alive? like season 1 Drazen style?, has there been any visual confirmation of his death?.

Wouldn’t surprise me. They’ve rehashed so many other things this season so why not this as well? I’m expecting it, if anything.

I always expected Bin Khalid sr to be alive since the first episode. They may rehash the whole killing the main characters wife thing too (I believe Nicole is on her way back to CTU).

Probably. Of course, the difference is that we won’t give two sh!ts about Nicole’s death.

Or anybody elses for that matter. Even Carter, who I actually like, if they were to bump him off I’d be over it moments later.

Remember how the death of a character affected you back in the day? Fuck me!

It affected me once…that was before they started killing a slew of characters off just for the sake of doing so. Then I became numb to it.

I suspect Naseri really wants Rebecca because she has knowledge of all the codes and government protocols that the terrorists can use to defeat America’s national defenses.

Looks like Sidra is just one name, like Belchek and Madonna.

James Moses Black
April 4, 2017 at 4:20 am
I’m doing all I can.

“Important Exchange” would most likely be Carter trading Rebecca.