24: Legacy Episode 11 Sneak Peek – Leverage

Senator John Donovan and Eric Carter team up to try and save Rebecca Ingram in 24: Legacy Episode 11.

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Jimmy Smits: In episode 10, you discover that Bin-Khalid is actually alive.
Evan Katz: We continue our thread with Naseri, who’s a very intimidating, very scary terrorist operative, essentially.

Corey Hawkins: So Carter finds out the Director of National Intelligence has Naseri’s daughter in a safe house. She’s been kept in a safe house for the past year, and it’s been part of a Black Ops mission to leverage Naseri. Carter and Donovan team up in hopes of leveraging her to get Rebecca back.


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So there must be a time jump in this episode since Eric is in a suit at the DoD with Smits. No Tony in this preview though.

Tony and his crew are very briefly shown in the final seconds of this preview.

And will likely only be very briefly in this episode….AGAIN. *Sigh*

Lol!, I just watched it again and they literally show Tony & the Gang for 1 second combined in those 2 quick cuts. It was so fast I didn’t even notice it the first time.

….Sad, isn’t it?

Bluetooth Group
April 6, 2017 at 4:29 pm
No time Jump eman. The press release for this episode is 10:00 pm -11:00pm. The previous episode ended at 10:00 pm

And press release for the final episode is “11:00 PM-12:00 AM”, so I’m not sure if it’s some sort of mistake or they just decide not to have a time jump for this season?

so how does Tony fit into this?

Bluetooth Group
April 6, 2017 at 4:27 pm
from what i can gather with this promo and the previous, Tony and his crew are hired by Director Donald Simms to take out Carter before he can use Naseri’s daughter for leverage to get back Rebecca

So another recycled angle with Naseri and his daughter? Sounds like they are trying to redo the Stephen and Jane Saunders story here lol

Even ignoring the recycling from past seasons, it feels like Legacy’s entire back half has been the same scenario repeated over and over again every episode.

– Nicole and Isaac captured and used as leverage for Andy/a programmer
– Jennifer the mistress used as leverage to free Jadalla
– Donovan captured and used as leverage to get Rebecca
– Naseri’s daughter being used as leverage to free Rebecca

Yep, definitely a lot of “Kimnappings” and “Behrooz exchanges” this season. Record number for a single season of 24.

And it’s not even a full season!

Questions: has Tony known about the kidnapped daughter this whole time? is Tony a mole? and why would Tony kill Carter knowing he’s one of the Rangers? and how and why did Tony escape prison?

All that we know for sure is that Carlos Bernard and the showrunners hinted at Tony getting some form of redemption this season. Bernard’s words were: “It’s always been important to me that Tony at least gets a CHANCE at some sort of redemption.”

There are a lot of possibilities here:

-It’s all an elaborate act and Tony was actually a mole pretending to be loyal to Simms

-Tony IS intent on killing Carter (because he’s a hired mercenary) but has a change of heart and decides to help Carter (which would fall into the “some sort of redemption”) category

-Tony may not know the full extent of what Carter is doing and thinks he’s doing the right thing

In any case, Carlos Bernard and several showrunners have been flirting with the word “redemption” for some time now when referring to Tony’s role this season so I’m sure there’s some twist in there somewhere.

well if that’s the case Tony will have to be all in and in the whole episode next week and not just a 1 minute 1 scene thing, having said that, if it’s redemption it makes sense Tony putting on an act to rescue the kidnap daughter and take down simms

Every week people on here say tony will be explained this week! Tony will have redemption tomorrow. Must be nice living in the perfect-goggles-vision world. This show is just a rip off of season one and other random days. What a joke.

So the final exchange would be between Rebecca and Naseri’s daughter.

Carlos Bernard did say you will find out how and why Tony escapes prison on 24 Legacy. But I’m not 24 Legacy Spoilers. So I don’t know when. But Carlos did say it’ll happen on 24 Legacy

I have an earlier draft of the episode 7 script where that stuff was revealed, it was one of Tony’s very first scenes. They removed all of Tony’s backstory and motivation, removed all of Sidra’s lines, made everything worse and pointless, and still haven’t explained anything all these episodes later.

So I’m not sure what’s going on, maybe those scenes were cut and Carlos was unaware, or maybe they decided to save that for a later episode. But there’s only two episodes left now, so time is running out.

If they don’t ever explain it (wouldn’t put it past them) please let us know what it said!

Rebecca was responsible for Tony’s escape by coordinating the design and delivery of the glasses that he used to break out of solitary. There wasn’t a lot more backstory there besides that, but at least they addressed it right off the bat.

Tony wasn’t after money, he wanted a pardon for himself and Sidra. Rebecca said “Tony, we’ve been over this. Clearing your record is not a straightforward situation.” But she eventually agreed and claimed the documents were being prepped and they’d receive pardons after the interrogation is over. Sidra was doubtful and told Tony that “Rebecca is playing you.” She asked Tony if he trusted her and he replied “Most of the time.”

Their past connection was simply explained as “Rebecca and I go back a long way.” It didn’t have the glaring timeline issue and left you wondering. And also Sidra was a lot more involved in the interrogation, had a lot more dialogue and felt more like a partner rather than just the non-speaking girlfriend that’s mostly around for eye candy…

It was a lot more intriguing and interesting than what we ended up getting. (And this was just a couple pages, with a lot of stuff crossed out/hidden). They had a lot more there initially. It was all changed for the worse IMO.

Cheeky twats probably thought, hmmm too much backstory for the (basically non-existent) new fans, let’s cut that shit out.

Thank you for sharing!

Of course they cut this out because who needs to explain any backstories or have any character development in Legacy

This…is irritating. Seriously. Did they just completely drop Tony’s backstory or simply saving it for later, as you suggested…at this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if we never see it addressed in this horrible season.

What a bag over the head insult to Tony fans as well as old 24 fans in general. Who is this “new audience” the think they’re catering to? The ratings sure don’t indicate this “new audience” presence.

Incredible disrespect to an incredible character.

And no–I’m not like that Andy/Stynes guy–I’m just a PO’d 24 fan who was one of the Day 1 vets and I hate to see what this show has been reduced to.

When someone here tells me to “get over it” or “Just don’t watch it, bruh!” I’m thinking “F you! I was around from the beginning and devoted YEARS to this show and I have every right to complain if I feel they’re mishandling it.”

That’s just inexcusable. Surely. What possible reason would they have to change that? There are some very strange things happening behind the scenes this season, I think. Like what happened to Donovan’s mother? It almost appears as if some drastic last minute re-writes occurred for reasons I can’t possibly identify.

My theory? Most of the season was already filmed and they began to panic and fear that people would hate it (they were, of course, correct) and decided to throw in Tony at the last minute. Carlos Bernard is close friends with the writers/creators and the easiest choice to call up for a role. They had him film in a couple areas and split it up into several episodes. This would greatly explain why he spends, like, three episodes in the same damn room and doesn’t really interact with much of the cast or main storyline.

As for his possible role increase in Episodes 11 and 12, they were likely still filming those episodes when Carlos was brought on. So, they simply had him film his interrogation scenes and then jump into filming of the final two episodes. Their hope was that Tony’s presence would draw in viewers. Little did they realize, we require more than some half-baked cameo that stretches out over four episodes.

I mean–you could excise Tony’s scenes and almost change nothing in the narrative of the episodes. His scenes feel EXACTLY like what they likely were: tacked on at the last minute.

Seriously–combine his interrogation scenes together and you get maybe ten minutes of footage. They could have pulled in Otto and Smits on a weekend to film their few minutes of footage with Tony and boom–you have enough footage to stretch out over three episodes. I bet you that’s exactly how it happened or close to it.

Bluetooth Group
April 7, 2017 at 3:42 pm
are you able to give us any insight as to what that draft of the script said about his backstory from the last time we saw him?

Tony should just stop wasting his time and go find and break Jack out of the Russian prison.

Bluetooth Group
April 7, 2017 at 1:38 pm
Why would Tony break Jack out of Prison. He doesn’t like Jack anymore and what he stands for. Jack loves to help the government any chance he gets for FREE. Tony on the other hand hates the government and is just a gun for hire now. I wish everyone would get this fantasy out of there head that Tony would help Jack out. Hes not his buddy anymore.

While that may be true, if Tony is truly on some sort of redemption heading, I would imagine that he would have at least felt bad about trying to use him as a human bomb like that.

I know this isn’t gunna play out. But. I thought what would be a credible reason for Tony seriously taking Simms orders to take everybody down and not be an act. What if Simms says “If you want to see Michelle and your SON again…you will kill everybody!”? What if Michelle and Tony’s son are alive? Maybe Michelle’s death was staged and after she gave birth to Tony’s son. And all this time they have been in hiding and under the control of someone like Simms? I think this would be Cool!

Fuck off!

At least he’s not as annoying as Justin. NO ONE could be as annoying as that guy.

April 9, 2017 at 5:11 am
They must be brothers. One lives in a fantasy world thinking the ratings are great

The other lives in a fantasy world thinking people are alive that are dead and thinking every episode tony will have his big own big episode..

Yeah, what a happy reunion: “Hey, Michelle! Who’s this girl? Oh, well…uh…” *Scratches head* “About all those innocent people I killed with zero remorse…uhhhh…you see…” *Shifts eyes nervously*

Yeah…your suggestion isn’t happening.

it would be the ultimate twist. finding out michelle and tony’s son are alive. which forces tony to do more evil acts and acts of terrorism to be able to see michelle and his son. and the redemption is the reunion with tony and michelle and their son

April 8, 2017 at 10:12 am
Impossible.. their son was never born

April 8, 2017 at 10:13 am
And michelle is as dead as can be

michelle’s death was faked. michelle is alive. and after tony was convinced michelle gives birth to tony’s son. and circumstances force michelle and tony’s son to go into hiding. tony thinks wilson killed them. but that is a lie. a fabrication. someone like simms or more powerful finds out the truth. and hangs it over tony’s head. so he will continue obeying orders and doing heinous things for terrorists. and then tony is reunited with michelle and his son. and redemption begins

April 9, 2017 at 5:09 am
You live in a fantasy world man. This aint no sci fi show.

tv is fantasy and anything can happen on tv. which means michelle’s death could be faked. michelle could birth to her’s and tony’s son. and michelle and THE son could be reunited with tony. and redemption begins………….

not it can’t. get over it.

After all these years of Tony trolling you’ve actually managed to surpass my expectations and sink even lower, Stynes.

i bet the backstory of tony’s escape from prison and the tony/rebecca/sidra triangle angle will air as bonus footage on the 24 Legacy DVD. because they probably filmed it and saving it for the 24 Legacy DVD

once again they are telling us naseri is really scary and dangerous but we haven’t seen ANYTHING to show this. 24: Legacy is a massive dud.