Bailey Chase on 24’s Future: “big meeting last week”

Actor Bailey Chase who played CTU’s head of field ops Thomas Locke in 24: Legacy has provided a brief update regarding the future of the show in his Facebook Live chat today.

via Bailey Chase / Facebook

“There was rumored to be a big meeting last week with all of the powers that be, and I haven’t heard anything definitive. Hopefully it comes back, because the fans deserve it. 24 is just an awesome concept and show and I think it deserves another chance.”

Later in the chat he said “I don’t know anything on [the fate of] 24: Legacy. The deadline I believe is the end of this month. So one way or the other, we will know in the next few weeks.”

Fox announced their upcoming Fall and midseason lineup two weeks ago, but postponed a decision on 24: Legacy in order to meet with executive producer Howard Gordon and “get a sense of potential next creative steps.” Bailey’s comments seem to indicate that creative meeting has now taken place.

Fox had also delayed a decision on five of their pilots until after the upfronts in order to meet with the producers of those shows. The network ended up passing on all five of them last week, according to Deadline. It sounds like 24 was part of that same round of meetings in Los Angeles last week.

Also happening last week, the 24: Legacy sets were dismantled at Atlanta Metro Studios.

So now that producers have pitched their ideas for a potential second season of 24: Legacy to the network executives, we await the official decision. The actors contracts expire in just a few weeks, so a decision must be made fairly soon if their goal is to retain any talent.

The Fox TCA Summer 2017 Press Tour occurs on August 8th, that should be the absolute latest we find out.

Source Bailey Chase on Facebook


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Is that the guy who was following those other guys in train as a suspicious evil dog in Simpsons?! I hope they don’t bring that shit show back from the dead … even if so, I hope everyone involved is gonna learn something from professional a list series producers before they start writing and shooting etc … homeland quality would be nice! No more stupid low iq convos please!

Considering how long it took to get 24LAD on the air (one year after being announced) and 24 Legacy (one year was spent on the pilot alone), and with the sets being torn down, it seems unlikely that the show will return next winter.

The sets were not “torn down”, they were taken down and presumably put into storage, just like they were when they moved production from LA to Atlanta in April. It’s no hassle to reconstruct them elsewhere, that’s how the TV production industry works.

Yeah it’s possible they would move production back to Los Angeles. But there’s also a chance that CTU DC won’t be featured in the next season of 24.

I do hope 24 returns next year and if it does, I would like Bailey Chase to reprise his role as CTU’s head of field ops Thomas Locke. He is hot lol, it’s a shame that the producers didn’t explore his sexuality more and his relationship with Andy! :(

Locke looks alot like me, therefore I thank you for the compliment!

All this shit ain’t going to happen. RIP 24: Legacy. I will bet anyone a Fender Stratocaster that it doesn’t ever come back.

Someone should run a contest to see who can add the best lyrics to the original 24 ending theme. The guy from Blues Traveler did that to the Rosanne theme song a few years back.

24 Legacy will be renewed and THE Almeida and Sidra will RETURN

My dick will return.

You lost it? Damn, that had to hurt.

Interesting that Fox passed on all of those pilots… so they need airtime to fill with something else mid season. This gives 24: Legacy a stronger chance of renewal, otherwise they would’ve just cancelled it by now. Yes the writing was weak and some of the plotlines and characters went nowhere, but this is mostly the same team as the original 24. And because I know what they’re capable of, I believe season two could be a vast improvement. They had always talked about introducing more veteran cast members at this time and they really need to follow through with this if season two is gonna get made. I’m not talking just about Chloe – we need Kate Morgan, Aaron, Charles, Martha, Tom Lennox, Mandy and Yuri Suvarov. It would feel like a follow up to season 5 (arguably their greatest season ever of 24.) Benjamin Bratt would be a great guest star, like Nina Myers was post-mole reveal. And yes Tony in a bigger role, which makes sense if other characters he knows return. Under the current Legacy contracts, I would only renew them for the actors who play Eric, Andy, John Donovan and Nilaa Mizrani. OK maybe pull a season 5 and kill off Bailey Chase Teddy Sears and Coral Pena – because I don’t care about them but it would be interesting to see Andy be affected by their deaths.

I don’t think Fox has too much room on their schedule at this point. I haven’t really looked into this too much, since it’s impossible to determine for sure without knowing the season premiere dates and episode orders for each of their shows, but their lineup seems pretty full to me. Maybe they’d have room for one more mid season show?

Certain renewed shows are getting larger episode orders – Lucifer’s third season is 26 episodes for example, STAR will likely be given a higher episode order too since it’s being paired up with Empire and premiering in Fall now. This sort of lessens the need for mid season replacement programming.

Fox has “The X-Files” (10 episodes), “9-1-1” (13 episodes), “The Resident” (13 episodes) confirmed for mid season. If I had to guess, The X-Files would air Mondays at 9pm (replacing The Gifted), and The Resident would air Thursdays at 9pm (replacing The Orville).

I’m not sure where a potential 24: Legacy could possibly slot in schedule-wise, though. Maybe Fridays at 9:00pm depending on how many episodes of The Exorcist they order? But then it’d be competing against Hawaii Five-0, Agents of SHIELD, and Taken which are all male-oriented action shows competing for the same demographic. I think it’d be a huge flop in that time slot.

Well you know more about Fox’s 2017-18 schedule than I do, admin. I just assumed that because Fox was willing to chuck another show in there out of those five pilots, that there were still holes to be filled. While Star and Empire are pairing up, they still don’t have 22-episode orders so Legacy could easily fit between the fall and spring split runs that Fox have done in the past. Yes Friday seems very unlikely, not only because of the competitive timeslot you explained but also because 24 is an expensive show that would rate worse on Fridays, and it needs all the ratings it can get. Perhaps Fox may want to have 24: Legacy in its back pocket when some of those shows fail and get moved to Fridays… there are many possibilites. Perhaps it would debut in April or May if Fox chooses to run those shows without breaks, as I remember Dana Walden and Gary Newman saying they want to air shows “year-round”. Once we know the Fox premiere dates and summer press tour, we should have a clear indication of all this stuff.

Well, if they intend to bring in the same kind of cartoonish-villains with gummy bear make-up, there’s always time slots on Saturday mornings !

Yeah, there isn’t much room until mid spring. But I suspect it will go the way of Wayward Pines. No one will mention it again. Thankfully.

Classic “I hope I keep my job” video to try and drum up fan support for another season.

The actors contracts expire in just a few weeks, so a decision must be made fairly soon if their goal is to retain any talent

What talent? The acting by the selected cast, coupled with the script by the writers, was hardly a glowing example.

If FOX wants to spend the money to keep the franchise active, yet don’t want to go back to the original 24-episodes with original cast members in the lead, they at least better be thinking of rebooting the reboot. I wouldn’t be too eager to see another reworking but a clean slate would clearly be better than extending any vestiges of the misery that ‘Legacy’ was this past run.

24’s 9th season doesn’t sound so bad now does it😄