24 Season 4 Casting Calls

FOX sent out some casting breakdowns to theatrical agents in Los Angeles and New York City today for the upcoming fourth season of the show. Here’s what we’ve got our hands on so far:

  • Audrey Raines – a white female, late 20’s to early 30’s. Actress needs to be smart and very attractive. She must have noticeable chemistry with Jack Bauer, she will be playing his possible love interest. Audrey is more interested than Jack in a relationship. The character is the top aide to the Secretary of Defense. Audrey is ambitious and mature for her age and is schooled in the art of politics. Audrey should remind the viewer of Teri Bauer, but much younger. WILL BE A SERIES REGULAR.
  • Navi Araz – a Middle Eastern male, late 30’s to mid 40’s. No accent. He is a middle-class businessman with strong ties to the underworld. His business is a front for his terrorist activities. Navi is charming handsome and the actor has to have the ability to speak small scenes with the Arabic and Greek language. WILL BE A RECURRING CHARACTER.
  • Dina Araz – a Middle Eastern female, late 30’s. She is Navi’s longtime wife. She is involved in her husband’s business. She is attractive and strong willed. WILL BE A RECURRING CHARACTER.
  • Behrooz Araz – a Middle Eastern male, 15-18 years old. He is the son of Dina and Navi. He was born and raised in America and shares the common American values he has learned from the culture. WILL BE A RECURRING CHARACTER.
  • Andrew Paige – a white male, early to mid 20’s. He’s a computer programmer who works for a graphic designing firm. Actor needs to be young and hip and have the ability to know computer lingo. WILL BE A RECURRING CHARACTER.

They are currently aiming to begin production in late July.