Audrey Raines fate to remain unresolved

Question: Since this is the last season of 24, I need some scoop. — Shannon
Fans hoping for a Jack/Audrey reunion are out of luck. Although exec producer Howard Gordon admits he’s “personally curious” about what happened to Audrey, he says the fate of Kim Raver’s bedridden character will remain one of the show’s “unresolved” mysteries.



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Good. Do not let Audrey appear again.

Audrey was so cute and lovely beside she is way better than renee
plz bring her back

Audrey was annoying. I did not like Kate or Claudia either for that matter. The only two females I liked for Jack have been Teri and Renee. Connie Britton’s character (which I forget the name of) was good too at the start of Season 5. They wasted her talent by having her in just a few episodes.

As far as I’m concerned Mrs. Raines should stay a vegetable.

@O.MD Audrey is a pathetic excuse in 24. A lot of people don’t like her. Don’t think a lot of people do like her just so you know.

Maybe Audrey is the one behind all what happened at Day 8, in that way they can bring her back as a final surprise.

Audrey has tocome back she was the best and she wasn’t even awake when jack saud bye. It was soo sad i think that her and jack make a great couple not that renee is dead and everything. This whole thing is soo sad . every time jack is in love he either has to say bye or they die. Ex #1-Terri his wife died atg the end os season 1. ex#2- Audrey. Ex-renee died in season 8.

Personally I think Audrey was the perfect blend of Teri and Renee for Jack. Soft, but no stranger to the tough choices. She opted to gas herself and her father in season 4 for crying out loud. People don’t give Audrey enough credit for personal strength. I hate it that we’ll never know what became of Audrey. Though I do like the idea of her being an antagonist one day. Maybe the chinese implated her as a sleeper cell? That’d be an awesome showdown. Audrey vs. Herself vs. Jack.

@Brendan … You’re weird :-)
Who says that a lot of people disliked audrey’s character? Not true.
Kim is a brilliant actress and she was finally a lady that had a weakness ( having a lot of problems seeing the man she loved being in battles constantly. Not irritating, but realistic)
It’s a shame they didn’t write her back in the final season!

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