Extended video of Jack’s message to Kim

Here’s the full video message that Jack sent to his daughter Kim in the 24 series finale. We saw parts of this throughout the final episode, but this is the entire thing. It comes from the Fox.com website but was put on YouTube by virginieb20 – thanks!

YouTube link: 24 – Jack’s Message to Kim (Extended)


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[..YouTube..] Oh man, I’m going to miss this show so much

[..YouTube..] I’m definitely going to miss Jack.

[..YouTube..] Shame they didn’t put all of it in the episode, this part was brilliant and the people have watched since the beginning (like me) would of loved it.

[..YouTube..] You know, it’s a strange feeling having Jack talk directly into the camera to the audience

Awesome :D
I Really Want To See Jack With Kim And His Family Living “Happy Ever After” But I Have To Be Realistic… That Cannot Happen… It Wont Be 24 If That Happen… T_T

They almost should have kept the whole thing in the finale; there’s some great acting on the part of Kiefer here.
Maybe almost Emmy-worthy.

Yeah this vid is great and almost works as a summary of how he feels and what has driven him the entire series :) Love it!

[..YouTube..] you are the love of my life jack ,oh iam gonna miss you

WHY can’t they provide CLOSED CAPTION for these video clips. That clip was important to me and I was hoping PRESIDENT TAYLOR or some one would get a copy clip to KIM of her dad’s last words to her. With my hearing disability I can’t understand what he is saying. I can only remember the short part that I read on CC in the final episode. Doesn’t anyone out there have a heart of compassion for people who can’t hear?? We are fans and support the show too!

[..YouTube..] What a great actor !! very moving scene, thanks for posting

[..YouTube..] I consider this video the true epilogue ending of the show 24

This is the clip that knocked some sense into President Taylor, bringing her back from the edge of the dark side.

In the end, there’s one true Jack on TV. And his last name is Bauer,. And he’s a federal agent stopping terrorists, not some doctor stranded on a desert island.

[..YouTube..] lol at the camera moving when it’s supposed to be a still personal recorder. Despite that goof, brilliant acting here by Kiefer (but what else is new?), and a powerful scene.

he basically told Kim why he does what he does, and that he thinks she finally understand why he does it. And he also told Kim that she will never see him again…

[..YouTube..] @rpvee its not the camera its the cut accion thing!

[..YouTube..] @zidanesg1 No, you actually see the camera move a bit and pull out.

[..YouTube..] mondays will never be the same. sad to see 24 gone.

[..YouTube..] @rpvee maybe xD but this is just the raw video when i wasnt even editted XD


[..YouTube..] somebody can translate in french please or where are the subtitles

[..YouTube..] This reminds me of the ending of Prison Break with Michael’s message

[..YouTube..] @VinceMr77500 Bonjour, j’essayerai de traduire et d’intégrer des sous-titres dès que possible. Je vous tiens au courant. :)

[..YouTube..] aw. the end is so cute. damn poor jack xD

[..YouTube..] WOW! Well done for getting a hold of this and putting it on Youtube. Now the truth will come out! You can’t cover this up.

[..YouTube..] i just started watching this show and i’ve fallen in love with it…you have NO idea how gutted i am its decided to end now. :'(

[..YouTube..] @SamLovesFriemds You’re so lucky to be starting to watch the show. :) Enjoy every bit of it. It’s one hell of a ride !

[..YouTube..] please, in spanish!!!!!, somebody can do it

[..YouTube..] i will always respect jack bauer

[..YouTube..] Loved this! It’s amazing. Wish we could have seen the whole speech in the episode. I loved when he told Kim she was the love of his life. So sweet! I love Jack Bauer. I will miss Jack and 24! This is the kind of writing and acting that reminds me why I watched for all those years.

[..YouTube..] I love this video and wished they aired this entire speech and not just parts.

[..YouTube..] Thanks so much for this, I loved this speech, moved me in alot of ways

[..YouTube..] HE SAYS BYE!! >,<

[..YouTube..] Nice speech… I will miss this show!! =(

[..YouTube..] @virginieb20 That it is. Fortunately, all but the final season and maybe “Redemption” are available on Netflix for instant viewing.

[..YouTube..] Best. Speech. Ever.

[..YouTube..] Oh my God, this CTU Agent look like Kiefer Sutherland…a very famous Actor.

Unbelievable, this could be his double!!

but its a very nice Message, I wish you good Luck Mr. Bauer.

[..YouTube..] @Extrem949 that is kiefer sutherland

[..YouTube..] My god, i cant belive its over :( 9 years of you life following jack to just end like this Seriously cant wait til the movie is announced.

[..YouTube..] Rip the audio from this clip at thetunify doht cohm.

[..YouTube..] I would go gay for Jack Bauer.

[..YouTube..] wow, 8 months since i started watching this. i just finished the finale there. holy jesus fuck. no show has ever made me cry so much in my entire life. i’m at a loss for words, i’ve been completely obsessed with this show since the summer, it’s all i’ve been watching. those last few moments of the finale, jack looking to the camera, the final countdown on the timer…just simply amazing. a perfect ending. i hope to god they go through with the movie. i just don’t want it to be over…

[..YouTube..] @SamLovesFriemds i know this show is simply the best tv show ever! I’ve just watched season 2 looking forward to season 3 but I’ve cried at what happen’s between tony and michelle so sad, don’t want it to end :(

[..YouTube..] @Megski04 oh. my. god. i cried SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much at what happened to michelle & what it did to tony. i am in love with them, they are my favourite couple EVER<3 i am also SOOO in love with tony <333 their story broke my heart :(

[..YouTube..] Damn I miss 24……………………………


[..YouTube..] @Extrem949 FAIL! “facepalm”