24 Season 8 and Complete Series DVD details

Update: Read our review of the 24 Season 8 DVD/Blu-Ray and Complete Series box set!

FOX has finalized the 24 Season 8 DVD and there has been a slight delay – the new release date is December 14th rather than the previously announced date of December 7th. Here’s the updated information (thanks to TVShowsonDVD):

24 Season 8 DVD cover art
24 Season 8 DVD cover art (Click for full-size)

24 Season 8

Release Date: December 14th
Price: $59.98 SRP (6 disc DVD version), $69.99 SRP (4 disc Blu-Ray version)
Special Features include:

  • Deleted Scenes
  • Scenemakers (Behind the Scenes) – watch them all here
  • “The Ultimate CTU” featurette
24 Complete Series DVD box set art
24 Complete Series DVD box set art (Click for full-size)

24 The Complete Series

Release Date: December 14th (Available on DVD only)
Price: $349.98 SRP
Discs: 56 (all eight seasons, 24: Redemption, and a bonus disc of special features)
Special Features include:

You can buy the 24 Season 8 on DVD on Amazon – it’s also available on on Blu-Ray.


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September 23, 2010 at 2:42 am
Wait a second…
does this mean, if I only buy the Season 8 DVD set, I won’t be getting all of the special features? I have to buy the Complete Series set to get all the bonus stuff (scene with Chloe, wrap party reel..)? This is ridiculous. I already own every season of 24 on DVD and now I have to buy the Complete Series AGAIN to get all the special features? This is lame!

September 23, 2010 at 3:04 am
Oh, and what about DVD commentaries?

Fox always pulls crap like this, the DVD for Avatar didn’t even have any special features at all so they could sell another more expensive copy and make fans buy it twice. That’s what they are doing here too. Fuck ’em, such greedy assholes.

What happened to the bloopers that Kiefer Sutherland promised would be in the final DVD set? Either they are not doing that or they’ll be selling another special edition one I guess?

Guys, calm down. After listing the special features at TVShowsonDVD, it says “and more”. These special features also aren’t finalized. Bloopers will likely be on there, as will the commentaries.

As for having to buy the complete set to get these special features, it’s not FOX trying to make extra money. It’s like this for every TV show that releases a complete series. It makes sense.

Can’t wait for the release, been waiting for an announcement since May.

FWIW, like many fans of the show, I also have seasons 1-7 as individual sets and was worried that the re-released versions of the first 7 seasons might contain different or new special features from the ones on the original releases. However, I contacted the guys at TVShowsOnDVD and they confirmed that S1-7, as contained in the Complete Series set, will be identical to the individually released versions that came out after each season.

So, based on this current information from FOX, I don’t think the one extra disc in the Complete Series set warrants spending another $250. I intend to buy only the Season 8 set to complete my own “series set”.

P.S. One extra feature that I read on FOX’s former website (or here) might be included is the retrospective video that merges highlights from all 8 seasons into a commemorative vignette – I don’t know who created it but it was very professionally edited and it’s presently viewable online.


I want complete series in blu-ray!!!

Wait… FOX is not going to release a nice, definitive Blu-ray set for a show such as 24? That’s nonsense! If there’s a show besides Lost who deserves to be seen in Blu-ray, it sure is 24. All the beautiful locations where the show was shot, all the action sequences, all the epic music of Sean Callery, all the gunfights and explosions, a real blockbuster like this ought to be on Blu-ray !

Come on FOX, make it happen, I’m sure it would be a top sale.

I already bought each season in DVD but it surely would buy a Blu-ray set of the complete series if the cover is good-looking (and if the B-r set had the same cover as the Complete DVD set that we can see above, I would have bought it).

They better have bloopers on the special features!

September 27, 2010 at 3:19 am
Yes, they better.
Kiefer promised us that they’re saving bloopers from all seasons for the DVD set of the final season.

Any idea when the box set of all seasons will come out in blue ray?

Blu-ray set is coming, but not for awhile. You’re going to have to wait. They aren’t releasing it on the same day as the DVD set, not because FOX doesn’t want to, but because they don’t have all the seasons ready yet.

I’m sure it’ll come sometime next year.

PDFierro, how do you know about the Blu-ray coming out eventually? I haven’t been able to find any info on that anywhere, but if so then id wait on buying the complete series

jack92 if you read the article on Tv Shows on DVD it says that the complete Blu-ray is a work in progress, all the earlier seasons will have to go through extensive post-production to make them ready for Blu-ray as those seasons were not filmed in HD, so be patient. As for the special features on the Season 8 DVD commentaries will be included and I’m sure the bloopers will also be there, TV shows on DVD have only listed some of the highlights but it does say in the article “and much much more”. In regards to the complete collection and the bonus disc, that’s life, the Lost complete set was the same, people who collected the individual seasons missed out on a bonus disc with 5 hours of extra features.

September 30, 2010 at 10:35 am
I just have to find someone who spends $410 to buy me the Season 8 DVD and Complete Series DVD for christmas….

I can do that, but it’s not really $410. $350 for the complete set is just the MSRP. It’s $245 on Amazon.

dec 7th relaese date

I just found this on a swiss website : http://uppix.net/4/9/b/abc5b871a53dccbd7aada1ac51995.jpg

It is really like that inside the complete UK set? It’s an awesome design, I wonder why we did’nt hear about it before.