24 Season 8 DVD crosses half-million sold milestone in US

Jack Bauer 24 Season 8 Japanese Promotional Artwork

Total sales for the 24 Season 8 DVD in the United States are now at 548,399 units with $21,032,272 in revenue after six weeks on store shelves according to tracking firm The Numbers.

The 24 Season 8 DVD set was off to a slower debut than previous 24 DVD sets selling just 178,830 in the first week, but it has remained in the top 30 weekly DVD sales charts over the following weeks and continued to sell. For comparison, the Season 7 DVD has sold 800k units lifetime in the US.

(Thanks to Rob for bringing this to my attention.)


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IS there anything released on how the complete box set is selling? 24 fans should just get that!!

Do these numbers include the BluRay sales? If not, then that could be the reason why sales are off.

That should encourage Fox to make the movie !!!