Kiefer Sutherland: 24 movie “currently out of my hands”

"24: Redemption" Press Conference with Kiefer Sutherland

Thanks to Catherine who has sent us this interview with Kiefer Sutherland that was posted a few days ago by Spanish website

When asked about the status of the 24 movie, Kiefer says he doesn’t know and is focused on Touch right now. He follows that up with “I did my best for the film to see the light, but it is currently out of my hands.”

Kiefer’s comments lately sure don’t sound too promising for the 24 movie. Reading between the lines it kind of sounds like negotiations have broken down and it’s not something that is actively being discussed between Kiefer and the studio.

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A sad day for 24 fans.

Has anyone else thought of how useless this makes “Chloe’s Arrest”? That was a good lead-in to the movie, but without it… Jack on the run and Chloe in prison? Not a good ending!

That’s a good point.

No 24 the movie.
Kiefer you have to tell the fans Sorry.
wait fore 3 years and fore nothing.

It sure sounds more than a little ominous for the ’24’ movie at this point… can’t believe it’s actually come to this! You have to wonder at the rationale – if any – behind FOX’s attitude to this movie and to ’24’ in general; nine years and literally hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue of loyal service yet the corporate bow-wows at FOX won’t pony up more than a miserly $30m to make a film with a massive in-built worldwide audience and which would be a profitable little earner both in theatrical and ancillary sales.

Meanwhile, the studio are making not one but TWO new ‘X-Men’ movies at the cost of at least $150m EACH… films of which have had diminishing returns at the box-office since 2006…

I feel bad for Kiefer, here’s hoping he or someone close to the movie spills the beans on what really happened someday, because it’s an utter disgrace how both the ’24’ movie team and the fans have been treated by a studio who clearly couldn’t give a monkey’s toss about either loyalty or just plain good business sense.

Rant over, cheers everyone, it’s been fun, I’m outta here…

Thats not necessarily negative. All Kiefer said was he did not know what the status is and that he tried his best to get the film made. This doesn’t mean the film will never happen. Yes its not in his hands. Its in the studio’s. Kiefer has no say when the studio will greenlight the film. Kiefer is just being honest and doesn’t want to give false hope. So until the studio officially greenlights the film, Kiefer won’t say much.

My predictions, once Touch is cancelled and once Kiefer is done with the Western movie in July, then the studio will greenlight the 24 movie this summer to film fall 2013.

March 1, 2013 at 12:30 am
God bless ye Justin, the world needs optimists like you, and I mean that sincerely, let’s hope your right that Kiefer is just being bluntly honest about the 24 movie and that once Touch is given the inevitable axe, then Fox will move on bringing Jack Bauer to the big screen, there really is no need either commercial or creative not to.

Oh, C’mon that doesn’t mean they should let the script go to waste… If at the very least Put the the Feature movie version story on DVD… But yes I agree when or if touch get’s canceled Kifer won’t have a lot to do in front of the public anyway. & that’s also if he passes on the NBC offer.

And another possibility is that Kiefer may have some sort of contract with the studio where he can’t say anything until the studio releases news on it.

As far as the NBC pilot that should not affect anything related to the 24 movie. Everyone involved with the project knows that fans want the movie, so lets be patient a little longer

I’ve been patient for three years now and all that time the movie has made no progress whatsoever so waiting another few months is not going to make a difference anymore even if FOX cancel the show Touch. At this point it’s going to take a miracle to get this movie made.

It’s a win-win situation.

If it doesn’t happen: Good. It will never live up to the phenomenal series. It’s going from a superb long-form storytelling epic to a (probably dumbed down) short form mainstream bit. The real-time aspect would be gone (at least for the most part).

I’ll admit, I’m looking forward to it though. If it doesn’t dumb itself down and if it continues directly from the series, as an extension, without catering to the masses of retards, then I’ll be over the moon.

I do think it will be made. Especially if there’s already a script to go and a willing Jack Bauer. Come on, guys. You know its gonna happen.


Sorry, but I hardly doubt this is true. Kiefer has said that once Series 2 of Touch is out the way he will start shooting 24. If he really DID say this, then I’m pretty sure it would be mentioned on more than just this one site (and even on his Twitter page)

It’ll happen, no matter how bleak it seems.

There’s profit in it, the networks know it; and besides my wife wants to see it – she has a knack for getting things.

Yeah, as I said these articles still seem to suggest when will Kiefer be available.

I can’t wait to see the season coming in to play