24: Legacy Official Trailer

FOX has just released the first official trailer for 24: Legacy starring Corey Hawkins, Jimmy Smitts, and Miranda Otto. The trailer was universally praised by critics and advertisers alike when it debuted at the FOX Upfronts presentation today.

All of this footage is from the very first episode which will premiere February 5th after the Super Bowl on FOX.

Watch the trailer and give us your reaction in the comments below.


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May 16, 2016 at 5:45 pm
Fantastic. It really does look fresh to the series. Very much alike to Homeland. I hope it will have the Fargo-affect where people will like this version with new cast as much as the original.


Jesus, that’s a great trailer.

Loved it!!! Can’t wait!!!!

That looks Really good, i can wait to see more.. greetings from the Netherlands.

Omg, it looks awesome. Lots of action! I am so excited.

May 16, 2016 at 5:58 pm
Hmmm will have to wait n see I loved kiefer but willing to give this a chance

Looks good and just hope it can follow in the Jack Bauer footsteps.

This looks better than the 24LAD opener. Hope the rest of the season will be good.

I hope returning characters will be announced at Comic Con.



The trailer looks awesome and entertaining. Eric Carter the new Jack Bauer.

Maybe – don’t rule anything out just yet.

XAM, you just don’t think Eric Carter is no Jack Bauer? If you don’t want to watch 24: Legacy then don’t watch it after the Super Bowl.

Whether he intends to watch it or not, XAM is well within his right to comment on ‘Legacy’.

Going to watch and I hope it is as riveting as the original, but there will only be one Jack Bauer. The James Bond franchise succeeded, yet I still like Sean Connery the best. Great trailer and looking forward to becoming addicted.

Mary Lynn Rajskub weighs in……
I’m sure after the first episode it will be ‘Chloe who?’ Ha ha @24fox

Chloe O’Brien

I’m in!! 👍🏽👍🏽

the trailer looks awesome I can’t wait to see it

First of all, good riddance to Cassar! I love the more cinematic Hopkins effect right off the bat. Smits and Otto are well cast.

But I just can’t bring myself to like the new guy with his soft, squishy physique and effeminate moveset.

Bringing Hopkins back was a great decision. I liked LAD, but the cinematography was lacking . And I kind of agree about Cassar, at least for LAD. I thought the best episodes were the ones directed by other directors (although episode 8 was fantastic).

Can’t wait. Looks very exciting. The new cast looks like it will work together. Good trailer.

This trailer is so so so bad. I had such high hopes! :(

I thought it was fantastic!

Looks hot

May 16, 2016 at 6:30 pm
wow! excelent!!

Looks absolutely great. Can’t wait. Glad that 24 is back on the tv screens.

Jeffrey Anderson
May 16, 2016 at 6:39 pm
My all time favorite tick tocksound are back ..yes!!

WOW!!!!! I was so skeptical about this new series at first but after watching the trailer I’m so in. I know it won’t be same without Kiefer Sutherland but I’m willing to give the show a chance and Stephen Hopkins direction will breathe new life to the franchise. It’s shame that he never got the chance to direct Kiefer Sutherland in a 24 movie but oh well.

The story looks great. I’m just not sold on the main character. He just doesn’t look the tough guy part. Feels like it’s forced. Love Smits and the rest of the cast…willing to give it a shot

The reaction on You Tube seems pretty mixed to negative so far. It’s a great trailer, but so many people are against this show without Jack.

Once the show has more trailers, and premieres after the biggest event of the season and people see how fantastic the Pilot is, new fans will love it and an old audience will come back!

It’s not Jack but looks good, I’ll be patiently waiting!


Nothing like Jack Bauer

Patty Pfingsten
May 16, 2016 at 7:05 pm
I didnt think I would like it because it’s not Jack but after watching trailer it’s looks really good.

DAMN!!!! I’ll watch…

I want to like it, I want to be interested, but I can’t get passed the fact there’s a trailer for a new ’24’ without Kiefer Sutherland.

Dem preconceptions. Sorry.

Kiefer said this in an interview recently For so many people, you and Jack Bauer and 24 are inseparable. (27:32)

“Well, and I am incredibly grateful for that sentiment, but I can tell you that the Star Trek films did very well. And there are many other circumstances where given enough time, a new audience can be discovered and an old audience will come back. 24 was one of the great blessings of my life and my career. It changed my life, it changed my families life. Having had that kind of an opportunity, and I’ve said it all along, there’s so many fantastic actors out there… If they do in fact do it, I hope someone has as wonderful an experience doing that as I did.”

I don’t think the ‘Star Trek’ example is comparable. From very early on, Star Trek was a fluid entity and, arguably, it didn’t really start to become a pop-culture phenomenon until the 80’s and 90’s. ’24’, by contrast, did so almost immediately and its success (both creatively and critically) was intricately linked to its main star.

For me, Kiefer’s presence in ’24’ is sacrosanct. You can’t simply pluck him out. Far more groundwork was needed for this ‘reset’ and LAD was entirely inadequate as a final statement on the character of Jack Bauer. I can only hope there are some surprises in store for us…

Kiefer is the one who felt he can be replaseable! Also I think it has the groundwork for a reset!

Kiefer’s statements aren’t absolute. He lacks the perspective we do.

Looks good! But the star looks soft!

Why not this year?

May 16, 2016 at 8:17 pm
i’ll give it a chance.. but i’m not too impressed, it don’t feel like 24 to me. But i like Teddy Sears so i’ll watch

May 16, 2016 at 8:17 pm
Where was he in the trailer anyhow?

24 will and always be about Jack Bauer hands down, excellent trailer looking forward to watching it…..#24

I am so excited that Hopkins is finally back to direct. The original pilot was so good, and by the looks of things, this is gonna be amazing!

But no Jack?

Looks that way.

Jack will be back eventually

This looks like shit. No Jack Bauer = No Watch

Definitely got the feel of 24 TV series in it . So far it’s a great trailer. Can’t wait to see it !!

I won’t be watching.

May 16, 2016 at 9:39 pm
Holy crap! I am in!! I will probably watch this every day until Feb 5.

How about giving us an end to 24 before moving on to another 24? Am I going to invest in this and get left with no ending too?

There’s a few things you need to understand.

Fox will never, ever allow any of their shows to have a dignified end. See The X-Files and Prison Break. Both 24 and The X-Files have indefinitely delayed a satisfying end because there might be a movie, or there might be a reboot/revival, or in the case of Legacy, Kiefer might come back. They will hold loyal audience members hostage by repeating “who knows? wait and see, stay tuned!” when it comes to the possibility of Jack and/or Tony reentering the picture, just to keep you watching. They really don’t give a shit about you dear viewer, so fuck ’em! Don’t watch it… or if you’re curious, just torrent the bastard.

Right you are, XAM! There’s been many opportunities over the years to give ’24’ a conclusive ending, but they’ve been ignored each and every time. I commend the ABC for having the courage to end LOST after 6 seasons and wish ’24’ had been given the same opportunity.

Hopefully they can bring back Jack, Chloe, and Tony during the season and give the characters conclusive endings. Then they can continue with the new cast, if ratings are high enough to continue for a second season.

Johanna Samuels
June 25, 2016 at 1:32 am
It’s obvious that he will be back because they didn’t kill him off in the last scene. But they might have him return later in the series but hopefully not at the end. My husband is addicted to 24…..and it’s messed up that Renee Walker can not return.

I was a little skeptic about this because 24 IS kiefer Sutherlands show…and you all know that lol….:having that said that was a pretty badass trailer I must say. Now what would of made t more perfect is Jack Bauer coming in at end. :)

Decided to watch the trailer even though it is not 24 without Jack, Chloe, etc and all I can say is Bah humbug. Call it something else and don’t use the clock format as there is only one 24 and that is with Jack Bauer!

I’m mad..dam it’s may. Why we have to wait till next year……loved it watched it 3 times back to back

Last time we had to wait 12 months after Live Another Day was announced! Also remember Jon Cassar said give 24 Legacy a chance as it’s the only way to see Jack Bauer again rather than no 24 and not seeing Jack Bauer! Kiefer did not want to do 24 any longer for the time being as he wants to protect the Legacy of 24 so they came up with 24 Legacy for fans who want more 24 and a lot of fans do seeing the success of Live Another Day! Plus there is a lot going on in this world that will make 24 Legacy a big success

Justin, no offence, but your posts reek of being a ’24’ apologist. You might benefit from a more balanced approach.

Brad, I will support Legacy 100% and defend 24 Legacy all the way!

The story of the potential to activate new sleeper cells and radicalize Americans and CTU Washington headquarters and a new cast plus a Senator running for President is very contemporary in the 24 format we love!

New West Virginian
May 16, 2016 at 10:37 pm
I think Bradley Cooper would have been good in this role, especially after seeing him in American Sniper. Corey Hawkins honestly is more fit to play a gangster like in Straight Outta Compton. He did perform well in that role which is more geared toward him. Interesting seeing Jimmy Smits, his character here is basically the opposite of his character in Sons of Anarchy. Speaking of SOA, Charlie Hunnam would also make a good hero.

I’m not watching that and don’t call it 24.

Its 24 Period! The writers will be working extra harder to make this the best 24 yet!

Why do you sound more like a spokesperson than a genuine fan?

I am a genuine fan tbh! I watched all 9 seasons, Redemption, have all the graphic novels, met Kiefer and have all the DVD’s! But 24 Legacy is a fantastic idea, 24 is a cool concept and deserves to continue on! Kiefer supports more 24 without him! So as Kiefer fans we should accept it since Kiefer does!

“Kiefer supports more 24 without him! So as Kiefer fans we should accept it since Kiefer does!”

That is completely fallacious.

May 16, 2016 at 11:06 pm
Similarities between Legacy and 24 season 1:

– Senator with presidential ambitions
– Terrorists seeking revenge on the US soldiers who attached them just like Drazen seeked revenge on thosed involved in Operation Nightfall
– Carter and wife in house under attack is just like the attack at the CTU safe house that Terry and Kim barely escaped from
– I bet the terrorists come after Rebecca Ingram too just like Drazen went after Palmer.

Yes, and it appears Carter’s relationship with his wife is strained because of his previous duties. Interesting parallels.

I like loved the original 24, and I will miss Jack; however, This trailer looks very promising. I will be tuning in Feb 5th!

Nice trailer, can’t wait to watch the full episode. Where is Jack n Cloe Obrian. I wish they were part. Any way great work.

New West Virginian
May 16, 2016 at 11:47 pm
They need to show us what happens to Jack, and also what happens to Tony especially if they’re going to show Tony escaping from prison in that other teaser. Jack’s story is not finished yet, it’s a shame Kiefer doesn’t want to play him anymore.

I have always said and still believe that they should have ended it with Live Another Day with a definitive ending where Audrey survives and she and Jack go home together. In fact I’ve written that ending in fanfiction and everyone that’s read it believes it to be far superior.

There’s no way a definitive happy ending would work.

Killing that ranger and his family? This is going to be a brutal season.

Felipe Nogueira
May 17, 2016 at 12:35 am
The trailer looks good, indeed…. It’s just that Hawkins still did not convice me as great army ranger guy. having said that, I think the series might be great, but I won’t judge for one trailer that probably had only images from the pilot. Season 7’s trailer was one of the best trailer of 24, even though for me the season wasn’t all that good. The trailer promised a much better season that it really was. I won’t be surprised if in episode 3 somehow the pace slowdown or they bring back recurrent/24-cliches storylines, such as “who is the mole”.
Moreover, remebering that the first 2 episodes of LAD start very great – was a great way to bring 24 back. But in episode 3 the pace slowdown – the terrorist family – and in episode 5 “who is the mole” game. In episode 6, “Jack needs to be undercover” with a evil guy that we never head of him before, but we all know Jack will succeed and they guy will be killed in the end of the episode. The evil guy plot was just to fill one more episode.
With only 12 episodes, the plot needed to be more connected and tied, as I expected LAD to be.

I think 12 episodes of Legacy will bring in a lot of tension and keep it fast paced! Plus they have new characters so the writing is more fresh! They also have a new writer Niki Toscano to help keep things fresh!


24 Legacy all the way!

If they have high hopes for this to be a long lasting show, I’m curious why they only ordered 12 episodes.

The writers loved the 12 episode format of LAD and want to do that again! Season 2 of Legacy maybe 24 episodes again!

This is so great and i can’t wait to watch the rest.

Its a great trailer… can Jack Bauer come back as an advisor of sorts………even for a few episodes.. it might make us watch it totally!!!!

They have been talking for months now about how this would be new and orginal which would give it at least some reason to exist but the trailer just buried that idea. At Hawkins does not look like a completely terrible lead

It does seem impossible for them to conceive of a ’24’ that doesn’t revolve around an imminent terrorist attack.

24 has always been about stopping a terrorist attack within 24 hours

I was not talking about that I was talking about the rehashing of the first season

Much more optimistic comments here than on the 24 Spoilers Facebook page or better yet the FOX 24: Legacy. There’s some pretty negative commentary on both sites.

I thought the early footage has potential. One of the glaring things that stood out was that it appears to be shot differently than previous seasons, especially LAD. It has a very live/soap opera look.

love to hear again that trademark ticking sound of 24… hoping for at least a couple of guest appearances of jack and chloe hahaha!

What a horrible trailer… It looked really corny, it looked like a low budget b movie. The new character/actor seems dull..

Jimmy Smits was a great pick up but

24 is Jack Bauer

You’ve got to learn to move on yeah? Jack can’t act anymore in 24,and the movie has to go on. Watch it or don’t okay? stop these mediocre criticism that don’t really help a thing.

If you have to criticize, make it a productive opinion.

May 17, 2016 at 9:30 am
well that’s a load of B.S
Manny Coto said there’s enough stories left for Jack, and that he expressed interest in doing a full season in with jack in russia.

– He stated this on the 24: Legacy facebook group.

” Jack can’t act anymore in 24″

Who spoon fed you that B.S? there’s plenty of stories they could do as jackneedstobeback post said.

24 is Jack Bauer and by not having Jack Bauer/Keifer in 24, 24 becomes the Office without Steve Carrell, which was terrible. Also by them doing a spin off it’s like there turning 24 into a series like CSI, which is ruining the legacy of 24..

and by the way my criticism of the trailer, wasn’t because Jack isn’t in it but because it looked horrible and corny and here are the reasons why…


1: It looked like a total rehash of season 1… Eric Carter and wife/family is being targeted because of a mission he did, just like Jack and his family being targeted by the Drazens because of Operation Nightfall…

2. The actor doesn’t seem he can pull off being a tough guy, he looks like a little kid with a babyface

3. They tried so hard to make the character look like Jack Bauer by having him wear Jacks jacket… which is a joke

4. The scene with him and his wife, it looked low budget and it looked like a soap opera… in fact alot of the scenes looked like a soap opera..

5. The scene where he shoots down the big pilar or whatever to use as cover, i’m sorry but that was just so stupid and corny..

So Bryan you’ve got to learn to not be a fan boy and stop acting and pretending like everything is okay. Yeah?

With regards to point 1, in all fairness those parallels could be entirely deliberate rather than derivative. We’ll see…

Felipe Nogueira
May 18, 2016 at 10:31 pm
I overall enjoyed the trailer – however the new actor really still don’t convice me. I had a bad feeling when the first phot was released and the trailer confirmed. He doesn’t look and act like a marine ranger.

I think we should give him a chance

Shady 24 is 24 because of the real time aspect, ticking clock, split screens, interweaving storylines, cliffhangers, action, suspense, adrenaline, edge of your seat viewing. 24 was never called Jack Bauer or CTU. Jack is a fictional character written by the writers. The writers are the best team in TV and can make another hero character with Eric Carter! We have a new CTU, new characters, a very contemporary story about the potential to activate new sleeper cells and radicalize americans. Its focusing on a new special Ops. Kiefer is open to returning as Jack and Jack will get an ending and so will Tony! But Kiefer wanted a break to do other things and always supported more 24 without him as he always said the real time format is the real star! Also Kiefer does not want to damage the legacy of Jack and the show. 24 is full of surprises so they will surprise us big when they bring back Jack. But they will not announce it as a surprise is better! So be positive, be open and optimistic. Kiefer is an Executive Producer along with Howard Gordon who creates the amazing Homeland and Tyrant, Evan Katz, Manny Coto, Brian Grazer, Stephen Hopkins (amazing director), Joel Surnow, Bob Cochran, Jon Cassar and Dana walden and Gary Newman.

Also there was no corporate mandate for doing 24 Legacy! The message from Fox to the writers was take it slow, becareful and only proceed if the writers felt they had a story to tell that fans would love and is relatabale to today’s times!

Also with the superbowl as a lead in this will bring in new viewers, old viewers and current fans! Fox will promote the hell out of this :)! I am glad they have a diverse cast. The writers have never let us down with casting which is why 24 did very well! So don’t judge without seeing the show first.

Thank you

Justin 24 is Jack Bauer, Jack Bauer is 24. The real time aspect, ticking clock, and split screens is just the format of the show. The show revolves around Jack Bauer, he is the main character/hero of the show, the main stories during the seasons are about him struggling and dealing with the threats as the main character/ hero, he is in all 9 seasons and a movie, it’s Jack/Keifer voice doing the intro of every episode, it’s Jack on all the dvds/blurays boxcovers of all the seasons…so while the concept/format of the show is cool, it is not the star of the show, Jack Bauer is the star of the show, Jack Bauer is the show, he is the main reason why people watched, and if you were to ask 24 fans that, most of the fans would agree with me…

Also I know, get, and understand Keifer wanted to take a break and doing other things, like if he wanted to do movies I understand, but no he went to another tv show… and it’s like why do another tv series, when you already have an amazing tv series already?? I don’t know I just feel like thats just a slap to the face to myself and many other 24 fans…

“”24 without him as he always said the real time format is the real star! Also Kiefer does not want to damage the legacy of Jack and the show””

While i’m a big Keifer fan obviously, I do not take his words serious because

1. he doesn’t have the perspective of us fans..
2. he says he doesn’t want to hurt the legacy of the show but yet he wouldn’t do a another season, forcing the writers to create a rehash story of season 1 and new character and doing this whole spin off which is hurting the legacy of the show. Instead of giving us more JACK!

So while i’m gonna watch and give the new show a chance.. but so far from what I seen, it doesn’t look good so far. The new actor is terrible and it seems like a rehash of season 1.

but instead of that we want a season 10 with Jack Bauer in Russia dealing with a threat… or better yet it doesn’t have to be a terrorist threat, It could be based on Jack breaking out, on the run, trying to escape from Russia while being down by the Russian government/military trying to get to an American Embassy or somewhere safe or whatever.

But no were stuck with this spinoff /sigh

Shady Jack was a character fictional created by the writers. The writers can create another hero out of Eric Carter! Also the spinoff is a great idea as it needs a refresh as the original was getting too stale! Legacy will be its own thing and will have fresh ideas as they have new writers joining the team that will bring in new fresh ideas! Also there are lots of fans who are looking forward to Legacy! Also there are a lot of new fans who will tune into 24 as well

“”Shady Jack was a character fictional created by the writers.””

Really?? I had no idea..

“”The writers can create another hero out of Eric Carter!””

Fans don’t want another hero, they want the guy that the show has been about, they want the guy that they know and love.

“”will have fresh ideas as they have new writers joining the team that will bring in new fresh ideas!””

Yes… lets give Eric Carter, Jacks jacket to make him look like Jack and lets also give him a rehash story of season 1…

“”there are lots of fans who are looking forward to Legacy!””

there are also lots of fans who aren’t looking forward to Legacy..

Shady- Kiefer player Jack for 9 seasons and feels Jack’s story has been told as the lead! He has said he does not want the show to become a mad comic with Jack Bauer and has said really how many bad days can one guy have before the show becomes a mad comic. He is trying to protect the Legacy of 24 and Jack. 24 ended with season 8 on a high note because the writers did not have anymore stories to tell that would be compelling for Jack. They were going to shop 24 around to other networks but Howard and the team put creative issues ahead of business. They were then going to do a movie but the movie never materialized and brought LAD which did well! Kiefer then said after last season he was done as the lead but open to closing Jack’s story by going guest appearances or a movie or TV movie

24 was the first show I ever truly binge watched on DVD from Blockbuster Vid……(oh how times change)
It was and will for me always be the most unique holy s#*t experience I have had for a TV show. I started with Season 2 in the fall of 2003 after coaxing from friends and I could not believe what I was seeing.
To say it was groundbreaking is beyond an understatement and of course Keifer’s performance put it even that much more over the top.

So here I am 13 years later and yeah in many ways 24 is a little long in the tooth, so I get it. And yes it looks like it will be a decent show.

But make no mistake- it is and will never be “24”. To call it as such is just………….wrong.

Case in point.

Remember when it looked like back in 2008 that Matt Damon was done with Jason Bourne?
Universal wisely decided not to recast the role but instead chose to do a reset with a different character similar to Bourne but not quite him so that if Matt wanted back in he could. Remember the name of that movie?
You guessed it- the Bourne LEGACY………………..and it was just not a very good movie. It couldn’t hold a candle to a real Bourne flick.

Now we have 24:Legacy and once again we have something that is not the real thing and yet uses the name.

My hope is that just like Universal and Bourne are now reuniting for a new 5th movie that somehow, someway Jack will finally come back and finish this damn thing properly so I can finally have closure and not need a therapist anymore for the Live Another Day finale.

C’mon Keifer, help a brother out…….

“We understand the skepticism, but there was no corporate mandate here,” said Howard Gordon, a returning executive producer. “If anything, it was the opposite. When we started discussing ideas a year and a half ago, the message was to be slow and careful, to only proceed if the creative team felt it had something that fans would love.”
The new protagonist’s name is Eric Carter. Corey Hawkins, a Juilliard-trained actor best known for his portrayal of Dr. Dre in “Straight Outta Compton,” plays the part. “The fact that he is an African-American hero is not irrelevant,” said the producer Brian Grazer, who has helped shepherd the “24” franchise from its start. “As a series, ‘24’ was prescient about what was going on in the culture. We want to do that again.”
Mr. Gordon added: “Against the backdrop of Ferguson and Black Lives Matter, here is a character who has fought for a country that has in some ways abandoned him. He’s squaring a question for himself: Is this place even worth defending?”
The “24: Legacy” team, led by Manny Coto and Evan Katz, drew inspiration from SEAL Team 6, best known for killing Osama bin Laden. In the new series, six Army Rangers, having successfully led a Bin Laden-style raid overseas, are now living anonymously in witness protection. One by one, however, they are being located, tortured and killed by associates of the dead terrorist. As it turns out, one of the Rangers took something home from the raid as a trophy. He doesn’t know its meaning, but the terrorists do — and they need it back as they plan a new attack on the United States.
For a remake to work, said Peter Rice, chairman of the Fox Networks Group, “there has to be a narrative engine that is not purely character-based. ‘24’ was groundbreaking in its character storytelling, but it’s also a propulsive thriller with constant cliffhangers.”
“24: Legacy” also stars Miranda Otto, recently known for “Homeland,” as a former Counter Terrorism Unit chief; married to a senator with presidential ambitions (Jimmy Smits), she is dragged back into her old job. Mr. Sutherland, who will serve as an executive producer, may well appear as Jack Bauer as the series continues, at least in a cameo fashion. “Was I not supposed to reveal that?” Mr. Grazer asked a publicist in an interview. “Oh, well. I just did.”
Dana Walden, a Fox Television Group chairman and chief executive, thinks that the ideas behind “24: Legacy” and their execution will win over reluctant fans. She is also betting that the series will capitalize on the African-American audience that watches “Empire,” Fox’s soapy music industry drama. But she conceded in an interview that the bar was high.
“The original ‘24’ didn’t have the burden of facing up to something that was already established and beloved,” she said. “That just meant we had to work harder.”
She added, “The new one stands on its own. It is in no way derivative.”
In other words, she is keenly aware of the cardinal rule of remakes: A familiar title acts as a viewer magnet, especially in the face of a glut of competing series, but people continue to watch only if they see something they think is worth their time.
Take a lesson, Muppets.

May 17, 2016 at 9:29 am
Don’t understand why people who aren’t as excited as you are suddenly muppets.

I think it was a reference to the muppets tv show. he copied this from an article

Muppets? Not cool, Justin.

Brad it was an article from New York Times that referenced The Muppets TV Show. I was not calling anyone Muppets on here

May 17, 2016 at 8:47 am
Any way to know who did the sound track for the trailer? It sort of sounded like Callery and it sort of didn’t.

Callery will be back along with Robert Cochran, Joel Surnow, Jon Cassar etc!

Trailer viewers so far:

Prison Break trailer views: 1.2 million as of this morning
24 Legacy trailer views: 78,000

This is surprising because Prison Break ended on such a down note and lower ratings. But I guess the returning cast is probably going to make a difference.

The Super Bowl slot will definitely help. But historically, the shows shown after the Super Bowl have not seen longterm gains. I guess we will see. But the lack of trailer views compared to Prison Break is a bit concerning.

May 17, 2016 at 9:40 am
And whereas it will air after the superbowl, thats no guaranteed that it will indeed stay as high. It be pretty sad to see 24 starting off with hmm 17 million viewers.. and then as it progresses die down to 4 or 3.

The ratings will probably average around the 7-9 million mark and the superbowl premiere over 30 million viewers!

Well, it’s the first Prison Break in over seven years and they’ve brought back the entire original cast, so it’s a bigger deal. And Prison Break has always had a much larger social media following than 24 (the official Prison Break Facebook page has 11.5m likes compared to 4.6m for 24), but that has never translated into ratings. So while things like trailer views are an interesting statistic, it’s not always the best indicator of success.

It will be interesting to see how Fox markets 24: Legacy, though. If you look at the older 24 promos (most are available on this site) like 95% of them were Jack Bauer focused with taglines “Jack is Back”, “You Don’t Know Jack”, “Get Jacked”, “Welcome Back Jack” etc. Now they’ll have to go back to the drawing board.

I think the Super Bowl slot (and first episode) will be key. Even people who are super negative about it right now will probably give it a shot when their TV is already on and tuned to Fox.

Wow, I didn’t realize Prison Break had such a dedicated following so many years after the show ended. The trailer was very impressive. Can’t believe the cast hasn’t aged either.

It will be interesting to see how they promote Legacy. I guess if some of the original cast members return, they can always promote their return as a major selling point. A Super Bowl trailer announcing the return of Tony, Chloe or even Jack (who I assume will have only a cameo if he does appear) would be the perfect way to get old school fans excited. But not sure what they’ll do otherwise.

May 17, 2016 at 11:38 am
It would be nice if Jack’s cameo would take place in russia with him chained, or hanging while being beaten and end with his attempt to escape (much like tony’s) and then lead into the next season of the normal ”24”

Probably shouldn’t confess this on a “24” site, but I’m excited about “Prison Break”/s return. That was a fun four year ride. Great to see the original cast reunited, as implausible as it seemed based on Michael’s certain death. Will be interesting to see how this is explained. Meanwhile, breaking Jack out of prison would redefine epic!

I think the lead actor is miscast, but the trailer looked very good.

I really, really hope JB can make an appearance

With no charisma, you cannot carry a show.

Se ve bastante prometedor ya hacía falta un cambio de personajes pero De verdad sería genial que Jack Bauer apareciera otra vez , aunque fuera un solo episodio al fin y al cabo es su legado.

Love the trailer and love the fact this site was so quick to post it!! Many thanks. This has been mentioned already, but “Legacy” has strong notes w/ S1. Senator w/ presidential aspirations, foreign terrorist group threatening an agent and his family, CTU LA as a lead counter, etc… Keep an eye in coming months on old cast members and their potential tie-in w/ this series. Interesting they plan to shoot future scenes in Atlanta as well as I have no idea where this leads. There will be surprises at every turn and I can’t wait!

With fandom, as in life and indeed history, many people have been stubborn to accept change of whatever kind, and when you have a fictional character as beloved as Jack Bauer, that initial resistance against continuing on 24 without him is both predictable and perfectly understandable. That being said, the blowback from some reminds me very much of a similar situation when Star Trek: The Next Generation began… why bother?” they asked, “it won’t be as good as the original” they predicted, “how can you replace Kirk and Spock and McCoy?” they declared. Well they bothered, it ended up being (for the most part) better than the original series, and Picard, Data, et al became iconic characters in their own right.

With regards to Legacy, it’s encouraging that it wasn’t created through studio mandate, that they were able to take their sweet time in exploring ideas, and that now the trigger has been pulled and we’re off to the races again, the involvement of the core team that started the original iteration should not be underestimated.

The trailer is an exciting one, but it’s only one episode it’s showcasing, and trailers are designed to make something look awesome and enticing, The Phantom Menace teaser was utterly brilliant even by today’s standard and looked at how that turned out!!! The real proof of the pudding will be in how Legacy unfolds, it’s story and characters, and whether it connects to the audience in a personable way… if it does, it’s a winner and we get more 24, if it doesn’t, well Kiefer’s return will be more than a cameo.

I’m hoping it does well, is a success all round, and we get a good few seasons out of it at least… and if it’s a big enough success, wouldn’t it be a supreme irony if the Eric Carter-led 24 was the iteration that ended up on the big screen???

Stranger things have happened for sure.

P.S. I’m adamant they should avoid any returning characters from the original iteration until at least a possible third season, Legacy needs to firmly establish their own identity first before reintroducing familiar faces… although if they want to bring back Mandy, I’d be willing to bend on that one :-D.

Resistance to change is an interesting thing. I’m definitely experiencing that right now. I don’t want to be unfair on ‘Legacy’. It could be great in its own right. I think I’m more peeved off about 24’s reluctance to provide a definitive ending to so many things.

Felipe Nogueira
May 18, 2016 at 10:37 pm
Yeah, I agree… when LAD was over, I believe I would hear that FOX renewed 24 for one more series-event only months later.
The ending was much more open than the original season 8’s ending. I didn’t see the point of doing that if they didn’t had a plan for another season with Jack in mind. It looks like I was terribly wrong, since they considered killed him.

They do plan on giving Jack an ending. They kept it open so they reserved the right to bring Jack back! Kiefer after LAD said he wanted to move on from 24 so they came up with Legacy. Now Kiefer is open to coming back to give Jack closure in a limited capacity either as a guest! I do think they kept it open because they want to bring Jack back but keep it a big surprise and event! I also do think there is potential we could see a few TV movies of 24 like Redemption or a few film versions of 24 that will be released in the breaks of the seasons of Legacy and the movies and series would feed off of each other by setting each other up! They also plan on closing Tony’s story and Chloe’s as well

“They also plan on closing Tony’s story and Chloe’s as well”.

How do you know this?

Manny Coto confirmed

I don’t know how I can watch 24 again on tv without Jack Bauer. Dammit!

It’s definitely “24” with the time clock, the music and saying “CTU” in the trailer… but its not “24” anymore. Without sime of the orihinal cast and of course Kiefer Sutherland as “Jack Bauer”. it’s just another action TV suspenseful series….

I am open to watch it for sure (I can’t wait) and see how it measures up to “24” but the original can never be replaced…

Great trailer by the way. The suspense and action is awesome! Well done!

Looking forward to it in February!

Felipe Nogueira
May 18, 2016 at 10:41 pm
I think you said better than anyone: without Jack Bauer, 24 would be just another action TV suspenseful series.

I hope they keep the action quality 24 had; it’s definitely better than the most action shows today, such as Person of Interest, Blindspot, etc. Maybe the plot of 24 Legacy could be also better than these other suspenseful/action series, even though writers weren’t able to do a outstanding season with LAD.

I thought LAD was awesome! And another thing that makes 24 unique is the ticking clock, real time aspect, cliffhangers, split screens and interweaving storylines and CTU! What other drama has a ticking clock? None. 24 is 24 because of the ticking clock and it takes 24 hours to stop a terrorist threat. Its not called Jack Bauer or CTU. The writers came up with the character of Jack and created a hero out of him, The same will happen with Eric Carter! There would be no Jack without the amazing writers! 24 is a unique format that deserves to continue!

Felipe Nogueira
May 19, 2016 at 10:26 am
Well, 24 could have been about the real time aspect and split screens, but it hasn’t been. In fact they could had done each season differently, but that is not what happened. Each season followed Jack Bauer trying to avoid a terrorist attack in time frame of 24 hours. In 7 out of 9 seasons, CTU was the main agency that Jack had to work with. In seasons 7 and LAD, CTU was just replaced by FBI and CIA – their dramatic role were the same, just different names and office buildings. Critically, CTU is again back on Legacy. 24 hasn’t had to be that way – they could move to a totally different context each season and they haven’t. Also, they’re moved from Jack Bauer, they gave a new subtitle – in order to make it clear that it’s somehow different.

Well, at this moment I think it’s hardly unlikely that Eric Carter would be a hero in the same way as Jack is or has been portrayed on past seasons of 24. Reasons:

1 – Corey Hawkins, unfortunately, looks like to be miscasting. If it was some other actor, maybe Carter would have a choice, but Hawkins would need to make a incredible effort. Other fans here have commented about his baby looking face – not convincing, at least at this moment.

2 – Comments suggest that they could plan to bring new leads every season – this isn’t settled and done and it will depend how successful Legacy and Hawkins will be.

3 – You and Marlon could like it or not, but 24 fans would inevitably compare him with Jack Bauer. Just the fact of having another season with Jack has had some resistance. This is another factor that Hawkins would need to put an incredible amount of effort to move the public to his side. This reason together with reason number 1 above, it’s very difficult that Carter will turn to be a new Jack Bauer. But, of course, I might be wrong.
And he not turning a hero has nothing to do with Legacy’s success.

Felipe Nogueira
May 19, 2016 at 10:28 am
3 – I mean having another season without Jack has generated negative criticism from several 24 fans…

yeah but once people see the execution of 24 Legacy and the ideas that will win over relunctant fans! Also 24 Legacy will capitalize on a whole new audience, die hard fans, old fans and current fans! I think Eric Carter will work very hard to prove people wrong and so will Fox and the writers! After we see Eric Carter for several seasons, viewers will want more of him! Hawkins is perfect for the role! And Corey Hawkins signed a 7 year contract to play on 24 Legacy! Also Jack will be back at some point, they will surprise us! Just gotta be patient. Its either we find out what happens to Jack through legacy or no 24 ever again and we never find out what happens to Jack Bauer! 24 Legacy is a spinoff that takes place in the same universe as the original, that expands the 24 universe and establishes a new world of characters! I love hows its a new story, new characters and new CTU! 24 needs a refresh!

Jon Cassar… is that you?

Agree! Watching the trailer had me compare any generic action series w/ the 24 concept. Hard to do! Compelling characters, riveting action, hair raising sequences and cliffhangers .. all coming next Feb. I’d enjoy seeing continuity woven into the story though old character cameos should take a backseat to the main protagonists in the Legacy series. LOL all the miscasting talk. Go back and watch S1 again. Kiefer had a baby face in 2001 and doesn’t exactly possess a large/ tall frame. Eric Carter fits the same bill as Jack Bauer in the early days. Much will depend on Corey Hawkins acting chops … he didn’t do much on Walking Dead and I haven’t seen Compton. He has a high bar to climb but Fox obviously feels good about the choice!

carlos sandoval
May 18, 2016 at 5:26 pm
Looks great but nothing will ever beat Jack Bauer (Keifer sutherland)

Is there a way to hide posts from the people who continue to say “No Jack Bauer, No 24”?

I agree Marlon! I hate those negative comments “No Jack Bauer, No 24”!

N0 J4ck 84u3r, N0 2A

24 Legacy will be the best show ever!

I said this on Fb 24 is not the Simpsons cops or star trek. Not they brought in the fugitive idea. Which I liked. & gave us a cliff hanger that is now just hanging!!!!! I can’t say I have the same enthusiasm. For this they really should just wrap up the raussin story. & Tony’s story. But this really looks like a gangster version of 24. Like 50 cent should be in this…. 24 street haha kiefer said his open to returning but I’m cancerned they will cheapen his return. I may check this out maybe. & I will be surprised if this doesn’t back fire.

24 Legacy will not backfire! The writers know they have a lot to live up to to preserve the Legacy of the show! They will work extra harder to make sure the Legacy is not damaged!

Fox knows 24 Legacy will be attractive to a new audience and the execution and ideas for 24 Legacy will win over reluctant fans as the Pilot was loved by Fox and the script was too! Also it will be attractive to the Empire fans! People like diverse casts in TV! Also advertisers and media buyers loved 24 Legacy at upfronts

Brian Grazer said 24 Legacy will be modernized and be relatable to today’s times!

Howard Gordon said bringing 24 back was not a corporate mandate. Fox never wanted a 24 spinoff. Fox told the creators while they were discussing ideas to take it slow, careful and only proceed if the writers felt they had a story that fans would love!

Automated Message
May 20, 2016 at 5:29 am
*$0.02 has been deposited in your account by: 20TH CENTURY FOX TELEVISION*


they better pay him more then that with all the promotion and ass kissin he’s doing.

I am a huge fan of the 24 brand and that is why I am very excited for Legacy!

“People like diverse casts in TV! ”

No they don’t, they like GOOD casts in TV. The vast majority of viewers didn’t love David Palmer or Curtis because they were black for fucks cunting sake!

A cast should come together organically, and if that means an all white/non white cast then so be it. Casting shouldn’t be decided upon by a bunch of pansy, PC fucktards.

The writers have never did a bad job casting! The casting on 24 has always been fantastic. No reason to doubt them now. Also it’s a African American lead because they want to make it as different from the original 24 as possible.

David Palmer was the most loved character of all time and so was Curtis!

And look at how well Empire does with a diverse cast!

Felipe Nogueira
May 20, 2016 at 12:56 pm
Are the writers responsible for casting? I though it was an entire different department. Of course, writers could opinion on the casting, but it wasn’t their decision.
Second, 24 has made mistakes on casting. Example? Season 7, Dubaku wasn’t a good performance.

Justin Urciuoli
May 20, 2016 at 3:59 pm
The writers and producers have the final approval! For the most part, their casting choices were bang on!

Also Jack Bauer and Tony and old favourites will come back when he fits organically into their story! Legacy is going to be fantastic

With the Super Bowl lead in 24 Legacy will be a big success next season!

Kiefer has even said for the idea of 24 to survive they would need to recast the show in the telling of the story to freshen it up and make the ratings of the show be strong! People like fresh ideas not stale ideas! 24 Legacy will be fresh especially since they have a new writer named Nikki Toscano on board to bring new ideas to the show!

Not really, have you seen the like/dislike ratio? Legacy is polarising at best!

Justin Urciuoli
May 20, 2016 at 1:39 pm
The original 24 before season 1 was not popular as well and I know many people who hated the original 24 and look at how successful that turned out to be. People even did not like Kiefer before 24 season 1. 24 Legacy season 1 will average 8 million viewers for season 1 and grow in viewership for the rest of the seasons like 24 did. Also Corey Hawkins signed a 7 year contract with 24 Legacy. Manny Coto said that fans will want more Eric Carter and after 7 years of Legacy will say 24 legacy is not 24 Legacy without Eric! He also said the rest of the cast is fantastic and they really lucked out!

Also last year in January when the producers pitched Fox a new season of 24, Dana Walden said there was a point in which Jack Bauer could fit in very organically into their story or they were prepared to do the *1* instalment without him. They are not continuing the show without him, just doing 1 season without him. I can see a 24 movie being greenlit soon with Kiefer, that will lead into Legacy season 2 where Jack Bauer will be back!

Legacy is not polarising and will get more popular once Fox promotes Legacy on TV during the Fall, world series and NFC playoffs and championship and superbowl! Also the youtube likes and dislikes does not measure what the success of Legacy will be nor does it say what the ratings will be like. There are billions of people out there and a whole new audience Legacy will attract to, also old and current die hard 24 fans will tune in as well! Also only the Pilot has been filmed and written, the writers room starts in June with filming in September!

There is an open door for Jack to come back as he is still alive out there and not dead! Manny has said old favourites coming back is fair game and eventually it will happen

There was no corporate mandate in bringing 24 back as well as Fox told the writers when they started discussing ideas a year and a half ago to take it slow, careful and to only proceed if they had a story that fans would love.

24 legacy will be relatable to today’s audiences! And the diverse cast will attract to Empire’s fans as well! Have faith in the writers and producers who have never let us down in all 9 seasons! Quit with the negativity and be open minded, positive and give this a fair chance before judging! These No Jack, no 24 comments are BS!

Justin Urciuoli
May 20, 2016 at 4:24 pm
Jon Cassar said this on twitter!

Jon Cassar @joncassar May 17
@qkenihan at this point I’m not involved with ‪#‎24legacy‬ But there are some calls going back and forth.

Justin Urciuoli
May 20, 2016 at 4:35 pm
Sean Callery is also back! Robert Cochran is a producer and writer. Joel Surnow is reading scripts and giving input. Kiefer is onboard, Howard Gordon is hugely involved, Manny and Evan are running the show and Nikki Toscano is a new writer/co executive producer

Sean Callery is not back. He is now scoring the music for KIEFER’S new show DESIGNATED SURVIVOR. Just google and you can confirm that Callery is now working on Designated Survivor!!!!!

Jack may come back or may not diversity? Since when was this show ever supposed to be about diversity….? This show was never about that ever. This was a patriotic show & that one statement from grazer ruined that. The cast of 24 was great because they nailed their parts. Jack tony palmer Nina dessler mason chepelle… All these actors got the parts because they nailed it. Curtis was okay to. Stop kissin up to help the producers to help them sell lagecy. U are clearly a fan of the brand this show has a new lead & is still called 24. While the real time element is the idea the characters are what sold the show. I will wait for them to find a perminate place for jack to return. But just because u put a new lead in & slap 24 on there does mean the new characters will become popular with the audience. 24 is the show title but the characters are what made 24 last as long as it did not because of diversity. Believe it or not there are not freaks out there that are fans for actual valid reasons & NOT just because of its title.

I am a big fan! The producers have Never let us down with casting in all 9 seasons and I have read the cast they have for Legacy they lucked out with! Empire is a big success with a diverse cast! And it’s a diverse cast so they can differentiate it from the original 24! I am a true fan of 24 because of the real time format, ticking clock, cliffhangers, split screens, interweaving storylines, tension, action, adrenaline, suspense and keeps me on edge of my seat! I also like they race against the clock to save the day! I love Jack Bauer and watched the show for all 9 seasons and have all the DVD’s and all the books and novels and met Kiefer! But it’s called moving on like Kiefer is. A true Kiefer fan would support 24 Legacy just like Kiefer does! Legacy will pave the way for Jack! Also Legacy is way better than Blindspot

Guess I’ll stick with blind spot that shows pretty good.

Why 24: Legacy Will Fail

It will fail because it won’t gain any new fans that were not fans of 24 before. Even though Live Another Day/Day 9 aired in 2014, it was during the Summer and clearly geared at long-time fans of 24 and Jack Bauer. It was essentially “24’s Greatest Hits” and touched all the high notes of why 24 is such a great series and why Jack Bauer is such a compelling character. It was total fan service and it was a lot of fun.

For non-fans of 24, to them, the show ended in 2010 with season 8. Maybe these people watched 24 from time to time, but not every season like a true fan of 24. 24:Legacy is premiering 7 years after Season 8 premiered. Sure, it’s going to air after another lame Super Bowl game but you could put an episode of Cop Rock after the Super Bowl and it would have awesome ratings. No one, especially long-time fans of 24 and Jack Bauer is going to watch 24:Legacy after February 6th, 2017.

It will fail because no one has any idea who Corey Hawkins is, even if they have seen Straight Outta Compton or The Walking Dead. He may have been “trained at Julliard”, but he has zero charisma or appeal. If Fox was so insistent on casting an African-American Actor for this spin-off, someone with actual charisma and appeal like Michael Jai White, or Taye Diggs, or Michael Ealy, or Blair Underwood, or Malik Yoba would have been much better choices. It makes no sense whatsoever why Fox would cast a nobody to lead a spin-off of one of the best television series of all time and expect fans to just forget all about how awesome Jack Bauer is.

An actor like Michael Jai White, for example, would be a lot more watchable in a 24 spin-off. Not Corey Hawkins, who looks like someone that was turning into an Alien, but stopped halfway through.

The final reason why this will fail is because of what dteam6 has been emphasizing, is that the producers of 24 were absolutely teasing a final season with Tony Almeida as the lead with 24:Solitary. To completely disregard this is an insult to all 24 fans and an insult to someone that only watched Live Another Day!

This parody-esque trailer for 24:Legacy is absurd and no one cares about whatever shenanigans and nonsense that Corey Hawkins is going to engage in.

After this fails miserably, my guess is that Fox will partially give the fans what they want and do something like a 6 episode “event series” like they did with Season 10 of The X-Files. They can then finally wrap everything up and bring back Carlos Bernard, Mary Lynn Rajskub, and of course, Kiefer Sutherland.

Each episode could take place over 4 hours and it can start and end at Midnight with the rescue of Bauer by Almeida with Chloe’s help.

24:The Final Countdown

May 2019

Regarding Action-Adventure and Drama series spin-offs, there has very rarely been any that are successful and last even 2 seasons. Rare examples are exceptions like the CSI franchise, Law & Order, NCIS, and the Chicago franchise. These have had success because their parent series never centered on 1 character like Jack Bauer. They all had ensemble casts that typically received equal focus and equal time.

24 is unique because at the end of every season, it’s still all about Jack Bauer. The real-time format is secondary. The strange defenders of 24:Legacy can type and type and type until their fingers fall off that it’s not about Bauer, but about the format, but what they say won’t matter because Legacy will never have a season 2.

Also, to this Justin character that is asserting that “Corey Hawkins” signed a 7 year “contract” for 24:Legacy needs to provide a genuine link to a news source that confirms something so unheard of and preposterous. No actor in any TV series in all of TV history has ever signed a “contract” in advance for 7 seasons. A facebook group with under 1000 members is not a reliable news source by any stretch of the imagination.

TV contracts are not record contracts and every TV series lives and dies by the ratings it gets. When 24:Legacy has terrible ratings after the Super Bowl, Corey Hawkins will be looking for work again after acting in this disaster.

Hannibal was a great series and only had 3 seasons, but Bryan Fuller had no idea if he would get a season 2 and then a 3rd and final season until NBC said they were behind it and listened to the fans for it to continue so they can at least see the Red Dragon story.

24:Legacy will never have anyone start a campaign to have a second season because it’s a worthless spin-off and has a terrible lead. If Fox and the 24 team wanted any fans of 24 to give this spin-off a chance, then they should have first had a final season to wrap up Bauer’s story. Legacy may be the first spin-off in TV history that was greenlit without resolving all the plot threads from the parent series.

Breaking Bad is a great example of how you properly end a series before you start a spin-off. Better Call Saul works because we know how Walter White’s story ended and now fans can focus on Saul Goodman’s story before Breaking Bad, and it’s a prequel series with a unique concept.

24:Legacy, otoh, is going in the most generic direction possible by basically doing a remake of Season 1 and 2 of 24 with a different lead. Jimmy Smits is playing a Senator running for President like David Palmer, and there’s a generic Islamic terror plot that has been done to death on 24 already.

One final note to this “Justin” character: You are not fooling anyone, it’s clear that you are a studio shill and repeating the same nonsense over and over is not going to get any long-time fans of 24 and Jack Bauer to ever agree with you, because you’re not getting why someone is a true fan of 24 to begin with.

It’s not the real time concept, it’s Jack Bauer, and his story was not finished.

Yeah. there’s always been something totally off about ‘Justin’. The way he parrots comments made by the show’s crew, the way he incessantly posts (almost spams) positive links from various sources.

Also, repeating that “EVERYONE FROM 24 IS DOING 24 LEGACY” doesn’t mean anything because it’s not as if the producers and writers of 24 have a perfect track record of quality. Season 6 was a disaster and now Homeland is ridiculous, so my guess is 24:Legacy will be lame because they have lost their spark and creativity that made the first 5 seasons of 24 as good as they were.

Seasons 7 and 8 of 24 were decent, but they don’t hold a candle to the first 5. Season 9/LAD sort of falls somewhere in the middle because it was just cool to see Bauer back in action after 4 years, and doing only 12 episodes meant that it was all killer, no filler.

So you had the history of the Bauer character+less episodes=a fun season for the fans.

Legacy has: A boring character that has no established history with fans so viewers won’t care about him or what happens to him at all+a boring plot with Islamic terrorists, AGAIN, going after Corey because he was on a team that did a Bin Laden-type raid+Jimmy Smits is a boring Senator running for President.

All of this will=FAIL+NO SEASON 2.

Even the worst season of 24, which was season 6, will still be better than Legacy.

Justin Urciuoli
May 22, 2016 at 12:17 pm
Legacy will be awesome! Case closed! Trailer was fantastic! 24 seasons 1-9 were all good. Writers even admitted season 6 was their worst season and recovered from there.

24 Legacy will get more seasons beyond season 1! Jack Bauer’s story is not over. Yes I admit that. But it is over as the lead. I am a huge fan of the 24 brand and Jack Bauer. But if Kiefer does not want to play the lead and only do cameo’s for now at least we must accept that and give 24 Legacy a fair shot. The writers, producers and Fox all know what they are up against and will work extra harder to make 24 Legacy the best ever! Also our 24 Legacy page on Facebook is growing in members everyday! So people are starting to warm up to the idea of a spinoff. The 24 brand is a unique idea and a format that is sturdy enough if the writing is compelling, fresh and engaging. And with a new writer/co executive Producer on board named Nikki Toscano, she will bring new fresh idea’s to the show as well!

Also Kiefer has been supporting 24 Legacy from the start and has his name attached to it. Do you all honestly think Kiefer would sign up for something that is destined to fail?! Not a chance! Kiefer has always said 24 can live without Jack Bauer as he feels the real time format is the real star of 24 and that for 24 to survive they would need to recast the show, create new circumstances and new stories. He said with time a new audience can be discovered and an old audience will come back!

There was no corporate mandate in bringing 24 back either. 24 Legacy will be relatable to today’s culture and Fox knows they have to make 24 Legacy live up to the original 24 but more modernized!

Homeland and Tyrant are great shows as well, so Howard Gordon is an awesome Producer and writer!

Kiefer is taking a break and will be back with 24 by 2018, 4 years after LAD. I say this because it took 4 years for Jack to come back after season 8 and will be another 4 year gap for Jack to come back after season 9 which brings us to 2018. Legacy is the only way we will find out what happens to Jack. Legacy opens the door for more stories and will lead to Jack and Tony eventually. There is an open door for old favourites as stated by Fox, Howard Gordon , Manny Coto and Jon Cassar since 24 Legacy takes place in the same universe as 24. Its a spinoff that expands the 24 universe and establishes a new world of characters. Once a new world is established both 24 universes will meet up and it will be the best ever!

As long as Jack is still alive and is an Executive Producer, anything can happen! Also a 24 movie is still being discussed as well so Jack could be back there as well or in a another TV movie!

Fox never went to the producers for a 24 spinoff, the writers went to Fox with a fantastic idea! 24 Legacy was inspired by Seal Team 6 and will address sleeper cells and radicalizing Americans. It has a new CTU as well! All this will work for 24 Legacy! Also 24 Legacy will have a great narrative engine with the ticking clock, the real time format, the adrenaline, suspense, action, tension, edge of your seat viewing and constant cliffhangers that will make people want to watch Legacy!

The Legacy of the show is Jack Bauer and the real time concept. Kiefer is all about protecting the Legacy of 24 and Jack and not damaging it. 24 Legacy will live up to what Kiefer has always wanted the Legacy of 24 to be!

Corey Hawkins will do well as the lead and is a great choice! And so is the rest of the cast! The fact that Fox put it after Superbowl, and they loved the Pilot script and the Pilot was strongly loved by critics and advertisers, shows their confidence in this thing. Ratings will be awesome!

If they killed Jack or left Jack with a happy ending last season, all this anticipation for much more 24 would not even exist. By leaving Jack’s story open like they did, only makes people want more! 24 is full of surprises and will surprise us in a big event way with Jack Bauer when the right story presents itself. Manny evens said they might do 24 episodes for season 2 and maybe show Jack in Russia fighting a terrorist attack from Moscow.

Also Manny Coto confirmed that Legacy could go on for seven seasons as there is a lot of buzz for Legacy! People need to have faith in the writers!

I am just a very positive and optimistic person and I am allowed to have my opinion on 24 Legacy. I will defend 24 Legacy as I am a big fan of 24 altogether. I love Jack, but if Kiefer wants to move on, and he accepts a new lead and character and new story, so should we as real Kiefer fans!

Justin, you’re more than welcome to be positive and optimistic. But you’re kind of crossing a line. We don’t need you to shove it down our throats or to spam comments made by the show’s executive team like you’re their bloody spokesperson. You even do it on the 24 Legacy closed group, spamming Manny Coto with ridiculous questions. Seriously, just calm the **** down.

Actually they are not ridiculous questions and I am not spamming. Or at least it’s not my intent to. Sorry about that :(. My apologies. I will stop posting sources on here. I am just sharing links and sources to prove my points. Fox is doing their part to make Legacy a big success, the producers are and Legacy fans are too including me. With regards to the Legacy Facebook page all the admins have told me they appreciate my hard work on the 24 Legacy closed group page and love all the questions I ask.

They are ridiculous insofar as it’s obvious Manny cannot or will not answer many of them. I appreciate your enthusiasm (optimism is in short supply these days). I just think you should take a step back a little. Statements like “Legacy will be awesome! Case closed!” is just the opposite end of the extremism spectrum. It’s being no less premature and absolutist than all those who are dismissing Legacy outright.

I understand your points there! You make a great case there. Thank you.

sigh, sometimes I hate getting on these forums.

some of you must love getting on your high horse getting your cynical views across.

and yes, your come back will always be: I’m entitled to my opinion. Whatever.

I’m gonna sit back and wait til Feb and enjoy the fact that we are getting more 24. If it works – great! If it doesn’t work, then at least we still have the memory of Seasons 1 to LAD + Redemption. 24 is a great concept with or without Jack Bauer. At least they’re giving it a shot.

Very few people have dismissed ‘Legacy’ out of hand but there is, understandably, a lot of skepticism. Which is fine. If you can’t handle cynicism…well…you’re living in the wrong world, I dare say.

Can handle it Brad, but repeated cynicism from the same people who go on and on and on and on is annoying as fuck

@miller just think of this kid Justin as a 24 assimilating Nazi lol….. His seems to be a fan of the name & idea over whoever they do or don’t bring back. Anyhow that never is what makes any show succeed. As for your African American point. Apparently 24 was always been about diversity according to grazer. Which us untrue. & 24 was never been about that. There are just some fans who don’t remain objective or look @ what writers/creators do to a show or whatever. Just as long it has the name or brand they are fans.

Justin Urciuoli
May 22, 2016 at 12:21 pm
I am a fan of the brand and Jack Bauer! But I am also smart enough to accept change in a show! And Brian Grazer would know what made 24 work in the first place! He developed 24 from the beginning! Jack Bauer was a fictional character made by the amazing writing team. They can create another fictional hero as there are more than 1 hero’s out there. And I am very optimistic as well Jack, Tony, Kate and Chloe will be back. We just need to be patient as it will eventually happen. We need to let Legacy evolve and as the series continues and the new characters are establishes, old favourites will be back. As well, the Pilot as photo’s of old CTU members from the original 24 showing how Legacy is in the same universe as 24!

Marlon is Justin, and is mad because they know I took down their shill nonsense.

I feel like Ana Diop Eric charters wife will die like Teri Bauer did if not this season the next

No one will care Sean, and the only awesome way to end Legacy is if it’s Jack Bauer going after Corey Hawkins and he kills him in the last episode and then looks into the camera and says “Jack’s Back.”

Still have same #Identity of 24, We still your fans,
Waiting for Jack also, Pleasssssss…. make it happens.

Justin Urciuoli
May 22, 2016 at 12:24 pm
Also the show is not called Jack Bauer or CTU. Its called 24 because its about an adrenaline race against the ticking clock to stop a devasting terrorist attack in 24 hours in real time! Hence why its called 24. As the clock ticks down, you know something is going to happen and the drama will be heightened! 24 can work for a number of professions as well. Recasting 24 will stop 24 from getting stale.

And really how many bad days can one character have? Kiefer did not want the show to become a mad comic. He said there r only so many bad days one guy can have before the show becomes too boring and repetitive.

Justin Urciuoli
May 22, 2016 at 12:25 pm
And I do not work for the studio in any means! I have watched 24 from day 1. Have all the DVD’s, graphic novels, books, and met Kiefer as well! I just support Legacy because its such a fantastic idea!

Justin Urciuoli
May 22, 2016 at 4:22 pm
4: Live Another Day ended on a cliffhanger. Have we seen the end of Jack Bauer?

It was left open for a variety of reasons and there certainly was discussions about really closing it off and potentially killing him … But they always wanted the right to bring him back. It didn’t have the conclusiveness that I think we promised by doing a ninth season, which was frustrating. Having said that, he’s a character I’ve loved playing and the idea that there might be another opportunity down the road one day is always kind of comforting to me. (Since this interview, it has been confirmed that Sutherland will not return for 24: Legacy.)

Why did the movie not happen?

That one still surprises me. It was such a success worldwide, it didn’t make sense to me why we didn’t make a movie.


Stop. Spamming.


Justin… just in spam-land

We need to give 24 Legacy a chance! The writers wrote 204 episodes of a procedural drama which very little drama tv shows that last that long and is a lot to write for one character.

It’s okay to love Jack Bauer but there are other characters to explore too! And while Jack and other characters who are alive still, they can always appear in the 24 universe with great story telling and great surprises!

24 got stale in the last few seasons, that a spinoff will give the writers a chance to make it fresh, write interesting stories and give them more freedom to write for new characters! It won’t be as liberating.

Also 24 Legacy gives us a chance to find out what happens to Jack as opposed to no 24 ever again!

But… it isn’t fresh. It’s the same old shite they keep insisting on rehashing and just as stale as ever, but without the one element that made it all tolerable… i.e. Jack Bauer.

It will be fresh and will not be stale. There will be no rehashes with 24 Legacy! And Jack will be back in a cameo fashion as the series moves on!

Yo stop already jesus

“There will be no rehashes with 24 Legacy!”

You’re going to look a complete and utter penis when the mole, large scale wmd threat, and world war 3 threat happen aren’t you?

I think 24 Legacy is starting to get more positive reactions slowly by fans after the first trailer was released! Once 24 Legacy gets more casting announcements, crew announcements, and promotion during the Fall season, during shows, world series and NFC championship and playoffs and premieres after superbowl, reactions will be more positive by old and current fans and don’t forget, there is still a new audience to be discovered as well. Also we will still get negative comments as every show on TV currently, even the highest rated Network and cable shows have negative views and opinions and have been on for a long time and r doing well in the ratings still! So negative opinions don’t say how well a TV show will do nor not

I love how 24 Legacy is not lead prominent like 24 which makes it even more fresh than 24! It’s focuses on two co leads and supporting characters more so than ever with Jack Bauer in the mix as a guest star!

Dude Justin STOP selling clearly not everyone is going to share your enthusiastic/optimism over lagecy. We have all stated our opinions & they all differ from everyone else’s some optimistic & some skeptical. You have every right to be enthusiastic. But stop convincing everyone else to give lagecy a chance cause not everyone else will. You need to understand that.

Lmao Justin just can’t stop spamming, he just keeps spewing his crap over and over again.

Lol yeah some people act like one t.v show is there whole life. I love 24 but there are also other great t.v shows I’ve been watching & have watched besides 24.

“My name is Jack Bauer, and today is the longest day of my life.”

“My name is JACK BAUER….!!!”

Sorry folks, this is not 24.

People need to realize that if the writers were clever enough to create Jack Bauer they will be clever enough to create another loved hero! So stop obsessing over Jack Bauer and move on from it! Simple as that. 24 is not Jack Bauer! There is more 24 beyond Jack! Kiefer feels that way and has always said 24 can live past Jack as the real time narrative is the real star! Not Jack

I’m probably wasting my breath here but…

It’s not about being clever, Justin. Jack Bauer’s impact as a character is out of the writer’s hands. Eric Carter could be the greatest character ever written in 24 and he’d still be a mere shadow of Jack Bauer. Why? Because Eric will never be a result of the powerful confluence of unique circumstances that allowed Jack Bauer to transcend television and become a cultural icon of the Western world in the 21st century.

Also it’s called never judge a book by its cover! In this case do not judge 24 Legacy without seeing the first or second episode! I can guarentee a surprise return by Jack, Tony, Kate and Chloe! Do not write 24 Legacy off yet without being open minded! People need to quit being close minded! The writers will come up with a cool and clever way to create another superb hero that everyone will love! Give this a fair chance it deserves! That is what being a true 24 fan really is! The show is not called Jack Bauer or CTU. And Kiefer’s name is not 24! Jack’s
Name is not 24 either! Jack is a character in the 24 universe! Who created him? The writers? The writers can do the same with Eric. Corey is a star and fantastic actor!

Legacy will live up to the success of 24!

24 Legacy was actually thought of during Live Another Day in 2014. The writers had plans to kill Jack Bauer or give him a happy ending but chose none of those two endings and chose to send him to Moscow so they can reserve the rights to bring Jack Bauer back either in Legacy, a TV Movie like Redemption or a film version of 24! They would not have kept Jack alive if they do not plan on bringing him back! 24 Legacy will be a viewer magnet next season and the episodes will keep the viewers hooked and engaged every episode!

Also the writers surprised us with Jack, Chloe, Heller and Audrey in 2014. No one expected another season of 24 on TV after season 8. A 24 movie was supposed to come out! What is not to say they will not surprise us with more Jack again like 2014! 24 Live Another Day and 24 solitary gave us 24 Legacy. So there will obviously be connections to the original 24 in Legacy since it takes place in the same universe.

And with the fantastic ratings last season, more 24 was inevitable

No one should judge 24 Legacy based on one trailer or anything in the news! I can see after the first or second episode that is more than okay and understandable to have a negative opinion. But to judge without knowing what 24 Legacy is going to be about is unfair to the show and writers and cast. Yes I understand the skepticism but the writers and Fox will not ruin a franchise or damage the Legacy of 24 and it will be much better than Bourne Legacy IMO!

Characters come and go on shows. The 24 brand is rich and deserves to go on especially since Jack, Tony, Kate and Chloe will be back. And it’s hard to just watch for the episodes they are on. Each episode of 24 builds on each other. There are plenty of series where the main characters left and are still doing well!

Someone Do Something Holy Shit
May 24, 2016 at 8:56 pm
“Our comment policy is very simple – be civil and respectful. This means no personal attacks, racism, sexism, homophobia, excessive language, and obviously no spamming or excessive self-promotion.”

Justin is a Cancer.

Or maybe he’s a Capricorn?

I think Jack’s character needs a little bit of a break. Jack is only going to be out of 24 for 1 instalment. But next season for sure includes Tony and Kate and maybe Chloe! This will be announced as we get closer to a premiere date or will be kept under wraps

As well 24 season 1 a major plot was the kidnapping of Kim Bauer. Eric Carter and Nicole Carter do not have a child, meaning there will be no kidnappings for 24 Legacy season 1. Meaning it will be fresh and not a rehash of plots.

The Super Bowl premiere will get anywhere from 15-52 million viewers and with the constant cliffhangers 24 Legacy will have viewers glued to their TV’s every week especially since it’s an established brand so it’s a viewer magnet.

Yeah I removed myself from the group on Facebook because of the unnecessary spam and now I’m considering just checking the 24 spoilers twitter page to avoid the spam on here


Teri Bauer, Jack’s wife, was kidnapped in season 1 of 24 along with Kim Bauer.

May 25, 2016 at 1:11 pm
Over 200 comments, and probably 100 done by justin – shakes head –

May 27, 2016 at 8:12 am
If you’re trying to get people to watch 24 Legacy, spamming this shit constantly will achieve the opposite. People will get sick and tired of it and avoid Legacy to spite you. Take a step back and look at what you’re doing here. It’s childish.

Just let people decide for themselves if they want to watch it and whatever happens happens.

Kiefer talks about 24 Legacy 7:10 minutes into the clip! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rHVnx2IAXws&feature=youtu.be

May 28, 2016 at 5:51 pm
Question: In 24, the only flashback ever used in all 9 seasons was at the very end of the last episode in season 1. I noticed in this trailer, there appears to be flashback shots of Eric Carter as an Army Ranger. I wonder if in 24 Legacy will they start using flashback scenes/shots as a regular cinematic device or are the flashbacks just used to frame the story in the trailer?

That’s a very good question, 24marathonman. I would assume those flashbacks were primarily filmed for the trailer, and if they’re going to be used in the actual episodes it’d most likely be in the form of footage being examined on a CTU monitor or something rather than a traditional flashback.

I always thought flashback prologues would’ve been a good plot device before “the following takes place” kicks in.

Justin even signed up as a guest & is still spamming……. Lol

For those who are interested in reading, I came across this interview with Kiefer Sutherland from January 2016 talking about 24 Legacy since he is Executive Producer. http://screenrant.com/24-legacy-fox-tv-kiefer-sutherland-jack-bauer/

Sweet! Sean Callery signed on to compose 24 Legacy! I love Sean. He is an amazing composer and has done well composing 24 and 24 LAD! Great news. Here is my source. http://filmmusicreporter.com/2016/06/01/sean-callery-to-return-for-24-legacy/

IT looks like it might be good, it will be different without kiefer sutherland being on there, but we’ll see, im definitely watching it no doubt!

No Jack, is NO 24 for me.

Jack Bauer is still part of the 24 universe! Just in a limited capacity as a guest star. He is also Executive Producer. And its only 1 season, he potentially he will not be in. He would be back in future instalments or a 24 movie/TV movie.

LOL he’s making new names now

This just released today! Producers have an arc in mind for the second half of 24 Legacy season 1 that could involve Jack Bauer if a deal comes together. This could lead into a movie. Read for yourself. Not trying to sell but a Jack appearance is getting more likely along with former original characters as stated in here by Howard Gordon. http://deadline.com/2016/06/kiefer-sutherland-reprise-jack-bauer-character-24-legacy-1201770600/

New article about Kiefer’s return! http://deadline.com/2016/06/kiefer-sutherland-reprise-jack-bauer-character-24-legacy-1201770600/

“I do think the character has life in him, whether it’s a movie or if he intersects with this new iteration of 24, [Legacy],” Gordon said today during his master class at the ATX TV Festival in Austin. “I sure would love to see him at some point on the show, and I don’t think he’s ruled it out, either.”

I’d heard Gordon and the team of 24: Legacy have an arc in mind for the second part of 24: Legacy‘s 12-episode first season that could involve Bauer if a deal comes together, but there are no talks going on at the moment with Sutherland for acting. He could do a couple of episodes as a guest star without creating a conflict with his leading-man duties on Designated Survivor. There also is a possibility of other 24 original cast members reprising their roles in guest stints.

Adding further credence to the possibility of a Jack Bauer comeback, when asked about the finale in Live Another Day, Gordon said, “I don’t know how public this is but we didn’t question or consider this being Jack’s last moment, Jack’s end. We couldn’t bring ourselves [to kill him].”

Why did the 24 producing team decide to continue the franchise without Bauer at the center? “That character has, in fact, lost too much to be the center of an ongoing enterprise,” Gordon said.

Hawkins’ character wouldn’t be a “copy of Jack Bauer” but would be “compelling in his own right,” he said, “Once we put Jack to rest as the center of the story, we could [do another story],” he explained.

The comments topped off a session filled with anecdotes about Gordon’s storied career that has included hits such as The X-Files, Homeland, 24, and now, Tyrant and 24: Legacy.

As for a 24 movie, Sutherland had been a longtime supporter of the idea, but the project never got off the ground after a couple of attempts. Sutherland reprised the Jack Bauer role in the 2014 Fox event series 24: Live Another Day, which picked up the story four years after the series finale.

24: Legacy will premiere on FOX after Super Bowl LI on February 5, 2017.

Shit on 24 legacy !

how could you abandon bauer quickly!

Bauer only wants to come home…

Why america does not comply to


Why bauer always endure sacrifice

and torture so long?

we just want bauer back this fall!

Justin Batchelor
October 3, 2016 at 4:22 am
Long live 24 I have all series so far love it roll on 2017

Long live 24. Always filled with thrills and suspense. Breathtaking trailer. I’m earnestly looking forward to an exciting February