24: Legacy Premiere Review Roundup
24: Legacy Premiere Review Roundup

Review Roundup: 24 Legacy Premiere

Here’s a comprehensive collection of reviews and recaps for the 24: Legacy Premiere. We strive to collect as many reviews as possible here – both positive and negative opinions from a wide range of sources. This post will continue to be updated throughout the week as more reviews come in.

The Hollywood Reporter – “It’s action escapism, not homework, and with Hawkins as a sturdy lead and a string of chases, gunfights and a couple of decent stunts, 24: Legacy mostly does its job.”

IGN – “24: Legacy‘s first episode does enough to keep me cautiously optimistic for where Eric Carter and the series can go. Nothing works perfectly, but nothing fails spectacularly. Having seen three episodes, it DOES feel like 24, but that is true for both the good and the bad aspects of its big brother show.”

USA Today (3/4) – “If you were a big fan of 24 and you’ve been wondering whether to watch Fox’s reboot 24: Legacy, the simple answer is “yes.” Most of what you loved about the old series is still intact, including that famous ticking clock marking the show’s real-time (well, almost) structure.”

The Guardian – “The risk paid off. I’ve seen the first Jack-less episode of 24: Legacy, and I am here to tell you that it is incredible.”

ComicBook.com – “Above all, Legacy delivers on the points that true fans of 24 wanted to see again. The action scenes are a little ridiculous, but they’re so much fun to watch. The pace of the show never lets up, and you find yourself sitting on the edge of your seat for the entire ride. Fans will also cheer at the sounds of the ever-ticking clock before each commercial break, which brings back wonderful memories of the original series.”

JoBlo (6/10) – “From a nostalgia standpoint, fans of 24 will enjoy the return of the format and the ticking clock that serves to intro and outro each segment of the show. I felt very underwhelmed and expected there to be so much more to this show than just a retread of what we have seen already.”

Deadline – “To put it another way, as I do in my video review above, if you thought 2014’s 24: Live Another Day limited series was the last breath of the Joel Surnow- and Robert Cochran-created series — stand down. From longtime 24 producers Manny Coto and Evan Katz, Legacy is on point in great part because the format is so sturdy and because of leading man and Straight Outta Compton alum Corey Hawkins, plus Homeland vet Miranda Otto and Scandal actor Dan Bucatinsky. As ex-Army Ranger Eric Carter, Hawkins carries a lot of Legacy on his muscular shoulders, and you often barely notice the weight in a role seemingly tailored for his considerable talents.”

We Got This Covered – “More of a retread than reboot, 24: Legacy features a strong performance from Corey Hawkins but doesn’t offer up enough to warrant a return to the series for longtime fans or even an investment from new ones.”

Cinema Blend (3.5/5) – “Ultimately, 24: Legacy hasn’t entirely escaped the specter of Kiefer Sutherland and his heroic Jack Bauer, but the action-packed drama strikes a strong balance between the familiar and the new to breathe fresh life into the classic TV franchise. Corey Hawkins’ Eric Carter is a worthy enough successor, and we’re on board to see where this white-knuckle reboot goes from here.”

Newsday – “Great cast, and Hawkins is a worthy Jack Bauer successor. But “Legacy” can be lethargic and loquacious. More action, less talk, will hopefully close out this day.”

Variety – “Without Sutherland as CTU agent Jack Bauer, and without ace supporting characters like Jack’s trusty backup, Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub), “24” is just another predictable and sometimes preposterous action-thriller featuring an array of interchangeable and cartoonishly stereotyped Middle Eastern bad guys. But even before Sutherland left the show, what had once been distinctive about “24” had largely worn away with time and overuse.”

Entertainment Weekly (D) – “There’s still some crackle in the split-screen storytelling, still some pop in the action. The sprawl of melodrama complicates quickly, so it’s possible the series can evolve into something more interesting than a guilty-pleasure hate-watch. But who has time for that anymore? Get better soon, 24: Legacy. My clock is ticking.”

TV Insider – “It gets off to a strong start, as Carter learns many of his brothers in arms, who took out an Osama bin Laden-type terrorist and are now living in witness protection, have been exposed and executed. Time to go on the run, with the help of CTU and its former leader, Rebecca Ingram (Homeland’s Miranda Otto, now on the side of the saints), whose husband (Jimmy Smits) is running for president. As always, that ticking digital clock signals a relentless rush of action. Don’t overthink it and go along on the hectic, suspenseful ride.”

CNN – “Reviving “24” with a new, younger hero was a good idea on paper. But it’s on paper — in terms of the writing — where the idea breaks down, yielding ridiculous and clichéd plot twists even by the show’s frenetic real-time standards.”

New York Times – “The signature “24” format — each episode represents an hour in real time — is as pulse-pounding as ever. One ingredient that has more or less disappeared, at least in the first four episodes, is the use of torture as a reliable way to get information, a frequent target of “24” critics. But while Jack Bauer’s violent tactics were repellent, the inner darkness they suggested gave the character a certain complexity. He could show fatherly concern about his daughter one minute and draw blood from a bad guy the next. Eric Carter isn’t as complicated or, as a result, as memorable, at least in the early going, though, by the fourth hour, the character has begun to gain traction.”

Indiewire – “”24″ sans Kiefer Sutherland fails to distinguish its new hero, but the Fox drama’s damning sin is painting Muslims and immigrants as the enemy.”

Collider – “The show craftily plays the shell game of who are the informants but in the process, the characters are drawn only in terms related to the plot. A great cast, that also includes Miranda Otto, Jimmy Smits, and Sheila Vand, is reduced to delivering a tourist’s guide to plot points.”

Associated Press – “Surprise! “24: Legacy” is a blast! Judging from the first three episodes, it’s at least as good as the series that inspired it.”

BuddyTV – “It has all happened before and it will all happen again. 24: Legacy even features an analyst who happens to be the cousin of Edgar Stiles, which is a nice nod to the original series, but also a painful reminder of how great and fresh this show once was. None of these new characters have half of the personality of an Edgar or a Chloe, or the edge of Jack. The people on 24: Legacy all play their roles, but it’s more about the story than the characters.”

Den of Geek (3.5/5) – “The opening hour does manage to avoid the pratfalls of the dismal first six episodes of 24: LAD, which took puzzling liberties even for 24. Even though they needed to introduce an entirely new cast, this incarnation of 24 is far more confident from the jump, sparing us the character exposition mistakes often found in new pilots.”

Cleveland.com – “Still, there’s nothing wrong with the cast. The writing and the direction are what ultimately make “24: Legacy” a pale shadow of its powerhouse predecessor. What stuns us about “24: Legacy” isn’t that it’s mind-numbingly awful. That’s because it’s far from awful. What stuns us is how average and mediocre it is. And that’s not the legacy of “24.””

Los Angeles Daily News – “The original “24” premiered a few months after 9/11, and most Americans wanted a man like Jack Bauer who would do anything to protect the country. The series actually was cited in debates about using enhanced interrogation methods on terrorism suspects. This “24” comes after a contentious presidential election and little more than a week after President Donald Trump banned entry from seven Muslim-majority countries. So considering the protests and the tensions in the country, the series’ timing perhaps could be better.”

Salon – “If you’re going to watch this series, give Hawkins a chance. It’s not his fault that “24: Legacy” Coto and Katz have pretty much handed him Jack Bauer’s broken-down, sweaty and funky shoes and asked him to run a marathon in them. The actor does that compellingly considering the long shadow Sutherland still casts over the brand and in spite of its worn-out structure. He has the action hero’s brooding, this-means-business expression down cold, and can forcefully roar when pressured, just like Sutherland did.”

New Zealand Herald – “It’s unfortunate that four episodes in, Hawkins never gets to demonstrate much in the way of character development; as a new hero, he’s mostly saddled with replicating Jack Bauer’s forward momentum, with no time for us to get inside his head. In fact, that lack of imagination and depth is what mars 24: Legacy. It’s why all but one of its black characters are busy playing out a drug-dealing scenario and its Middle Eastern characters are credited as “Jihadi #1″ and such, while most of the white people frantically hammer at their computer keyboards back at CTU and still have time for humanizing subplots.”

The Seattle Times – “Jack Bauer may no longer be around in Fox’s “24: Legacy” (premiering right after “Super Bowl LI” on Sunday, Feb. 5, then 8 p.m. Mondays starting Feb. 6), but the show feels largely the same as in the old days, just with new faces on board.”

Paste Magazine – “Legacy reads, in short, as Steve Bannon masturbation material: It opens on a trio of swarthy figures methodically assassinating the members of the Army Ranger unit that dispatched their former leader, terrorist mastermind Ibrahim Bin-Khalid, and devolves from there into full-throated xenophobic hysteria.”

The Detroit News (C+) – “More problematic, though, may be the building of believably tense situations when the world itself is going through a somewhat unbelievably tense situation right now. Maybe this isn’t the time for stereotypes and gunfire. The original “24” came along at precisely the right time, in late 2001. Maybe this “24” should try again later.”

Orlando Sentinel – “The new “24” benefits greatly from three veteran actors: Miranda Otto (“Homeland”) as a risk-taking intelligence officer, Jimmy Smits as her politician husband and Gerald McRaney as the politician’s affluent father. They bring gravitas to this violent story about a race to stop terrorists.”

Slate – “Kiefer Sutherland, with his gravelly voice and creepy calm, could really imbue a cheesy line with gravitas. Hawkins does not quite have the knack yet. The plotting recalls late-season 24 rather than early-season 24: In just four episodes, Carter and Ingram have undertaken two operations alone because they can’t trust anyone at CTU.”

Boston Herald – “I was ready to give up on “24: Legacy” during the premiere when it pulled an action stunt right out of the old Road Runner cartoons.”

Slant Magazine – “It remains to be seen whether Eric Carter will deepen as the series goes along; for now, though, Hawkins, like 24: Legacy itself, brings just enough intensity to get the heart-pounding job done.”

Las Vegas Weekly – “Seeing Jack go through the old motions in 2014 revival season Live Another Day had a certain nostalgic appeal, but without him Legacy is mostly just a pointless retread.”

Uproxx – “But this material has seen better days, and 24: Legacy makes clearer than ever how much Kiefer Sutherland was needed to sell it.”

The Salt Lake Tribune – “And if you’re a “24” fan, this will feel completely familiar. It seemed new and different 16 years ago. Today … it sort of feels like more of the same. Even without Jack Bauer.”

Under the Radar (4/10) – “Straight Outta Compton‘s Dr. Dre, Corey Hawkins, does a perfectly serviceable job in the thankless role of playing the new Jack, as do the other leads Jimmy Smits and Miranda Otto. But you’ll have more fun rewatching your season one DVD.”

RogerEbert.com – ““24: Legacy” is filled with decisions that make no sense and the writers seem entirely uninterested in commenting on real-life issues (for more of that, check out Showtime’s “Homeland,” and likely a dozen or so shows next fall).”
San Antonio Express – “What is new is a central cast that’s more diverse than ever, aptly reflecting the different faces that make up the real U.S. population. An African American hero, a strong female intelligence boss and her gay right-hand man, not to mention a Latino presidential candidate, are just part of the multicultural ensemble.”

News Observer – “The casting of Corey Hawkins (of “Straight Outta Compton” fame) as Carter is one of the things the new “24” gets right. Truth be told, producers had exhausted every story possible with Bauer – and then some. So, it’s good to start fresh, and there are several plot threads with the Carter character that leave you intrigued: his possible PTSD from his time in the Rangers; his odd back story with a fellow vet (played by Charlie Hofheimer), who is likely mentally ill; and Carter’s strained relationship with his wife, Nicole (Anna Diop).”

Herald-Dispatch.com – “I’m sure the executives at Fox thought bringing back a successful drama in a new incarnation with different characters that could possibly give birth to a fresh series run was a good idea. It isn’t. Jack Bauer and Sutherland were “24,” and without them, “24: Legacy” is nothing but an unnecessary cheap knockoff.”

The Buffalo News – “In the first three hours previewed, the new version has the same kind of tension, implausible moments and ridiculously complicated personal situations as the original series in which Kiefer Sutherland played counter-terrorism agent Jack Bauer of CTU. In other words, it should appeal to fans of the original who are willing to suspend disbelief as easily as Patriots fans who believe Brady didn’t ask footballs to be deflated a few seasons ago.”

NPR – “Devoted “24” fans may enjoy seeing the familiarity of the old series with a fresh talent like Hawkins in the lead. But for the rest of us, the first three episodes of “24: Legacy” will feel more like a missed opportunity, a chance for reinvention, which instead delivered a lot that we’ve seen before.”

Los Angeles Times – “The original “24” debuted just after 9/11. (It was in production well before.) Its heir also arrives at a brutal, delicate international moment, with Donald Trump’s own first counter-terrorism operation — also in Yemen, coincidentally — still lingering uncomfortably in the air, and the country divided over a travel ban that isn’t about Muslims but also isn’t about anyone who isn’t. I suppose some viewers will take “24: Legacy” virtually as a documentary, a catalog of real dangers, a pill to boost their paranoia. Others will see it as pulp with a topical gloss (“There may be an attack, baby – I need to do this … because right now I’m the only one I can trust”). And they will be right.”

St. Louis Post-Dispatch (2.5/4) – “Even without Jack Bauer, chances are America won’t be destroyed on Eric Carter’s watch. These days, it’s hard to be too certain about anything, but “24” is reassuringly still the series it always has been.”

Yahoo TV – “The opening real-time hour is pretty engaging — knottily plotted yet streamlined enough to hold the attention of football fans left burping on sofas across this great land on Sunday.”

Seat 42F – “My overall impression of 24: LEGACY is that the franchise is resilient and will fare just fine without its lead. As much as I hope Jack does return for future installments, the rest of the 24 ensemble has always been rotating, and the format works as long as the cast stays strong, which it does here. 24 isn’t the best show on TV, not by a long-shot, but it’s action-packed entertainment that gets your blood pumping, and as a fan or the original, I’m not disappointed at all by the latest incarnation.”

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So the “professional” reviews are mixed…we’ll see how big of an audience it attracts. What will be key is how many people tune in on Monday…and then the following Monday, etc. What I am afraid of is that the Tony Almeida character was brought into the story because after a few episodes they realized they needed some help.

I wonder how these reviews compare to the pre-broadcast reviews for 24: LAD?

Here is the 24: LAD premiere reviews post: https://www.24spoilers.com/2014/05/01/review-roundup-24-live-another-day-premiere/ Those reviews were overall generally more positive, but it was also a very different situation with the show returning after four years, being set in London, having the original lead and several returning characters (aka much more fan service). Hard to replicate that again.

I watched the first three episodes of Legacy and agree with the general consensus of these reviews – it’s the same 24 everyone is already familiar with for better or worse. I personally enjoyed it despite the flawed subplots/B-stories. Legacy has a lot of similarities to the first season of 24 which has always been my personal favorite. Would be happy to answer any specific questions.

Do the links to the original series feel relevant or are they just there for old fan bait?

There’s only a single link to the original series, a quick reference to Edgar Stiles in the first episode (one of the CTU analysts Mariana is related to him). Aside from that, no past characters or moments are mentioned or even hinted at in these first three episodes, which I consider a good thing.

My biggest fear was that the writers would go overboard with fan service and distract from the new characters, luckily that hasn’t been the case so far. Legacy is entirely self-contained and requires no knowledge of previous seasons.

Tony Almeida is back this season! So that is a connection to the past!

Justin Urciuoli
February 4, 2017 at 6:29 am
These reviews are based only on 3 or 4 episodes? So u cannot really judge the series based on 4 episodes when episodes 5-12 could hit it out of the park. Also 12 episodes this season, there will definitely be more action and less filler than 12 episodes.

Also this is season 1 of 24 Legacy, so it needs to feel like season 1 of 24 as its a new day for a new hero!

When 24 started in 2001, it did not start big, it got bigger in seasons after season 1. The same may happen with 24 Legacy!

The format is sturdy and unique and I think 24 Legacy will be enough of a success to return for season 2, especially since Fox is struggling in the ratings these days.

The first couple of episodes are arguably the most important though. If a viewer is not enjoying episodes 1-4, they’re probably not going to stick around to see whether it gets better in episodes 5-12.

Did you think Episodes 1-4 were good to make people stick around for 24 Legacy’s episode 5-12? Loyal fans should stick around as they will want to see Tony Almeida come back!

Justin Urciuoli
February 4, 2017 at 6:31 am
The flawed subplots B stories could always be part of the bigger story by the end of the season

The Tony Almeida character is only doing one episode according to IMDB ,

That is inaccurate, he is in more than one episode.

Justin Urciuoli
February 4, 2017 at 6:30 am
Also Tony Almeida was brought in organically into the story to finish/continue his story from 24 solitary. The producers always had plans to bring Tony Almeida back since filming 24 solitary 3 years ago. If they really needed help from original characters, they would have brought back other characters as well

Justin Urciuoli
February 4, 2017 at 6:33 am
Also 24 Legacy will be fresh. Here is what is fresh:

– CTU Headquarters- Prior CTU’s were branches of CTU
– New Cast
– 24 Legacy focuses on Isis, sleeper cells, radicalizing Americans, and PTSD (Contemporary)
– Same unique format
– 12 episodes as opposed to 24 episodes

For Jack Bauer or Chloe to return, 24 Legacy being a success, is the only chance unfortunately

“Same unique format/fresh”

Pick one.

How was the directorial style of the pilot episode? I was intrigued when I heard that Hopkins was going back to the long, theatrical shots like those in the early episodes of Season 1, however some of the shots from the trailer looked like a car commercial.

I realise that by episode 2, once Jon Cassar has got his mitts on it, it’ll be back to the same pedestrian, by-the-numbers stuff we’ve come to know and endure.

Nothing stood out unfortunately. It didn’t have the overhead/aerial shots or stylistic flair that I loved from the Hopkins 24 season 1 episodes. The pilot episode was more straight forward and in line with recent seasons of 24.

Cassar directed the second and third episodes.

The directing was bad?

No, not bad at all, just a very familiar feeling.

Justin Urciuoli
February 4, 2017 at 2:53 pm
Do you think the 1st 4 episodes had enough stuff to keep viewers interested to want to watch episodes 5-12? I know old and loyal fans will stick around just to see Tony Almeida. I am also optimistic that new fans will watch 24 Legacy for the first time ever! So it has the potential to do well especially since its an established brand, its getting the super bowl time slot, Monday night’s is a good time slot, and it will be fresh!

Also Fox does not have many hits right now, so as long as 24 Legacy does better than most of there other shows, it will definitely be renewed!

It’s not like 24 Legacy was a forced reboot by Fox either!

And if 24 Legacy does well that leaves the door open for Jack Bauer, Chloe and Kate Morgan to return one day!

It’s hard to say because the “loyal fans” are loyal to the old characters they’ve been watching for years, not these newly introduced characters that they’ve only been watching for an hour or two.

The first episode of 24: Legacy will almost certainly be the most watched episode of “24” ever since it’s airing directly after the Super Bowl. The second episode is guaranteed to have a massive drop off, but I think it when the ratings settle, it will perform better than most Fox shows and probably good enough to get renewed.

Justin Urciuoli
February 4, 2017 at 4:52 pm
Wouldn’t the return of Tony Almeida bring in loyal fans? If loyal fans want to see Tony Almeida they would have to stick around for most of the season in order to see Tony! It is not like they can wait til Tony comes into the story either or the fans would be lost. Or if they tuned in and then tuned out and then come back when Tony is back, they would be lost!

I do think 24 Legacy will bring in new viewers to the show!

I do expect a massive drop off in ratings, but I am optimistic the show will do better than most Fox shows! Fox and the producers love the format, so I expect a renewal as well!

I also expect future seasons will get even better than season 1 as the show finds its grove just like future seasons of 24 did! And ratings may grow in future seasons as it did with the original 24!

I think if 24 Legacy is a success this season, there could be a chance to see Jack Bauer, Chloe, Kate Morgan, etc in a future season, a TV movie or movie in theatres!

Justin Urciuoli
February 4, 2017 at 4:55 pm
I mean there are fans who are loyal to Tony Almeida who has been in the series since season 1! He is an old character who people love and would want to see his story from season 7 and 24 Solitary resolved!

Justin Urciuoli
February 4, 2017 at 4:58 pm
Also 24 Legacy is airing in the winter as opposed to 24 LAD which more viewers will be available than the summer months! People know the original creators are back and Kiefer Sutherland is Executive Producer!

And a lot of new viewers discovered the original 24 over the last 3 years through DVD’s and online!

It’s also good, the producers took their time on development and that 24 Legacy was organically thought of. Fox did not ask to bring back 24 and at first this idea never started out as a 24 Legacy series, just another thriller!

Justin Urciuoli
February 4, 2017 at 4:59 pm
Fox also takes into account DVR Ratings plus ON demand ratings! So I can see 24 doing well here too!

Justin Urciuoli
February 4, 2017 at 5:12 pm
There should also be old fans who loved the format of 24 tuning in! The best part is it is 12 episodes, there will be a time jump and less filler than 24 episodes!

I see Justin is still doing what he does best…pointless spamming.

Justin Urciuoli
February 4, 2017 at 6:43 am
It’s important to note, that Fox also takes into account DVR ratings and on demand ratings, Live + 3 ratings and Live + 7 ratings, not only same day ratings! So if 24 Legacy does not do as well in the same day ratings, it could grow substantially in DVR numbers just like Designated Survivor does!

Justin Urciuoli
February 4, 2017 at 6:49 am
24 season 1 started off slow in the ratings and was renewed due to the success of the series in England! 24 Legacy is airing in 160 countries, its a loved brand at Fox and with producers, it has the launch behind the superbowl, its an established brand, and 24 Legacy benefits as it will be watched by old, current and new fans!

Kiefer is still Executive Producer as well!

Justin Urciuoli
February 4, 2017 at 7:02 am
Also the whole CTU mole story will have a fresh spin on it. There maybe a mole or there may not be. The mole fits in the story this season as The army rangers get taken out from a leak in the government. The leak is a conspiracy. So the mole story had to be played with

Justin Urciuoli
February 4, 2017 at 7:03 am
The fact that 24 Legacy was never conceived as another 24 is a good thing! The original idea was another thriller series, not set in the 24 universe. It was not supposed to be another chapter of 24. No one asked the producers to bring a sequel to 24, it came along as Manny and Evan were discussing idea’s for their new show. As they were discussing idea’s they thought there new idea was perfect for the 24 world! So this came very natural. It was not forced like many reboots and remakes are!

That is the best trailer I have seen!

Justin Urciuoli
February 4, 2017 at 9:26 am
Another way 24 Legacy is fresh! Its relate-able to today!

To that end, Legacy also will hone in on how terrorism has changed domestically.
“Terrorism has changed since the show began,” said exec producer Evan Katz. “The big fear was large-scale attacks, and it has become something more that can arise in your neighborhood, with a lone wolf kind of guy. That’s something the show is dramatizing and extrapolating this year.”

A lot has changed since the original series launched in fall 2001, in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, and aired in the era of Al-Queda. 24: Legacy reflects the new realities of decentralized terrorist activities under ISIS. The 2001 24 was an instant hit, providing a hero in Jack Bauer when the nation needed one. “It is driven by a wish fulfillment character, a character we all wish we could be,” Grazer said.

24: Legacy comes out with another blue-collar hero at a time when there is an increased emphasis on reflecting all Americans, especially the often-neglected (by the networks) flyover states. “I think middle America will watch the show and they will feel a sense of escape and relief by watching it,” Grazer said.

A lot of the reviews I read, say 24 Legacy is fresh but very similar to season 1 of 24 in 2001 but updated for today’s times! This is awesome as 24 season 1 in 2001 was one of the shows strongest seasons along with 2, 3, 4,5 and 7! I’d be worried if it mirrored seasons 6, 8 or 9. But the very first season of any new series is always the best. And for 24 Legacy as the show continues to evolve and find its grove I am optimistic that for future seasons, the seasons will get way better like 24 did in future seasons past season 1! I am cautiously optimistic that our show could be around for a very long time to come!

Most reviews were positive! A lot of critics who have seen the original 24 loved 24 Legacy, along with some new critics who have never seen the show loved 24 legacy! The negative critics was not about the twists, turns, action, torture, format or freshness but more the politics which 24 is not about! With old fans, current fans and a new generation viewers who are going to watch this and with the superbowl time slot, plus a good Monday time slot for 12 weeks, ratings should do decent!

24 always had a very loyal and steady viewership so Legacy should continue that franchise

I also trust Kiefer, and all producers when they say the format is very sturdy and unique!

Howard Gordon, Manny Coto, Evan Katz, Jon Cassar, Brian Grazer, Stephen Hopkins, Kiefer Sutherland, and Bob Cochran, and Joel Surnow were all back for this! They all know what made 24 great in the past plus there mistakes that people did not love so they can improve on!

Eric Carter is very different than Jack Bauer too, so his story for future seasons will be fresh along with the other cast members!

CTU Headquarters, first time ever!

how good were the action scenes? anything stood out?

There’s a really cool hand-to-hand combat scene in the pilot episode where the music suddenly stops and it’s just them fighting and you really hear the impact of the punches and kicks. Kind of reminded me of the Jason Bourne movies. That fight ends with a creative kill too.

The first episode has the majority of the action scenes, after that there really isn’t very much action at all until the end of the third episode.

The show not having a lot of action especially in its first season when they are introducing characters and new stories is normal! Plus the normal seasons of 24 did not have a lot of action in every episode

With episodes 2 and 3 not having action or episode 4, are the episodes still intriguing? Why wouldn’t the episodes have action if it’s 12 episodes and there is supposed to be less filler?

Yes, the episodes were still intriguing despite the lack of action. There are interesting twists and turns and a lot of setup for future episodes. Henry Donovan is introduced in the second episode and will become a major part of the season.

I did not find it boring, just there’s not much action until the last five minutes of episode 3. The pacing is very similar to 24 Season 1 so far.

24 season 1 was awesome!

It would most likely pick up in action as the series goes on! What is the storyline for Tony Almeida?

Any other surprise old characters returning that they have not announced?

Who plays the President?

Thanks (:

Was it engaging and nail biting enough to keep viewers interested and wanting to come back for more episodes? Any cliffhangers?

Justin Urciuoli
February 5, 2017 at 6:13 am
Were there any cliffhangers? And was it engaging and nail biting for the first 4 episodes?! When do you get to review episodes 5-12?

What are you asking for, Justin? We thought you knew everything ahead of everyone else?

It is not inaccurate what I wrote , look on IMDB.COM yourself , Carlos Bernard ( Tony) is only on for one episode !
Sorry to break the bad news to all you Tony fans !

I didn’t mean that what you wrote is inaccurate, sorry if it came across that way. I am saying the IMDB listing is inaccurate. I know several things about Tony’s storyline in Legacy and I know for a fact that he’s in more than one episode. It’s not something Tony fans need to worry about :)

How many episodes is Tony in? What is Tony’s storyline? Any surprise appearances from old cast members not announced?

Ohhh, looks like something interesting’s gonna happen with Tony…

Ok, cool.
But why do they only list him for one episode ?

Because IMDB is analogous to Wikipedia – anyone can edit the content.

Dunno about you guys, but I’m so excited for legacy and yet I’m huge bauer fan.

A huge (:

A huge (:

why can’t I delete some of my shitty comments!? I repeated myself.

“obviously no spamming or excessive self-promotion”


Mixed reviews from TV critics about their reaction to 24: Legacy. Really hope it comes out on DVD soon and possibly on Blu-ray.

Justin Urciuoli
February 5, 2017 at 6:12 am
The mixed reviews have more to do with the politics of the show and not so much the story, suspense, action, twists and turns or cliffhangers that it brings!

I’m still going to check it but honestly when I look @ promo pics of Cory hawking I don’t get excited I get this board feeling. They pulled a Star Trek here by turning this spin off into every other show franchise that has done the same thing such as the Star Trek franchise or law & order. Only watching for tony tbh.

Justin Urciuoli
February 5, 2017 at 7:44 am
The Promo pics mean nothing! If you look at the trailers, they are very good!

Justin Urciuoli
February 5, 2017 at 7:45 am
New Interview with Manny Coto! 24 could be around for a very long time to come with new stories to explore in future seasons, they have never done before! http://www.poconorecord.com/entertainmentlife/20170204/qampa-with-24-producer-as-franchise-returns-after-super-bowl

For anyone who saying Justin is spamming, he is not, I 100% agree with him with what he has said, 24: Legacy is really fresh with new characters and also a new CTU with new storylines.

I am positive that 24: Legacy will do brilliant for FOX to pick it up for a second series and also Kiefer Sutherland could reprise his role as Jack Bauer and Legacy will last for more seasons.

I heard that the producers have planned for storylines that we haven’t seen before, at the moment only Tony Almeida is coming back, but more past characters could make a return in future seasons, who knows, Jack Bauer could me a surprise return in the series finale. :)

You writing style and comments are oddly similar to Justin’s….

In any event, whether you agree with him or not has nothing to do with his spamming. He has posted 34 of the 66 comments on this page, many of which aren’t even in response to anyone. It’s ludicrous.

I’m gonna agree with this

As much as I am as positive about 24 Legacy, there is difference between thoughtful posting and blatant spamming to get your view across – that too, to a very small audience

Justin Urciuoli
February 5, 2017 at 5:41 pm
Such a very positive review! http://www.seat42f.com/24-legacy-review.html


“In our minds, Jack is still in Russia, and we sure as heck want to get him out of there,” said Coto. “There’s nothing we’d like more than to link these two worlds and these two shows.”

Well that’s good to know but on kiefers part there seems to be a bit of sceptisisim or reluctance after he insulted his own show. Okay well maybe not insulted necessarily but took a dig @ it. His new show is not doing well so maybe he’ll come crawling back.