24: Legacy Episode 11 Ratings

Last night’s episode of 24: Legacy was seen by 3.18 million viewers and received an 0.8 in the 18-49 demographic which is steady with the previous week. Last week was a series low, so matching those ratings in the penultimate episode isn’t the greatest sign. But on the bright side, at least it didn’t drop.

FOX holds their upfront presentation on May 15th, so just a little over a month to go until we know Legacy‘s fate.

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Probably at a 55% chance it gets a second season, but we will see. Who knows. Any other show would get cancelled, but since FOX executives love this show and series, is the only thing keeping 24 alive for another season.

I believe FOX executives love money.

Legacy has nothing about 24’s greatest hits.

24 is a funny band, they’ve had more Greatest Hits albums than original studio albums.

Tony did it. Carlos Bernard brought the ratings and Tony saved 24 Legacy last night!

I hope for a second season, but the ratings are just to low… I mean 3 million viewers is really low and FOX’s main goal is MONEY! I hope that if there is a second season that Chloe will come back! I don’t really like Andy tbh.

April 11, 2017 at 8:45 pm
I don’t see any oomph with the characters. Even Donovan is flat.

Carter is salvageable, but unless they’re going to put him through some kind of personal situation that will turn him into a tough guy, 24 Legacy Season two will be the end.

I’m with some of you that we need to wrap up Jack, but hat has more to do with Keifer. He’s not interested in doing anything else to wrap it up.

Designated Survivor seems destined to go forward.

What ever happened to the 24 movie? That would do it, wouldn’t it?

If I remember correctly, Howard Gordon mentioned a while back that the movie format is way too restrictive for the kind of real-time storytelling, which they see fit. Which is why they choose to do LAD.

I can’t see a Season 2 coming.

If they bring the series back next year, they have to fire the writers and the cast, except for Carter and Tony. Give Tony a bigger role on this show. The story this year has been dull…too much rebooting from prior seasons. Even Chloe would be an upgrade. I would also love if Yvonne Strahovski came back, but I think she has moved on to new projects.

The writers are already tired, they can not come up with any fresh ideas

Fox should have started Prison break same time as 24 legacy and moved it to tuesday with less competition .having prison break at 8 and 24 at 9 where it always was would have greatly improved same day numbers

These ratings are abysmal for 24 standards. What’s worse–Tony had his first large role of the season and it made no difference. This indicates one thing: more people tuned in at Episode 7 out of curiosity, realized Tony’s character was garbage this season, and tuned back out.

I doubt the finale ratings will improve much, if at all.

My, how 24 has fallen.

April 12, 2017 at 8:17 am
As this was set in Washington DC, an Aaron Pierce cameo would have been neat. Oh well. Missed opportunity.

Bluetooth Group
April 12, 2017 at 1:27 pm
Or at least bring back Janeane Garofalo to reprise her role as Janis Gold, instead of that boring edgar stiles cousin.

The main question would be if there is any interest in producing another season with Corey Hawkins as the lead? I really don’t know what kind of story you would tell.

Bluetooth Group
April 12, 2017 at 4:30 pm
If it does come back. No on Eric Carter or any of this cast returning. I would prefer them going back to LA CTU with a full 24 episodes. Half in the fall, half in the spring. Also, stop the foreign terrorists plots. No more middle eastern baddies. Find someway to tie up the series in a nice ribbon.

Sorry/not sorry for being racist but I say no more middle easterners period! We’ve had middle easterners in every season for the past 10 years now. Also… how about no CTU at all? Jack, Tony, Chloe and Bill running their own little rogue CTU in the first few episodes of Season 7 was a neat concept, that the lazy cunts chose to shelve in favour of getting Jack back in with the government.

The problem with 24 repeating itself, is that if you insist on putting the same pieces on the board you end up playing the same game.

My idea for a final season would be: An open contract has been put out by a rogue government agency: kill Jack Bauer and his family within the next 24 hours. Jack must unravel the mystery of who wants his family dead, while dodging gangs, mercenaries and professional killers eager to fulfill the contract… but as the day goes on, Jack discovers that many of the parties attempting to kill him are being killed off themselves, and it soon becomes apparent that someone with a very personal grudge wants the competition out of the way to clear the way for a final showdown to kill Jack themselves.

Who would you cast to play “Jack” because Kiefer is NOT coming back.

That’s just a hypothetical IF they could get Le Kief back for 1 more. And they wouldn’t go with that plot anyway, because stopping attacks, uncovering the mole, falling foul of the government and disappearing would likely be what they’d go for.

That’s kinda similar to the plot of John Wick 2. I like that idea a lot though!

Thank you 24 Spoilers! I’m going to watch John Wick this weekend.

Great idea. I would totally watch that.

Tony is the interest 4 24 Legacy ratings

If next week truly is the end of 24, I’m okay with that, it’s had a great run, when the show originally ended in 2010, we were only hoping for a possible 2 hour movie, and we ended up getting 2 12 episode seasons . I accepted the fact that many characters such as Jack and Mandy won’t likely get proper closure. A franchise being stretched almost 16 years is pretty amazing.

They should have set the premise to be on a mission in the Middle East, maybe Afganistan or Iran where the rangers led by Carter were going into raid an army strong hold to retrieve some prisoners captured by Isis… they could have replaced ctu with a command out post supplying intel… they could have had a corrupt intel agent being paid by Iran or Russian, if they felt they needed to do the whole trader from within.

Bottom line… it should not have been tied to the Bauer series… just the same 24 hr period thing. This would have given it the fresh look they need.

They could have even had a Bauer cameo at the very end as he gets news from his Russian captors that he will be released and traded for a trader the Americans caught working for the Russians in the army command post. This would give Bauer’ story a good closure and created a new style for 24.