24: The Movie

Kiefer Talks 24 Movie on Rachel Ray Show

Kiefer Sutherland appeared on The Rachel Ray Show and spoke a bit about the recently delayed 24 movie. YouTube Link: Kiefer Sutherland update on 24 movie (4/5/12) (thanks Catherine) “When the show ended, there were two very difficult moments for me. One was kind of saying goodbye to that character. But in the back of… View Article

Howard Gordon Access Hollywood Interview

Howard Gordon on 24 movie

Howard Gordon was interviewed about the upcoming second season of his great Showtime series Homeland and the 24 movie. Skip to 2:25 for the 24 stuff if you don’t want any Homeland spoilers – have also written a transcript below. We were racing to get this thing done. And Kiefer is out promoting Touch. And… View Article

FOX says “no set date” for 24 movie

Entertainment Weekly has gotten a brief quote from FOX representative which says there is still “no set date” – meaning it could go into production earlier or later than 2013. Per a rep at Fox, the film has not been delayed to 2013. In fact, there is still no set date for filming to begin… View Article