24 Season 8 Promo: Time’s Up

New promo tonight which centers around Jack’s family. It also has a brief scene of Renee getting slapped. I’m looking forward to adding that idiot to Renee’s kill tally on WalkerCount.com ;)

YouTube Link: 24 Season 8 “Time’s Up” Promo (HD)


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[..YouTube..] Fucking cylon douchebag slapping Renee like that, I hope he gets owned with some chopsticks by Starbuck again.

[..YouTube..] I am also pissed about the Renee slap but that guy looks like he will make an awesome villain.

[..YouTube..] Looked more like a punch then a slap. I hope Jack wastes that guy good.

[..YouTube..] NOOO! RENEE!!! And ouch, I wonder if when they were acting that was real. I’d hate to be Annie in this case ;-)

[..YouTube..] Hahaha very creative promo :) ”Time’s up” :P Nice, season 8 will be awesome:)

[..YouTube..] I hope there’ll be lots of Renee action this season! She’s gonna be amazing! Sooo excited for the new season!


[..YouTube..] Ouch! Poor Renee!

a mi me molesta que hayan agredido a renee de una forma cobarde ojala que jack bauer la salve y que mate a ese bandido

[..YouTube..] This promo makes it look like , when Jack tells Kim he wants to move back with her, Kim gives a look like “NO” , so Kim has to go through elaborate lengths to stop him , blowing shit up and causing chaos.

[..YouTube..] Kim got a kid?! Since when?! Boy have I been missing out…

[..YouTube..] Spoilers below:

We saw Kim’s daughter last season briefly when she was still just a baby.

[..YouTube..] Paul Wesley! ♥

[..YouTube..] @BrandonGK That makes perfect sense.. I’ve been on season two for the longest time.. I love 24 so addicting.

[..YouTube..] @webkinzpolarbear123 LOL. I KNOW, RIGHT? awkward.