Jack and Renee romance spoiler from TV Guide

Jack Bauer and Renee Walker kiss in 24 Season 8 Episode 17
Jack Bauer and Renee Walker kiss in 24 Season 8 Episode 17

TV Guide (April 12-18) by David Hochman:

“It’s the only intimate scene Jack has ever had,” Kiefer Sutherland says of the upcoming hookup between his 24 character and FBI Agent Renee Walker (Annie Wersching). After a season of sexual tension, Jack goes to Renee’s apartment for some very personal, er, debriefing while the rest of the world focuses on tensions in the Middle East. There’s shedding of the clothes, a scene in front of the window, and “somebody’s watching them,” Sutherland says.

Well that all sounded pretty decent and then went to complete shit with those last three words. I think it’s pretty clear who is “watching them” (read: the sniper from promo) and what happens based on the episode 17 and episode 18 press releases. Say it ain’t so Renee!


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Maybe it wont be so bad. Maybe it’s Chloe who’s watching. :P

Yeah, the first part is fabulous….. it just better not be a sniper, that’s all :-) But let’s think positively, people!

Don’t dare kill her !

Ugh I want Renee in the movie… perhaps she’ll only be injured?

OH MY GOD ! I mean NO if they dare kill her ….
and YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS FINALLY if Jack and Renée shed the clothes and she makes it to the end and the movie ! I mean come on the sexual tension between these 2 it’s about freaking time….

ah man I can’t wait

They better not kill Renee. That would make me almost not even want to watch the rest of the season.

I hope Alan Wilson has her killed. That would own… The return of the master mind of 24 Alan Wilson

this makes me pee my pants with excitement and fear all at once.

i mean, for goodness sake, it’s about time. ever since renee came into the picture they’ve been having eye-sex like it’s their JOB. and, let’s just add the PHOTO OF THE PROMO FOR NEXT WEEK and now we’ve got it confirmed that they are DOING MORE THAN JUST A KISS.. i mean, whoa, i would have been happy with just the kiss, but that’s just me. ;D

me, being a naturally-born optimist (at times where it’s a blessing and a curse) i’m trying to think positively about this situation. no, i am not taking into account of that sniper that was shown in the promo. promos and writers can do that to ya; they like to mess with the viewers’ minds. SO let’s think positively, people. maybe… maybe… d’ummm…. well, gahh… oooookaaaay so i don’t really have an answer BUT i don’t think renee is going to get shot; you would think she had something to do with the season finale, no? also i heard somewhere that she wanted to do the movie, so i’m sure she’s in that….

anyway. the freeze-frame of them about to totally eat each other’s face is the wallpaper on my computer. :) happy happy joy joy.

hmmm I’m hoping for the best. If Renee were going to be killed, I don’t know if Keifer would be so obvious about it and tell the audience: a scene in front of the window, and “somebody’s watching them.” Didn’t they say that later in the season Chloe would be doing something that viewers would find controversial? Maybe she is the one that sees them and gets a bit jealous. I don’t know, I’m reaching for anything that will keep Renee alive, lol. I’d be really mad if they don’t let Jack have some happiness in the last season.

And how could this be in Renee’s apartment? She is just visiting New York; it would have to be Jack’s place.

btw, according to Annie’s twitter, it appears that at the very least she filmed the episode that airs on 4/19 which means she should at least survive one more week beyond ep. 17.

She was off by a week due to the 2 hour ep….so she meant next week.

However, I agree with your point about Kiefer. If this was the big shocker they are referring to, then why is he being so obvious about it in this interview? Doesn’t make sense.

Renee and Jack is the best thing about season 8. If they kill Renee, this season is going to go down the shit-hole.

Wahhhhhhhh…. They can’t kill Renee.. maybe they’ll do one of those weird things like they did with Tony, make it look like she died and she’ll come back later. I HAVE AN IDEA! If they kill Renee, tell everyone you know not to watch 24 until they bring her back, and tell them to tell that to everyone else. ;)

At Annie Wersching’s IMDB page, she’s credited all the way through the next few episodes, at least to the episode that ends at 12:00 noon of the season. Either the writers are screwing with us by editing her IMDB page, or she’s in the majority of the coming episodes…also, it doesn’t list her as being in any f the episodes she missed earlier in the season, so it can’t be a case of “let’s just list all the episodes of the season on her page.”

Not that I’m desperate to believe that she’ll survive, or anything…

I’ll be sad if Renee dies but it won’t ruin the season, Jack Bauer is 24!

Its that drone guy who’s watching them, with his drones

please don’t kill renee..she’s the only reason i watch this show again..

According to IMDB.com renee is in all the remaining episodes left in the season. IMDB could be wrong but they predicted correctly when omar hassan would be killed off cause I checked a week ago before last nights episodes.

IMDB had Annie listed in the episodes that she didn’t appear in a few weeks back before they aired. I think before they air, IMDB credits the main cast all 24 episodes, so nothing is revealed.

Although Renee might get shot, its unlikely that she will die. I mean, they just killed Hassan, its unlikely that there would be 2 silent clocks in a row. At this point, killing off major characters is no longer shock value, its just annoying. Whats the point of putting cool characters that everyone likes in the show if your going to kill them off after a season.

Plus, would they really announce a spoiler like that ahead of time.

I don’t think Renee is going to be killed. Remember what she tweeted about April 19th:
Annie Wersching (Renee Walker):
All I have to say is I can’t wait for April 19th!!! That’s when you’ll see the amazing stuff being shot today..remember these tweets then!!!

I’m pretty sure that April 19 date got moved up to April 12, ’cause at that point, Annie didn’t know about the double hour ep we just had. So now, that’s this upcoming episode. I really can’t imagine her being excited about dying though, so that’s possibly a good sign!

I think the writers should know that we’re all thinking she’s going to die, so they should try to be surprising and NOT kill her!

^yeah, she actually tweeted today that she had meant April 12th, not 19th because she didn’t know about the double episode at the time. At the same time though, I can’t imagine her being excited about her character dying. I think if that were the case she wouldn’t enjoy toying with fans so much about the future episodes of the show; she would likely just remain quiet about it if she knew she would bite the bullet soon. So I’m trying to remain cautiously hopeful, haha.

stella di trapano
April 7, 2010 at 5:49 am
For me…somebody will kidnap Renee….I remember a photo of Rodney Charters with Marci Michelle dressed with Renee’s clothes tied on a table…
will see!

I hope to God they don’t kill Renee, I know Jack’s a tragic hero, but he has to have some happiness.

But the rest the parts where their getting it on is AWE-SOME :D can’t wait.

“shedding of the clothes…”
Too much good-ness!! :D

YAY for the first part…it’s been my hope and dream since last season for them two to hook up!! but NOOOO for the last part. I swear if they kill Renee I will stop watching!

Wow, I mean the way this season is about to finish is SUPERB!

I can’t wait to find out if Renee lives or dies next week!

Is it possible that the sniper IS watching them, and DOES shoot at the room but instead of killing Renee, he injures her, possibly really badly?

I mean that would allow for her to continue on with the series, at least for some more episodes, and also give a reason for Jack to “pursue justice”.

Just a thought, though I have a feeling it’s going to be very bad news to most of 24 fans next week.

Don’t die Renee !! I hope she has her bullet proof vest on while she is doing the nasty with Jack.

At least in the one scene, the sniper is shooting at a moving target, so I am curious as to what that may imply for Renee.

I also think it would be a bit much to kill Hassan last week and Renee this week. I mean, can we keep some people we actually like?

I agree with SayItIsntSo….it is not even shocking anymore. Hassan only worked because of the way they did it and the fact that he was a different character. Meaning, not a “regular” like the others they have killed – Bill, Michelle, Tony, etc.

Perhaps I am just in denial…

I think it won’t e anything like that. I think they will be going after his family in LA. Something to do with his granddaughter or Kim.

maybe the bullet was mean’t for renee after all. one can hope.

Also take a look at how the sniper is firing. He is firing downward and at a moving target. So I think she will be safe

kill her. too back jack is gonna get sloppy seconds though. yuk. and some of you girly goos here seem pretty sexually frustrated. i would suggest you go out and get some of your own and stop living your sexual fantasy through a tv show

lol dana u mad?

jack/cole fan
April 7, 2010 at 7:49 pm
pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeze kill Renee. I can’t stand her…couldn’t stand her last season, either. Jack/Renee makes no sense. And them making out in the promo was gross gross gross…

>jack/cole fan
>jack/renee makes no sense

…um, what.

Apparently there was too much Renee love so here come the Renee haters/Jack/Audrey shippers.

@Jack/Cole fan: face it Cole sucks. What did he do all season, dump a redneck in a swamp and then shoot a machine gun with worse aim than Hellen Keller before Renee had to step in and save them. Freddie Prinze Jr is a terrible actor and his NY accent is totally crap (listen to him pronounce “ellavadaz” in ep12). And are you saying you don’t want Jack/Renee to make out but you want Jack/Cole to make out instead? Eww.

i hate audrey/jack..that’s 4 sure..if not 4 renee i won’t watch this show ever..i love jack/renee chemistry..either they’re partner or love interest..love them both..

i was just looking at fox.com 24 spoiler forum and alot of people in january were saying renne will only appear in 19 episodes and shes already missed 5. 24-5 is 19 lol so i guess shes gonna survive.


Well, bottom line is that it is all speculation.

My main hope at this point is that they are making it as obvious as they can that she is going to get killed; so that, in itself, gives me hope that she survives. XD

Naseer Ahamd Oriakhail
April 8, 2010 at 7:33 am
I think Jack’s grand daughter was watching them…haha

Does anyone else think that sex in about 17 hours of seeing someone is terribly too soon? Frankly speaking i thought that the most they would go is a kiss in episode 24

jack/cole fan
April 8, 2010 at 2:39 pm
Jeffrey, you are entitled to your own opinion…I like Cole and you don’t. Whatever. :) But my “Jack/Cole” title just means I am a fan of both characters. (I do not want Jack and Cole together, eeeew. Sorry if that’s what it seemed like)

This season is chock full of unlikable characters, but I liked Freddy Prinze Jr’s character. I don’t think he’s the greatest actor ever, but at least he doesn’t make me want to throw my chips and dip at the TV, like others.

I wrote jack/Renee because I was simply too lazy to type “Jack AND Renee.” Get my drift?

And his NY accent is definitely not the worst I’ve heard (and I am a native of NY)

Oh yeah…and to clarify…I dislike Renee AND I thought Audrey was awful. Aagain, just my opinion :)

Wow Renee. Two different men in one day. Standing naked in front of a window always ends badly.

I don’t think I could handle Renee’s death. So hopefully if anything she is injured and not killed. Someone also mentioned kidnapping. I would’t mind that if it ends happy for Jack and Renee at the end of the day. I want to see Jack happy. Really happy. Really happy with Renee. I love her. She and Taylor are my favorites. I have watched every season and I have never liked one of Jack’s ladies like I do her. Please don’t kill her. I think I would stop watching. Plus, Renee has already gotten a silent clock. I would hate for one to be real for her. Let Jack be happy! Let Jack and Renee get lucky!

Okay, I looked on IMDB- Annie Wersching is scheduled to be in every single episode of this season, all the way up to numba 24. So unless they decide to drag out Renee’s death for eight hours (highly unlikely) we will most likely just have Arlo or some other creeper watching, and instead get eight hours of romance. (yay!)

K.S said it’s the *ONLY* intimate scene they have. Uh oh another clue that may end in tragedy :'( I’m gonna cry at the finale.

Don’t despair. He said the only intimate scene that Jack has ever had, meaning over the 8 years. Plus, I think he means that we are gonna see waaaay more than a kiss, which I don’t really need to see to be honest. But I don’t think he meant anything else by it.

Don’t get me wrong. I am still very worried that she will not make it out of Day 8. :(

please dont last

boom, dead :S, one of the bad deaths, so far, has not served a purpose, but it’s too early to tell, it might be Jack’s trigger!