Kiefer Sutherland’s “The Confession” Premieres

Hulu has just put The Confession online. You’ll need to have a Hulu account in order to view it because of “mature themes”. And of course Hulu is US only… Here are the embed links:

The Confession – Chapter 1 (6:48)

The Confession – Chapter 2 (7:02)

The Confession – Chapter 3 (6:18)


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Grr!! This makes me angry that it’s only available in the US. I hope they follow through with their promise about releasing it worldwide on a later date. Fingers crossed…


@Yoda Good job, you have done. My gratitude, you have.

Unfortunately, it was deleted, try this one

for episode 2 and 3 it’s still on You Tube

For those who may complain that some steal the work of the authors, director…etc…It’s free on Hulu, as far as I’m concern, I can’t wait, but I certainly will buy the DVD.