It’s Official – Jon Cassar To Executive Produce & Direct 24: Live Another Day

Jon Cassar at 24 Finale Screening
Jon Cassar

Howard Gordon continues to put the 24 gang back together for the upcoming event series. Jon Cassar has signed on to executive produce and direct multiple episodes of 24: Live Another Day, including the first two episodes. Cassar was a producer/director on the series from seasons 2 to 7 – he directed 59 episodes including the TV movie 24: Redemption and won two Emmys and a DGA award for the series.

“I’m very happy to be renewing my relationship with the 20th Century Fox TV and Imagine family and am excited to call ‘action!’ again on the set of the resurrected 24,” Cassar said. “Considering I was not involved in (the final) season 8, this new 24 event series gives me the chance for closure on a show that is very important to me.”

Said Gordon, “Jon was a profoundly integral part of 24 creatively and culturally. It doesn’t feel like it would be 24 without him, and we’re all just really thrilled to be working with him again.” Cassar is the third 24 alum to join 24: Live another day, joining Gordon and David Fury. Several others are in the process of making deals, including co-creator Bob Cochran, Evan Katz and Manny Coto.

Cassar’s recent credits include Continuum, Person of Interest, Revolution, Terra Nova and Fringe and he directed and produced the mini-series The Kennedys, which also garnered him a DGA award. He is with Paradigm and Industry Entertainment.

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Fantastic news – with all the key people back on board it looks like we are in for one hell of a ride next May!

THANK GOD! Missed him a lot in Day 8!

Too little, too late, I needed the guy as an Executive Producer outside the writing board in S8 before the writers completely damaged the show for me.

Ozgur dude, one even wonders why you bother showing up here because it seems you’ve already written this upcoming new (limited) series off… before they’ve even written a word yet!

I really liked Season 8 (especially the dynamite last third), but Jon Cassar was definitely missed, so it’s great to hear both him and co-creator Bob Cochran are back for this. Don’t know about the “closure” remark though, if ‘Live Another Day’ turns out like gangbusters, I’m hoping for a couple more limited series before Kiefer hangs up his man-bag for good!

Too little, too late, Dude I agree with Mander Why would you say it’s late when they are clearly doing an excellent Job on reuniting the Key people that made this show what it is & is today. All tho season 8 didn’t have Jon it was still good. Jon is a important part of this he is crucial in this creative direction for this in particular I get the feeling there will be sequels as this 24 team comes together…. Why would you even bother saying something like this when clearly you already have a negative opinion About this when we don’t even know what the story is about… Jon coming Back will make the series better. So why bash something you haven’t seen yet.

For me, I don’t see anything to get excited about. The same writing board who ran the show into creative bankruptcy will still be in be in charge, Jack “Woe is me” Bauer will wallow in his tired existential angst once again and Chloe the Pouty will return with her constipated glory. And any new character with some potential will probably thrown away as a cheap plot device just to fuel Jack’s neverending angst.

I am passing 24:LAD until I read some reviews from some critics I value their opinions (the ones that do not equate the show’s quality to how many people Jack butchers up in predictable cliche driven plots)

If You’ve watched the series at all when has Jack ever been A “Woe is me” character Never not once he’s been broken yes. But you make it sound as if he was someone who wanted people to feel sorry for him…. If I may be so bold your judging something we haven’t seen yet in this new light…. Jack is a fugitive I think he’s going to be running as appose to saving…. I’m really not sure what your argument is because you don’t sound like your a fan. I don’t think were going to see Jack saving the world I think it’s going to be more about him & the fact that he’s a fugitive….. & really saving himself. But don’t come on here & bash something you haven’t seen wen we don’t even know what this story is about… Don’t ruin things for no reason When your argument remains invalid especially when we haven’t seen trailers or all the above for that matter.

I don’t really care what Jack expects the audience to feel about him. What I saw in eight seasons was the writers, the directors and Kiefer practically made a career out of fetishising one’s emotional pain ad nauseaum to drive their tired plots. No one should expect me to take this character seriously after 8 years of this recycled tragic nonsense which devolved the show into an emotional manipulation of the audience. I have only so much emotions to spare for a fictional character, sorry.

>>>> you are not a fan.
I am a viewer who watched the show in order from the start while it was being aired on TV. I did not know one also had to be a fan (whatever that means) for his/her opinions to hold more weight than so called fans.

>>> Jack as a fugitive
So what really? Jack trying to save himself does not mean anything for me. The man is guilty as charged, he is not running away to prove his innocence or for some other purpose. He is running away for what really, what is even out there to live for at this moment? The writers even managed to make Jack’s very existence meaningless at the end of S8.

>>> When your argument remains invalid especially when we haven’t seen trailers or all the above for that matter.

Maybe you should tell the same thing to your fellow ‘fans’ too. You know the ones who seemed already convinced that 24:LAD will be great without even knowing what it will be about.

Okay well clearly you’ve over time haven’t been happy with the way the show turned out. BTW fans know it’ll be great because they know the writers aren’t afraid to push the stories to their limits They’ve seen what they’ve done with 24. If your not as invested in the show as you might of been when it first started maybe you should move on to something else instead of bashing the idea of it’s return.The fact that it even is returning shows that fans & the 24 staff are still invested in the show. Anyone who’s stuck with the show would counter your argument. & quite possibly disagree… Clearly this show doesn’t mean a whole lot to you as it once did. You have stated the following assumption that is wayyyyy off. You make it sound like they had one goal in mind while making the show. Their goal was to make the best possible show they could & they did that’s why fans still care. So have the common curtsey for people who are still fans & quite trying to ruin the excitement for this show… you clearly don’t care about the show anymore in general.