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Which characters from 24: Legacy would you keep or cut?

After the finale we posted a bunch of polls asking what you thought, one of them was about this season’s cast. Here are the results of that poll (6,793 votes so far):

If 24: Legacy is renewed, should it keep the same cast?

The vast majority of you seem to agree that some characters are worth keeping around and developing further, while other characters should be replaced entirely. So now is your chance to tell us exactly which characters should be kept or cut.

Take a few minutes to think about which characters (if any) you connected with, what role they played in the first season, and if you believe they should return in a potential second season.

Here are the nine surviving characters from the regular cast:

Eric Carter
Nicole Carter
Isaac Carter
Keith Mullins
Mariana Stiles
Andy Shalowitz
John Donovan
Henry Donovan
Nilaa Mizrani

Guest stars:
Thomas Locke
Tony Almeida

You can copy and paste the list above and then add “Keep” or “Cut” next to their names, ideally with an explanation why.

Feel free to be even more specific if you’d like – for example, you might think that one of those regulars should be kept around but in a smaller guest star role. Or you might think that one of the guest stars should be given a more prominent role and promoted to series regular.

This could serve as interesting feedback for the producers if the show manages to get renewed next month.


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Here’s mine.

Eric Carter – has potential, I think Corey did a good job with what he was given.
Andy Shalowitz – one of the only new characters I liked. There wasn’t a whole lot to his character but I think Dan Bucatinsky elevated it a bit.
Keith Mullins – did almost nothing all season, but I like Teddy Sears. And with Rebecca out of the picture and not hogging his spotlight anymore, I think the character has potential. He could be Bill Buchanan 2.0.
Thomas Locke – same as above, mostly I like the actor and he seems believable as a field agent.

Tony Almeida – has no relationship with any of these characters, I don’t see how he can fit into the story without it feeling like blatant fan service. I’d like to see a team up and a redemptive arc, but we were supposed to get both of those things this season. Just not confident in these writers, they’d probably screw him up even further.

Sidra – If Tony returns, she’s sort of a package deal.

John Donovan – I’m sure he’d be a lock if it were renewed, but I simply don’t care about this character at all. I’d rather see a completely new President without the baggage of his character.
Henry Donovan – cut, should hopefully be in prison
Nicole Carter – eh, maybe a cameo or guest star role via phone call in the premiere similar to Kate Warner in S3.
Isaac Carter – this character grew on me, but don’t really see how he can factor into a second season at all. They couldn’t even fit him into the finale.
Mariana Stiles – useless
Nilaa Mizrani – even more useless than Mariana

24 Spoilers, I 100% agree with your choices!

I agree with you but I think they should keep John Donovan. Maybe Issac can be a cameo some how.

Keep -Eric Carter it would be cool to see him as a CTU agent. I would like to see more of his story.
CUT-Nicole Carter she would probably not have that much imapct of the story plus she only had a little impact in the the first half of the season.
CUT- Isaac Carter not fully cut but maybe a cameo.
Keith Mullins
CUT-Mariana Stiles If they can find use for her than keep her if not they should cut the charecter.
Keep-Andy Shalowitz I liked Andy he had a good story in the show. The actor made me really like him.
Keep-John Donovan- I know this would be simular to season 2 but I think it would be cool to see him as POTUS here. They should give hime more charecter. The actor is good.
CUT- Henry Donovan he should be in prision
CUT-Nilaa Mizrani- she was only usefull in the begging then she was useless later. (If they keep her maybe she can be Johns Chief of Staff.

Guest stars:
Keep-Thomas Locke- I like the actor.
Keep- Tony Almeida- Tony is so bad ass. He been on 24 for a long time and I would like to see him again.
Sidra- she can continue being tonys assistant

Also, I just voted on the poll and I chosen >>>>> Keep some characters, replace others!

April 20, 2017 at 7:04 pm
Tony Almeida – One of the longest running characters in 24’s history, he’s a complex character who deserves much better than to be relegated to a bunch of short meaningless appearances. He should have a central and driving role in the plot.

Sidra – We know exactly nothing about her, but because she’s affiliated with Tony, there is a lot of potential for an interesting dynamic here. Tony’s been with extremely dangerous women (Nina Myers, Cara Bowden) before but he’s also been with good-hearted ladies. It’s hard to tell where exactly Sidra stands, but she did show concern over their mission to bring Ara to a black site. So there is lots of potential here for either morally grey, secretly evil or entirely good intentions and personality.

Eric Carter – Please don’t put him in situations where we think “Oh that’s just like when Jack was in that same situation, except Jack did it better.” You have to define Eric by having him do his own shit, cause if you keep drawing comparisons to Jack, he will naturally fail to find his own fan base.

Andy Shalowitz – The actor made me like this character. Even brought a tiny bit of humour to Legacy.

Thomas Locke – Was severely underused in Legacy, considering he was the head of field ops.

Mariana Stiles – Maybe give her a story where she dies in some glorious devastating terrorist attack, cause she just happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe Tony hears of her name and thinks to himself “Is she related to Chloe’s fat friend I worked with for one day?” I don’t know.

John Donovan – Jesus christ, stop wasting talented actors, without developing their characters in a meaningful way. Jimmy Smits is fantastic, give him SOMETHING. Get him involved in some real interesting shit, instead of “My father is being stubborn and I’m troubled about him being interrogated” all season. It’s really the way they handled the Henry Donovan storyline that dragged down this entire side of the plot. It went nowhere. Henry could be written out of the season and it wouldn’t matter, because it didn’t lead to Jadalla’s apprehension anyway. If John wins the election, let Jimmy Smits show is acting skills, have him face some seriously difficult decisions. And let him make the wrong decision now and then and deal with the fallout. Just something.

Henry Donovan – ONLY because Gerald McRaney is a great actor. No more “I’m stubbornly holding back information” please. Just a compelling story, if you’re capable of it. If not, then don’t bother bringing him back.


Everybody else – I don’t know them, I don’t care to get to know them. Nicole is actually a decent character, I like her, but she would always just be in Eric’s and the story’s way. So there is no reason for her to be in it, unless she suddenly became an agent, too and teamed up with Eric, which would be silly. Isaac is okay, too. I like him, but again, he’d just be in the way of the story. If Eric keeps calling up his family, he’s not going to be focused on his mission.


Aaron Pierce – John Donovan wins the election and who is right there by his side? Yup, it’s Aaron Pierce serving as secret service agent, still after all these years. Cause some people just have a calling in life, they cannot walk away from.

Aaron is probably geriatric by now. :(


Eric Carter – the story revolves around him; I liked his character having a macho attitude, but at the same time deviate from the Jack Bauer route. Plus Corey Hawkins is a good actor.
Keith Mullins – If there is a season 2, we might see Mullins coming into his role as CTU; in the vein of George Mason or Bill Buchanan.
Andy Shalowitz – he had some good moments in the series, but I still believe he can be a useful character as the show progresses.
Mariana Stiles – same as Andy: I believe she can be useful as the show progresses
Henry Donovan – the actor is good, and Gerald McRaney did a great job with the part but I never saw him as a full-on villain in the way Sherry Palmer was, but he could come back for a cameo or a guest starring arc as his character was glimpsed to fully comprehend what his actions caused and might seek redemption.
There was a CTU technician that they brought on for two episodes toward the finale where she was brought onboard by Andy for deciphering the meaning of “East July”. It was a crucial development that the character should’ve been involved and brought into the fold, so I hope she continues in season 2 (Legacy Day 2, or 24 Day 11) as a recurring character.
Tony Almeida – I really liked the direction change for Tony in season 7, but the switch into him being a mercenary-like character was pretty much an overkill. If they bring him back into the CTU fold, I hope they give him a good redemptive send-off.
John Donovan – great acting by Jimmy Smits; killed me in the final moments when
he lied to the FBI agent
, but could be seen in a redemptive light as show progresses.

Get rid of
Sidra – let’s get this off the bat right now: useless (Carter should’ve just killed her instead of wounding)
Nicole Carter – this isn’t a total get rid of, but more use as background character/cameo. She was useful in the beginning; but went downhill from there.
Issac Carter – same as Nicole.
Thomas Locke – sorry but he didn’t impress me that much
Nilaa Mizrani – reduced to cameo; didn’t do anything beyond the character being framed

Bluetooth Group
April 21, 2017 at 5:07 pm
No need for spoilers tags after the finale aired 4 days ago.

Carter and Tony, plus some from the original series (Mike Novick would be a good character to bring back). I wouldn’t mind seeing Chloe (although I know a lot of people are tired of her).

Also, Fox just announced that the X-Files is returning. That might decrease 24’s chances of coming back (or it will return in a new timeslot).

Also, Kim, Aaron, and Martha would be good characters to bring back. And Mandy in a cameo. :D

keep THE Almeida and Sidra and CUT the REST

KEEP: Eric Carter and Tony Almeida if they’re going to work together. CUT: Isaac and Nicole Carter.

Eric Carter-KEEP He is the new Jack Bauer hero character.
Nicole Carter-KEEP In a reduced role. I didn’t much like what they did with her this season, but I figure Eric Carter has to have a love interest and it might as well be his wife.
Isaac Carter-CUT The character is really not needed anymore, at least not as a central character. I wouldn’t mind if he were brought back as a guest star because I liked the actor.
Keith Mullins-KEEP With Ingram out of the way, this character has potential, and it’s nice to have a veteran Special Agent in Charge of CTU.
Mariana Stiles-CUT Character had little to no effect on the plot this season.
Andy Shalowitz-KEEP CTU needs at least one veteran desk jockey, and this character actually did some interesting stuff this season.
John Donovan-KEEP I like Jimmy Smits, and he should be the president next season.
Henry Donovan-CUT Character is no longer necessary, has served his purpose.
Nilaa Mizrani-CUT Character is no longer necessary, has served her purpose.

Guest stars:
Thomas Locke-CUT Character didn’t do much this season, and next season Eric Carter should replace him as head of field ops. I would actually be somewhat inclined to keep him, but I’m thinking head of field ops is where Eric Carter belongs and it would be tough to rationalize keeping him around if his job’s taken by the star of the show.
Tony Almeida-KEEP Classic 24 character with a really interesting history.
Sidra- CUT Character didn’t really do much this season. As Tony Almeida’s love interest, I kept expecting some kind of wild, fascinating backstory for her that never materialized. I suppose they could keep her if they want to develop her, but she didn’t even speak in half of her appearances this season and that should not be the case again if she’s brought back.
Theo Sterling-KEEP I think this character could potentially provide the show’s occasional comic relief.

Who the hell is Theo Sterling??

Eric – He’s doing alright, no point switching up the lead again.
Donovan – When he has a lot to do I think he is great. They’re probably gonna make him president in the next season, which could be an upside to him being involved more.
Andy – he’s just likeable.
Isaac – such an interesting character and a great actor, they could easily involve him and his gang into the mix again.
Locke – No problems with this character, wouldn’t mind seeing him do more.
Tony – Give him justice.

CUT – All The Rest

Add – Chloe, Mason (If he’s still alive, he had to have something to do with Tonys break out), and a few other oldies would be a charm.

lmao there is no way in hell Mason is still alive.

Yeah, dying from radiation sickness, a nuclear explosion, AND a plane crash – all at the exact same time, I might add – might somewhat lessen the chances of George Mason returning :-), alas…

I don’t know what they were at in Solitary then. It was probably just a nod to the fans but anyway.

Keep. Isaac Carter I think his a good actor his part should get him more involved

Carter is sooo useless. He caused everything and everyone else saved his ass, but I suppose.

Andy was a fine addition.

Donovan was okay

Mullins was meh, but okay enough.

Tony as long as he has something to do.

But besides Tony, I’d cut most.

Instead have some summit type thing in the US with a high ranking Russian official there. Have Donovan president with Mike Novick on his staff. Have his uncle part of the season 7 cabal. They seize control of the city that the summit is in and take over the summit. All law enforcement is taken out and they threaten to kill the president and bomb other cities unless they get what they want.

Tony gets a call from a Russian official wanting to use his services. He gets hired to break Jack out of prison because officially they aren’t allowed to release him. But they promise Jack’s freedom if he saves the official. First 6 episodes they break Jack out and the city is under siege.

Inside the city is Wayne Palmer, who didn’t really die, with Aaron as his secret service detail. Men break in and try to kill him but Aaron takes them out. The pair then try to escape the city.

They have a time jump and the last 6 episodes is Jack and Tony go to the outskirts and fight their way in.

They go and get pinned down. Aaron saves them and he and Wayne decide to stick with them. They make it to the summit but when fighting their way in, get caught. They all get stuck in a room and tied to chairs.

Mike Novick, who has been pulling a Die Hard and lurking around the building sees them. He waits for his chance to help but then his eyes bulge as he sees a member of the cabal going into the room.

The member is revealed to be Sherry Palmer. She stares at each of them, blaming Tony, Jack, Aaron and Wayne for David’s death. She rants about how she was behind the plot to kill Wayne in season 6, but he just won’t die. It was Jack’s fault for forcing David to keep his secret. She raises a gun and then goes to fire, a gunshot is heard but she topples over, Mike having shot her.

He frees the others and they make their way to the summit, killing each and every member of the cabal. Alan wilson could be one, as they could have broke him out of prison, giving Tony his revenge. The russian official thanks Jack and tells him he is free to leave.

Do another time jump and the last few minutes has Jack and Tony in a graveyard, each standing over graves of Teri and Michelle. Screen pulls back to Mandy with a sniper rifle, getting orders from the voice Nina did in season 1. The sniper rifle is aimed in on Jack and then a shot is heard with Tony yelling Jack’s name. Season ends.

Would be no stupid moles, no stupid side plots with teenagers, cougars or mountain men, etc. and no need for stupid tech support that magically saves the day all the time.

Could even have some retired agents or something helping fight back in the city, like Agent Baker and Teddy from season 1.

I like a lot of this. I just don’t want Jack to die. :(

They will have to use a “hologram” of Jack because Kiefer is not coming back to 24.

Andy. Just Andy.

None. Let 24 die. The shitty writers already fucked us. Carlos promised answers we never got. Another shit head. Andy is just a gay narddawg from the office with porn acting. You like his bland delivery? Haha enjoy. I’m off the show and this site. Thanks for “spoilers” AKA thanks for giving us nothing even though you saw the finale before us. Spoilers shouldn’t be in your site name. Bye assholes.

From what I’ve seen, (and I only watched for Tony) , quiet a few characters need to be burned out of the script. Bad acting all around. The only one with potential and likable is Andy. He reminded me of Chloe from time to time.

Everyone else, BOOO!!!!! (Except for Tony of course)!!!

Andy was the worst actor and pure shit. You’re a moron.

I hope in season 2 of this show they just casually drop that Jack killed him self just to fuck you morons who stand up for it. Hahahahahahahahahaha

Bluetooth Group
April 21, 2017 at 5:03 pm
Eric Carter maybe
Nicole Carter no
Isaac Carter maybe
Keith Mullins hell no
Mariana Stiles NO
Andy Shalowitz maybe
John Donovan no
Henry Donovan no
Nilaa Mizrani no

Guest stars:
Thomas Locke no way
Tony Almeida only if he is a series regular
Sidra no

Bluetooth Group
April 21, 2017 at 5:18 pm
24 spoilers, can you also do a poll “Do you want 24:Legacy Renewed?” simple yes or no

I would actually get rid of most of the characters. I would only keep Eric, Keith, Andy, and Tony. And possibly Donovan. And those only if real characters with depth were written for them. Right now, they are all very one-dimensional. Not only do they not have a real story–none of them really have a distinct personality. Forget the others. They were even less interesting, and did nothing. I was rewatching LAD, and while I can see the problems, right off the bat, you cared about Kate Morgan and the tech guy who liked her. And of course loved Jack and Chloe. And liked Belchek, and Audrey. And if you’re like me, HATED Heller. No one in Legacy stirs up any feelings.

I know it’s great for the writers to listen to the fans, but there comes a point where creativity disappears when they are trying too much to please everyone, so I would say to them: don’t do this–pay more attention to your inner 24! Whatever part of you that created the masterpiece that 24 was/is.

Well said, Louise.

Even the absolute worst and most pointless character in 24: Live Another Day (Erik Ritter) managed to get a reaction out of me in the very first episode. Hated his guts and it was so satisfying to see him get knocked out by Jack, haha.

Hopefully they cut all of these shitty characters

Eric Carter – KEEP BUT DEMOTE Carter is good hero character, I just don’t buy him as a badass, so the Blackjack thing isn’t really working. He has a common touch and a way with innocents that’s somehow more endearing than Jacks, so he should play to that strength more.
Nicole Carter – CUT. Have her in one scene, but don’t involve her in the story (See Kate Warner in S3)
Isaac Carter – Same as above.
Keith Mullins – KEEP, on the strength of him choking out that gook in his office
Mariana Stiles – CUT
Andy Shalowitz – KEEP like him better than Chloe, has a good buddy chemistry with Carter already
John Donovan – CUT. Jimmy Smits is a boss, but his performance was shit here, he came across as a mumbling retard out of his depth. Furthermore, I don’t want to see any more presidential storylines. Period. So cut out the president altogether. To me, outside of David Palmer and Charles Logans stories, they were a tedious waste of time, and another cheat code for Jack. Donovan will be a “give him whatever he needs” cheat code for Carter now, you can all but guarantee it.
Henry Donovan – CUT but do by all means delve deeper into the conspiracy that seemed to be surrounding him.
Nilaa Mizrani – CUT. Boring bitch. Token “but not aaaaaallll muslims are bad” character. Don’t care. Fuck off!

Guest stars:
Thomas Locke – KEEP. Looks very much like me.
Tony Almeida – KEEP AND PROMOTE to either lead, or co-lead with a better new lead than Carter. No reason needed, it’s Tony Alcuntingmeida!
Sidra – CUT. Sidra is just there as a nice piece of arse and nothing more.

I can not believe the CTU would hire Eric Carter. Although technically not an employee he went rogue like 4 times in 12 hours, did things his way, of course it worked out, but what government boss would want to hire some who will not listen to no. Eric needs to work with Tony Almeida if they can find a way to become friends.

Yeah, and this looks completely inconsistent with what had happened with Jack regarding CTU’s Directors.
It’s look like Carter can do what the hell he wants, and it’s always to be OK. In the past, when Jack gone has rogue, he paid a price, high price – firings, suspensions, prisons…

Wish Rebecca had stayed. The rest we like but would love to see: Chloe added, Tony change back to good with integrity and just mention Jacks name.. would be great!

Eric Carter – keep, but for the love of god, develop the character
Nicole Carter – keep, without becoming a Kim Bauer
Isaac Carter – so underused – set up to look like he’d get heaps of action scenes
Keith Mullins – don’t keep.
Mariana Stiles – don’t keep
Andy Shalowitz – keep
John Donovan – don’t keep
Henry Donovan – keep, but give him something to act with. The biggest wasted potential in the whole series
Nilaa Mizrani – who?

Guest stars:
Thomas Locke – get rid of. Did nothing
Tony Almeida – keep but give him something!
Sidra – keep

It appears the characters I liked just didn’t have enough to do or to act with. Unfortunately the character that was developed the best was killed off

I like the character of Eric Carter, it’s just the actor that portrays him that I have a problem with. I have nothing against Corey Hawkins and he’s a fine actor but he’s not convincing as a action hero in my opinion. He just doesn’t have the presence or weight to pull that off. He’s too much of a baby face. If 24 Legacy gets another season, the producers should really consider to recast the role. My pick would be Omari Hardwick who’s on the Starz show “Power”. He’s really good on the show. He has a great screen presence in my opinion. I like the characters of Keith Mullins and Andy Shalowitz. If the show had 24 episodes instead of 12, I’m sure those two would do a lot more.

Never seen Omari Hardwick in anything, but he certainly LOOKS the part. I would believe he could take Tony in a fight without the need for plot armour.

I agree with those that have said Corey Hawkins did a solid job with what he was given. Bring Eric Carter back, as a CTU agent or whatever. I kinda like him. As for his wife and brother? Ehh, I don’t know. I really didn’t like the whole triangle thing, and I don’t think neither Anna nor Ashley were that good actors, but I kinda like the parallelism they were attempting to draw to the Donovans on how “lies can get to a marriage in this job”. It was botched as hell, but there is something there they can develop, and maybe show the marriage unravel.

I thought the character of Mullins was mostly stale and dull, but in the end, I kinda like how Teddy Sears dealt with it. He can work. Same applies to Andy. Dan Bucatinsky’s performance was spotty, but lots of that can be attributed to the bad script and bad dialogue. I can work with him too. Moreover if they bring back Locke. WTF happened with him near the end? Why did they brush him aside? Mariana? useless. Ditch her.

The John Donovan character is another character that can be further developed. Smits is a great actor, but was given crap here and it shows in his performance. I really wish they would’ve developed more the political aspect in the season, but instead they chose to focus on a thousand other useless things instead of that. I would really like to see him as President, even though it’s ludicrous he would get elected after what happened. Ditch Papa. I don’t care about Nilaa either way.

Tony? Of course bring him back! He’s my favorite character. But pleassee, give him better stuff to work with than they did in this season. The whole “master interrogator” thing was useless and a total waste of time, whereas the mercenary thing is pretty cool. I don’t mind Sidra. As a matter of fact, having seen her in Tyrant, I think Moran Atias deserved a lot better. It kinda felt like when that got canceled, they just offered him this job to fill for that, but she’s a pretty good actress.

It was really bizarre how Locke just sort of abruptly disappeared in the second half. He had like 20 seconds of screen time in episodes 8 and 9 (this one being the most weird, since he was at CTU when it was attacked). Then he was completely absent from episodes 10 and 11, only to show up in the finale where I don’t think he even said a single line.

OMG, Locke appeared in the finale?!

I thiiiiiink he was flying the helicopter where Mullins got in, but I’m not so sure. That’s how brief, fleeting, and insignificant his appearance was.

KEEP: No one.

CUT: Everyone.

In other words, cancel the show. But it goes without saying, Legacy has almost zero chance of being renewed.

Given that this is a spinoff with no real connection to the main series (apart from Tony), and on the assumption that it will be renewed, here are my yays and nays:


Eric Carter – it’s obvious that it’s the writers intention that he will be recruited to CTU: Washington DC based on the S1 ending so I think he should stay. I’m not convinced that he’s an apt parallel character to Jack Bauer but neither was David Caruso (to William Peterson’s Grissom in CSI) or Gary Sinise (who was cool but not really). Sorry can’t think of any other relevant comparison.

Nicole Carter – she’s kind of the ‘rock’ for Eric Carter to keep him grounded. I don’t see her involved too much next year but should be included in the show somehow.

Keith Mullins – I’m interested in learning a bit more about this character especially after the choke move with the investigator.

Andy Shalowitz – played a much bigger role than I initially thought. His character was overly cheesy but then again so was Chloe. Would love to see Chloe and Andy team off.

John Donovan – as much as I was not convinced that Jimmy Smits acted the part, John Donovan should be president in the next one.

Nilaa Mizrani – should still be John Donovan’s advisor I reckon

Mariana Stiles – stale but is part of the CTU team and is trusted by Andy and Mullins


Isaac Carter – his story is resolved

Henry Donovan – should be in jail

Thomas Locke – didn’t show much flair so don’t care for this character much


Tony Almeida – we all love him but should only be brought back if his character has more of a starring role. Plus redemption etc etc
Sidra – if the above unfolds and can continue to play his sidekick/love interest – plus she’s stunningly hot

Wow, a lot more diplomatic comments here than I was expecting, considering all the complaints for this season.

I must be one pessimistic, bitter, PO’d SOB because I don’t want ANY of these characters back. None. I’m shocked by all the Carter and Andy praise. They were as lousy and wafer-thin as all the others. You guys must see something in these characters that I don’t.

I only want Tony back (and I guess Sidra by extension since she’s his new love interest) and want him in a lead role.

I was against this revamp from the start and made that very clear. Nothing I saw in this turd season deterred me from that opinion–only reinforced and even strengthened it.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but Legacy made me MISS Chloe and I HATE her character! What’s the point of dropping all the old characters if all you’re going to do is make copy/paste versions of them through new characters? Chloe might as well have been there since they already had no one but two “Chloe’s” in CTU as it was.

24 needs some familiarity injected back into it along with ATTENTION TO THE CHARACTERS. I’ve never watched a single season of this show that left me caring for NO ONE until Legacy. Even Seasons 6, 8 and LAD (my least favorite seasons) had at least ONE character from each that I grew to like: Tom Lennox, Noah Daniels, Hassan, Mark…

With Legacy? I cared for NO ONE.

Good riddance to this crap if it isn’t renewed. Legacy made me actually come to a point where I almost don’t even care if 24 continues in ANY medium anymore.

Yeah I will admit I was pretty diplomatic – only because I was trying to criticise Legacy as a spinoff and not as 24 as we all know it.

Obviously the people at Fox decided that they needed to bring it back but because they couldn’t have Kiefer they decided on a ‘spinoff’ and not ‘our 24’ with Tony, Chloe, Kate, Aaron Pierce and our other favourite protaganists from the show. I’m sorry folks, but the ticking clock and format doesn’t make the show – even I admit this.

Instead, they have a spinoff for 12 episodes with newbies that we have no attachment to. Bringing Tony back acheived nothing. LAD worked – kind of but only because we had Jack, Audrey, Chloe, Heller. This latest 12 episodes of Legacy didn’t give us any riveting characters. I would agree to not bring anyone back at all but FFS we need something.

Surely Kiefer would come back as a cameo in the future.
If so, then we could have a 24 Finale that has him and our other favs saving the world one last time and seeing Jack die a hero in a similar fashion to Brody or Quinn from Homeland.

The time for 24 has passed. Even Kiefer understood this. That is why he moved on with his life. The Beatles understood this concept as well.

Let It Be …. The Beatles

The Dream is Over … John Lennon

All Things Must Pass … George Harrison

I think there would be more interest in the show if (heaven forbid) there was another terrorist attack on the scale of what we saw with 9/11. Let’s hope this is never the case.

Also, I am sure that there are studies that have determined how many minutes/hours a day a person is willing to spend doing things, e.g. sewing, knitting, washing counter-tops, taking a shit, walking a dog, bathing, dressing, grooming, flossing, work, homemaking, etc… With today’s political climate (Donald Trump) a lot of people gravitate toward shows like Hardball with Chris Matthews and have ‘had their fill’ and not interested a nighttime political soap opera.

Also, as a tv show writer/producer, you take a gamble with a male character with a “husband” and the typical audience that 24 attracts. You don’t see many truckers and forklift operators watching the The RuPaul Show. Some things are mutually exclusive.

Jack, Tony, Palmer and Mason – The Beatles

Jack, Chloe and every other anonymous photocopied cunt they’ve shoved into the cast since – Wings

no wonder 24 Legacy Creative doesn’t rely on 24 Internet Fans for what’s written and what gets actually filmed on 24 Legacy

Isn’t it a moot point if the series doesn’t get renewed – which I think it won’t and shouldn’t.

If FOX feels like throwing more money into a 2nd season, Tony and Sidra are the only cast members I’d want to see back. The rest were mediocre at best and undeserving of extending their ’24’ lives…..

Am I reading the ratings for Prison Break wrong or are they shit too?

Surprising? or not….

Not that surprising, Prison Break was barely getting over 3 million viewers when it was originally cancelled in 2009.

What’s the best thing on Fox at the mo? Sorry not from the US. I only know of 24, PB, Lucifer and Gotham.

Yeah Prison Break is getting the same, if not worse ratings. Rating system is archaic anyway though. Only thing I watch on Fox, besides trudging through 24, is Prison Break and Lethal Weapon. The latter surprisingly turned out decent. Not movie great, but decent compared to the rest of the movie to tv trash.

In terms of ratings? I believe it goes Empire, then Lethal Weapon, then STAR, then Lucifer and Gotham. Pretty much all of their other dramas are in danger of cancellation I believe, and their comedies do very poorly for the most part.

Quality wise I couldn’t say, I barely watch any broadcast TV.

That’s my view. In Aussie, normal TV is trash so I’d say there are a few of us that watch Netflix, Stan and other streaming sites.

What steps do the execs of 24 need to take to move it from broadcast TV to Netflix? It’s clear from ratings that no one really watches the old format as much as they used to except for reality TV crap

Eric Carter – Cut: Yeah i’m sorry but we need Jack Bauer back
Nicole Carter – Cut…
Isaac Carter – Maybe Keep: For some weird reason i like him better than his brother but then again it would be weird having him stick around without Eric.
Keith Mullins – Keep: I think he’s decent
Mariana Stiles – Cut: PLS
Andy Shalowitz – Keep: Really solid character and well acted too.
John Donovan – Keep: Since this show needs politics it may as well be him since he’s already here.
Henry Donovan – Cut: Good actor but man this was a wasted opportunity
Nilaa Mizrani – Cut: Useless

Guest stars:
Thomas Locke – Maybe Keep: He looks and act credible but they need to give him more lines
Tony Almeida – Keep: Give us his fucking redemption…
Sidra – Keep: She’s already in Almeida’s life

Oh yeah and i forgot i wish i could keep Ben Grimes since for me he was the best character in the entire season. The actor really made me care for his character.

I’m not sure if this show will renew, but here’s what I think they should keep or cut.

Eric Carter: Keep

Nicole Carter: Maybe reduce to recurring and likely cut

Isaac Carter Like him, but probably served his purpose on the first season.

Keith Mullins: Keep because with Rebecca gone, Mullins will have to be the boss.

Andy Shalowitz: Keep since he is now Carter’s go to analyst like Chloe was with Jack.

Mariana Stiles: Not sure, but she might get next season and they should better develop her.

John Donovan: Keep since he might become President next season and Jimmy Smits did a decent job.

Henry Donovan: Cut because he’s probably will be imprisoned that season.

Nilaa Mizrani: Cut because she was useless in the first season, but might return next season as Donovan’s Chief of Staff.

Guest stars:
Thomas Locke: Not sure about him yet.

Tony Almeida: I think he might return, but I don’t think he should return next season to be honest.

Sidra: Didn’t really do much that season despite being in that safehouse gunfight and I don’t think she should return next season.

Theo Sterling: Might serve as a comic relief for next season.

Who the hell is Theo Sterling?

The CTU analyst that worked closely with Mariana through most of the season. Young guy with a beard. Pretty much did nothing but sit at a desk.

So why would he be comedic relief? Isn’t that Andy??

That guy is like the easiest person to cut!

24 Spoilers…Check this out. I just saw this article today.

Teddy Sears who played CTU Director Keith Mullens, says he wants to return to the Flash because he has no plans after 24 Legacy. Is it possible Fox has notified the actors that the show will not be renewed (thus giving all the actors a chance to line up other acting gigs)?


But all but Tony. And get better use of Tony next season.

Cut all but Tony.

Since I am a 24 fanatic, and since I hated EVERYTHING about Legacy (I will not put “24” before the word Legacy), I am hoping that either K.S. returns for one last season, and, if not, 24 should be history.
In 2 days (May 5) we can celebrate the 2014 return of Jack Bauer in L.A.D. I wrote an article back then celebrating the return of 24 and why Jack Bauer means so much to his fans. For your enjoyment, here is that article.

24 Returns!
Why Is This This Show So Compelling?
Why We Need Jack Bauer?

On May 5, after a four year absence, the television thriller 24 returns to FOX. Originally airing in November of 2001, 24, starring Kiefer Sutherland as federal agent Jack Bauer, ran for 8 seasons ending in May of 2010. (Because of the writers strike, there was not a season in 2008.) Each season consisted of twenty four one-hour episodes that took place in real time, meaning that each season took place during one twenty four hour day. This approach was considered groundbreaking, for it was a television first. The central theme of each season was based around terrorism. Jack Bauer was a field agent for the Counter Terrorist Unit (C.T.U.) Los Angeles.
Coincidentally, the first season of 24 aired two months after the attacks on 9/11. The country and much of the world had not come close to healing, and here comes a series showcasing terrorism, political corruption, assassinations, torture and violence. How would a wounded public react to 24? Was the timing so not right that it would garner media criticism and be one and done? Not a chance! As it turned out, the show was so popular that it became the longest running show of its kind in history. During it’s run 24 received 68 Emmy nominations. Furthermore, it is unheard of for a series to return after four years replete with much of the same cast and characters. 24 has a worldwide audience that is so passionate about the show that FOX decided to break precedence and bring 24 back. The questions is…why? What makes this series so different in so many ways?
The three basics necessary for any series to be successful are a really good story, great characterization, and fine acting. 24 easily won the triple crown! The stories dealt with presidential assassination, kidnapping, blackmail, murder, torture, political corruption, and terrorism by the use of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. Watching 24 reminded me of watching the old time movie serials when I was a kid. Each episode left me on the edge of my seat, with great anticipation as to what was to come the following week, not knowing who was really a “good guy” or a “bad guy” and who would live or die. Furthermore, and just as important, each season had subplots within the main theme that often involved the personal lives of the characters. The writing was so extraordinary and the casting so perfect that the viewer had no choice but to become emotionally attached to most of the characters, either positively or negatively. This was helped in part by the superb talent of the cast. In the early seasons, African -American President David Palmer was so loved and admired that it has been said that he had a small role in the election of President Obama. On the other hand, President Charles Logan was so despised that he was compared in many ways to Richard Nixon. The acting was that good! Characters such as Chloe O’Brian, Tony Almeida, Michelle Dessler, Kim Bauer, George Mason, Ryan Chappelle, Audrey Raines, James Heller, Nina Myers, Sherry Palmer, Wayne Palmer, Noah Daniels, Mike Novick, Aaron Pierce, Martha Logan, Bill Buchannan, Edgar Styles, Tom Lennox, Allison Taylor and so many others were, to the viewer, more real than the actors that portrayed them.
The task that sat before the writers of 24 was immense. This is because over the first eight seasons, there was about one hundred-thirty hours of script. Think about it. In the last fifty one years, there have been twenty four James Bond films that equated to about fifty some odd hours of Bond on the screen. The writers of 24 had to develop sixteen hours of drama per season for eight seasons! Their accomplishment was so extraordinary that, for the 24 fan, the
characters became a weekly part of life.
By far and away the main component of 24 was Jack Bauer. Jack was an extraordinarily complex character…a hero but a very flawed and damaged hero. He lived by the premise that the right thing must be done, and the well being of the folks and the country was paramount, and whatever it took to do to get the job done he was willing to do, and that included torture.
During the eight year run, the subject of torture in 24 was brought up many times in the press. Generally speaking, most of us don’t really condone torture, but we did not mind seeing Jack use it. And why was this? My guess is that if we were put into certain situations, we would do exactly what Jack did. When, in the beginning of season seven when he was in front of a senate sub-committee investigating the use of torture, Jack explained that if he was interrogating a hostile who was involved in the immediate future bombing of a bus full of people including children, he would do whatever it took to prevent the tragedy. In reality, if I had a child on that bus, I would want a Jack Bauer. And, most likely, so would you.
Unlike most fictional heroes, Jack’s life was tragic and flawed. And that made him more real than most. He was haunted by the decisions and choices that he had to make involving both his work and his family, for he was an extremely moral man. He both loved and lost deeply. And, unlike most fictional endings where the good guy always wins, Jack did not. He always “got the bad guy” but did not win. His life seemed very real. We saw the suffering and the tears. We can relate to Jack Bauer, and because of that, we wish that there was a Jack Bauer to protect us from the bad guys. The fans of 24 all look up to Jack, because he is the alternative to most of the real folks who headline the news today.
In reality, Jack Bauer is a fictional character created by Joel Surnow and portrayed by Kiefer Sutherland. But quite often in life it is both necessary and beneficial to escape from reality and go to another place…a place that feeds the mind and soul with something, although not real, welcomes us in with open arms. For so many, 24 is that place. And for all of us, Kiefer Sutherland IS Jack Bauer. After more than one hundred-ninety two episodes of 24, most fans realize that no one other than Kiefer could have ever been Jack.
It has been just about one year since Fox announced that 24 would return, and on Monday, May 5, Jack is back! The anticipation is over the top witnessed by the world-wide chatter on the internet and in the press. It’s called “24 Live Another Day.” Here is hoping there are many more days to come.

Louise Engel
May 5, 2017 at 1:49 pm
I loved what you wrote! And I agree with it. An extraordinary creation, 24 is the best series I have ever watched!

May 3, 2017 at 11:23 pm
since I hated EVERYTHING about Legacy (I will not put “24” before the word Legacy), I am hoping that either K.S. returns for one last season, and, if not, 24 should be history.

totally agree.