24: Legacy key art featuring Corey Hawkins
24: Legacy key art featuring Corey Hawkins

24: Legacy Cancelled – No Season 2

The clock stops

FOX has decided to cancel 24: Legacy after just one season according to Deadline.

We have seen the last 24: Legacy but maybe not the last of the 24 franchise. Fox has opted not to renew the latest installment in the 24 franchise for a second season. Meanwhile, the network, producing studio 20th TV and producers Howard Gordon and Brian Grazer are exploring a potential new, more anthological/event series 24 incarnation.

This decision shouldn’t come as a surprise. The writing was on the wall as the show struggled in the viewership department right from the start. Despite being heavily promoted and debuting after the second most-watched Super Bowl ever, it received the lowest post-Super Bowl ratings in 14 years. It was only downhill from there with ratings dropping nearly every episode.

FOX boss Dana Walden said in March that she was “a little sad” about Legacy‘s disappointing ratings performance and that “we’re just going to have to see how our pilots come in, how it continues to perform and weigh all of the information we have in May.”

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that executive producer Howard Gordon flew back from his sabbatical in Spain in an unsuccessful attempt to save 24: Legacy:

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Gordon flew back to the U.S. in April and early May in an effort to revive 24, with talks said to have included a pitch to save Legacy.

It looks like Fox weighed all of the information and listened to the pitch, but ultimately decided that a second season wasn’t worth pursuing.

It’s extremely rare for a network to cancel a show in the same year that it aired after the Super Bowl – it hasn’t happened since 1995.

Aside from low viewership, the show was poorly reviewed by critics and fans. On review aggregator website Metacritic, Legacy has a 49 Metascore and 4.8 user score compared to a 70 Metascore and 8.7 user score for the previous installment, Live Another Day.

Legacy was also subject to controversy with The New York Times referring to the premiere as “a one-hour Super Bowl ad for Islamophobia.” A few weeks later, the show came under fire again for using footage from the 2013 Westgate shopping mall shooting in Kenya to depict a fictional terrorist attack.

After the finale, producers revealed some of their plans for a second season. John Donovan was to become the President, with Eric Carter working as a CTU agent trying to prevent a large scale threat in a different country. That won’t happen now.

24: Legacy‘s cast included Corey Hawkins, Jimmy Smits, Miranda Otto, Teddy Sears, Dan Bucatinsky, Anna Diop, Ashley Thomas, and Coral Pena. Best of luck to them in their future endeavours.

As Deadline reports, this is not necessarily the end of the series. It’s possible the network will try another reboot with new characters, or get the original cast back together at some point in the future (right now Kiefer Sutherland is busy on Designated Survivor). But it’s definitely the end of this 24: Legacy incarnation.


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Didn’t even watch Legacy and don’t plan on it, either. And I am a die-hard fan of this series. I’m definitely not missing much now, I guess, so no loss.

Definitely didn’t miss anything. I honestly can’t think of a lazier season of television.

You’d think that the writers would be hungrier than ever and eager to prove that this franchise can survive without Jack Bauer, but no, they completely phoned it in. Felt like they didn’t even try at all.

Didn’t they have Bob Cochran as executive producer and in the writers room for 24 Legacy? Wouldn’t he have known how to make 24 Legacy work as he co created 24 with Joel Surnow? Howard Gordon was not involved as he was in Spain. It was more Manny Coto and Evan running the show with a bunch of new producers and writers

Heard that Corey Hawkins might return to The Walking Dead in Season 8 to reprise his role as Heath in light of the cancellation of 24: Legacy. Though his TWD character isn’t killed off yet.

I heard there will be a biopic about Gary Coleman’s life, with Hawkins in the role – that’d be more believable casting than his part of the ‘Legacy’ mess.

Hopefully any future installment will be released on Netflix or another streaming platform. The once a week format is terrible for this type of show.

agreed. would love if they actually give us exactly 1 hours per episode.


No we wait.

Another 3 years? 4 years?

They really fucked up

My guess is 2 years.

I doubt they will bring it back anytime soon with an all new cast since they just made that mistake. If they were to bring it back in some form, like an anthology series, take some old characters from the past, dead or alive, and do a prequel or sequel. Some interesting characters or sceneries could be how Tony got out of prison or his crimes before s7 and after s5. Perhaps how Logan became evil between s4-s5 or a redemption after season 8. Maybe Christopher Henderson running CTU with some old cast working for him. Or perhaps a finale where for some reason the government has to get Jack out of Russia and finally give the people what they want. However, not seeing Jack until the finale in a very special guest role leading on a wild for the first 11 eps. My story would be that the Russians finally broke Jack and the President orders a team to find and kill him because he’s been ‘leaking’. If the writers find a story like that and present Kiefer with a definite ending, a decent pay check (out of respect) for one or two guest spots, he may just agree. If not any of these scenarios, realize that the format is not the star, if it was all the networks would have a show in real time, and move on for good.

I think the best finale would be Tony Almeida and Chloe O’Brian reunite to save Jack Bauer from Russian gulag and bring him back to American or European soil to save the world and his family` Kim, Teri and grandson for last time. Tony and Jack could even epically die to end franchise and give a way to another story. The President could be John Donovan or it would be big fun if Sutherland can unite two shows and the President in 24 would be … Tom Kirkman from Designated Survivor.

24: Legacy deserves to end and I really hope the franchise is over.

I think Legacy made FOX to be more skeptic to any “new” and “fresh” installment based on 24 that Howard Gordon or Evan Katz or Many Cotto offer to them. And, in some sense, it’s a good thing.

That, at this, time they honoured 24 and Jack Bauer and only brings the original and true 24 with Jack Bauer with the minimal standard quality Live Another Day had. Anything besides that would just have the potential to damage even more the name of the show.

They r working on a anthology series with Howard and Brian of 24

I would like to see a Reunion of past casts all come together for the next season and have a hell of show.

Yes, Jack, Tony and Chloe must reunite, may be even Kim and Teri (granddaughter), o save the world for the last time.

And no shits were given! Well aside from Justin.

Justin Urciuoli
June 8, 2017 at 12:44 am
I think Fox made a great decision in cancelling 24 Legacy. I actually love the idea of 24 being turned into an Anthology series! A new cast, new stories and settings every season. So many potential ways they can go for 24 with the Anthology series. They can do prequels or sequels or even a season of rescuing Jack Bauer. So while Legacy is dead, the franchise lives on with Howard Gordon and Brian Grazer very involved with the new format. Yes we may have to wait 2 years for more 24, but I am okay with this as a long wait creates more time for better story to be created.


That’s pretty much exactly what they’ve already been doing the last several seasons, though. Season 7, 8, 9, 10, and now a potential 11th season have all had practically entirely new casts, mostly self-contained storylines, and location changes.

I don’t think it’s the right path for the series. When you know up-front that these characters will only be around for twelve episodes it’s hard to become invested in their storylines. And I feel it will just make the writers even lazier – they’ll have even less incentive to develop characters if they’re only intended to be around for a short time. It’ll end up being paper thin characters that are revealed as moles and/or killed. ZzZzZ.

The best parts of 24 were the character relationships and story arcs that spanned multiple seasons. Jack and Palmer dynamic, Jack and Tony bromance, Tony and Michelle romance, Jack and Chloe’s friendship, etc… Same goes for the villains too – Nina’s death was satisfying because there was three seasons of buildup to it.

None of that is possible in an anthology series. It’ll never come close to reaching the heights of 24’s original run. I feel like they at least had the right idea with 24: Legacy, even though they completely botched the execution of it. This anthology concept just seems like a very flawed idea right from the start.

Exactly. It’s no different than what they’ve been doing the last few seasons (Jack and Chloe being the only characters to appear in more than one of the last 3 seasons). Maybe they hope to get bigger name actors if the show is pitched as a one and done for everyone? I don’t think they could get any A-listers for 24 at this point.

That may have been the thought process behind it, but like you said, I doubt they’d be able to attract A-list talent at this point after the total dud that was 24: Legacy.

Unfortunately, being on 24 at this stage does nothing for an actors career. It’s not going to get awards recognition, it’s not going to have huge ratings that gives an actor exposure, and it’s certainly not going to provide job security.

IMO Howard Gordon and Brian Grazer were with 24 right from the start and having Howard Gordon as a showrunner would be better for the series. He has a had a great track record as showrunner. The reason why Legacy was bad was because Howard was not involved as he has been in Spain for a year. Manny and Evan were showrunners. They are great writers though.

I think an Anthology series could work. I think a possible Anthology series will have some old cast members along with a new cast that will carry over from season to season. Howard Gordon has always admitted that 24 was best when the viewers can invest in the characters.

One can argue that seasons 7 and 8 were connected as seasons 7 and 8 had most of the same cast, and still referenced each other. Season 9 was connected with season 8 (Russia story) along with season 6 (Cheng). 24 Legacy was its own thing with some connection to 24 solitary.

It’s kind of hard to judge the Anthology format when no details has been released on possible plots and characters. But I am willing to give Howard and Fox a chance. New stories, new characters and new settings can be original and fresh IMO. But I still think some characters will carry over and the seasons would have some connectivity. It’s better they start from scratch again, take their time and craft a very good story.

Maybe Kiefer will do a 24 movie or 24 TV movie or another event series in 2019, 2020, or 2021 along with Chloe, Kate, Tony etc.

Everyone here is entitled to their opinion. No right or wrong here. I will hold my judgment on this idea until we see possibly see or hear more in the future. Won’t be a while as they are just getting started on development. Probably will get an update at summer press tour

Howard Gordon may not have been involved as much, but he was definitely involved in Legacy. He wrote “The Raid” prequel and co-wrote episode 3 and 12 (two of the worst episodes this season, in my opinion). He also attended all of the events (Comic-Con, NY premiere, Fox TCA, etc) and was in a bunch of the video featurettes promoting the show, so it’s not like he was completely absent.

I wouldn’t say season 7 and 8 had “most” of the same cast – only two characters introduced in S7 carried over to S8 (Renee Walker and Allison Taylor). None of the characters introduced in 8 carried over to 9, none of the characters introduced in 9 carried over to 10, none of the characters from 10 will carry over to 11.

So I would argue it has already practically been an anthology type show for nearly the last decade. With the exception of Jack and Chloe (who are also gone now), each of the last four seasons has been almost an entire reset in cast, location, and storyline. This isn’t necessarily a fresh direction for the franchise, it’s just another way of saying there will be an entirely new cast yet again.

And to be honest, it feels more like a concession that these writers are no longer able to create compelling long-lasting characters. Sadly I think they’re burnt out and have run out of ideas, the best course of action would be for them to hand the reins over to someone else.

The reason Fox cancelled 24 Legacy was because it was not fresh, so I would think they would make the Anthology series fresh

You really changed your tune. What about all those DVR ratings you beat the drum about and how great the reboot was?

Evan Ginzburg
June 8, 2017 at 12:52 am
It was actually quite good and better than some of the middle seasons with Sutherland.

Wouldn’t go that far. Nothing beats the original 24

A new cast, that’s worrisome. Either bring back the original cast or don’t bring 24 back period.

Well deserved honestly. Hopefully this teaches them not to make another horrible and lazy season of TV again

Bring back old 24 season with Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) please !!

FOX should just accept reality: shows only succeed because of one actor’s portrayal of an iconic role. Without Kiefer as Jack, the tank is only half full and the appeal doesn’t last long.

Such a shame, really. Legacy had great potential but there seemed to be a complete absence of passion and direction on behalf of the creators.

Personally, I would happily accept the show never resurfacing again. As they say, time will tell.

I hope the show never comes back, but there is some unanswered questions, how did Tony get out of Prison? In my opinion there should be a prequel season where Carolos Bernard is the lead character, bring back Mary Lynn as well. 24 solitary should be used as a platform for a 24 prequel season, this would of given people answers on how and why Tony got out of prison. Bring back some past characters from the show that made it great. But that would probably never happen.

How did Tony get out prison?
That was answered in Solitary.

Why was Tony given plans to escape prison?
So the government could use him for assignments as shown in Legacy.

There’s nothing more that needs to be said.
Tony is simply a black-ops mercenary.

24 is over.
It doesn’t need to come back.

It needs. Just reunite Jack, Tony and Chloe, maybe Kate Morgan for final season or movie. And end with the epic dying of Jack and Tony, because one would save his granddaughter Teri, whose grandma he couldnt save in season 1, so the finale season would be mirror of first one. And Tony has finished long time after Michelle’s death. Only Chloe would remain with Kim and her kids. So the show ends and maybe gives way to another kind but not under the name 24

I still believe they should put together ideas they had for a movie version make that your season 11 & there’s your story for jack now in Moscow.

It would be Season 10 – no one should count ‘Legacy’ as anything more than a lame knock-off.

So sad, but Legacy didn’t click with me!

June 8, 2017 at 5:23 am
Imagine that, you can’t just slap a big brand name onto lazy scripts and expect it to be successful. Who would’ve thought. Let this be a lesson. I really think they needed this wake-up call. People won’t gobble up uncreative shit in this day and age.

I feel like the only one who still cared was Sean Callery. He always brings his A-game.

yessss!thanks God!go tp hell corly!

It was not the real time format that made 24 a great show but Jack Bauer ‘s character. As Kiefer doesn’t want to be Jack again maybe they can find another good actor and why not a prequel ?

Because prequels are stupid and pointless, most times.

Kiefer has no problem playing Jack again – he’s publicly stated he’d happily play him for the rest of his career whilst still physically able – but his assessment that it’s time to, at the very least, let Jack’s story rest for a while if not longer is the correct one… at least in my opinion.

Legacy deserved to get cancelled, an anthology series would be a terrible idea (for any number of reasons), and any idea that ’24’ is not about Jack Bauer – or can succeed without him – should officially be put to rest as of now.

You want to continue the franchise? Best answer… DON’T. A far better option would be to finish the franchise on a strong note… bring back Joel Surnow and make a ’24’ movie to give Jack a proper and satisfying send-off. One last limited season would be nice but 1) not with this current writing team, and 2) Kiefer simply won’t have time to make one for the next few years at least.

A movie could be eminently doable but sadly not likely at this late stage… face it folks, this could be it, and if it is, it’s been one helluva ride.

Adieu and goodnight (until further notice).

I agree!! If the cast isn’t all white then it’s right!! Racism is alive a well in this country.

lmao! I was joking you cabbage! All-white 24 ftw!

June 11, 2017 at 4:14 am
Umm, I’m pretty sure DWordy was joking too.

Good. Let the POS die. Beyond lazy writing.

The Predictor
June 8, 2017 at 9:15 am
I’ve posted about this idea beforehand but I think ’24’ should really consider having a ‘prequel’ season occurring between seasons 2 and 3 or between seasons 3 and 4. Yes, our favorite actors will have to wear a lot of makeup to look younger, but wouldn’t you rather have a show with Jack (if Kiefer is available), David Palmer, Tony, Michelle, Mike, etc. than having a completely new cast?

That could be fun, but its way too late for that.
And prequels are pointless.

Shirley taylor
June 8, 2017 at 10:30 am
Yes with Jack but he busy with D’S and singing,and concerts what is there to watch now nothing on tv but repeat there waa a lots of actions on 24 legacy I a 24 fan all my life so you just going to take that from us 24 fans not fair it just like taking candy from a baby we all sad it have to come to this please make something with 24 or live Another Day thanks for the infro.

Where is There-will-be-a-new-season-Justin-guy? Sorry pal, I were wrong!! Legacy was a waste.

It can still live on in books and comic books. I plan on reading 24: Legacy Rules of Engagement when all five issues are all released.

The idea of a prequel makes no sense. All of the original actors that would be brought back now look years older than they did in 2001. I have been saying from the day Legacy was first announced that it would be a one season disaster, which it was. Now if I was with FOX, I would suggest the following. In a year or 2, bring back 24 in its original 24 hour format. Announce beforehand that it will be the final season. Hire some really good writers to come up with a killer story. (yes, that can be done!). Keifer, Mary Lynn & Carlos MUST be brought back. The story needs to take place a few years after the end of LAD, at CTU Los Angeles, and it may be a good idea to have a few of the characters from LAD brought back, as well as a few from the first 8 seasons. The story will begin by divulging that Jack was released by the Russians in a prisoner exchange, or something like that. He was working in the private sector when disaster struck and he was asked to return to CTU, which he does on the condition that Tony be given a temporary pardon from federal prison. (Once Jack returned to the US, he began to correspond with Tony in prison, and realized that Tony truly regretted what he had done in season 7. Tony, working undercover with prison officials, had faked his escape in order to stop a major prison escape). Tony is granted a temporary pardon. Chloe is back at CTU, which is now directed by the former director of CTU New York, Brian Hastings. And so it begins. The key is a great story and the original cast. This could be wishful thinking, but it is the only way 24 can work.

It would be great if they could do 24 episodes again, but the only way I think that would be doable now, with the actors and such all older, as it is a grueling schedule, would be to do what they did during the last writer’s strike and take their time. If it takes 2 years to shoot, it takes 2 years to shoot. And for God sakes indeed, hire new writers.

That’s an interesting idea, Ronnie, but as I said above, Kiefer simply wouldn’t have time to devote between six and nine whole months (depending on the amount of episodes) to shooting a new season of ’24’… and likely won’t for at least another three or four years, perhaps more.

A movie could be written, prepped, shot, and released in two years even with Kiefer’s other commitments… and whilst he’s still physically able. Whatever happened to that alleged idea for a movie that was supposedly concocted by Brian Grazer shortly after Live Another Day finished… was that story even remotely accurate?

And with Jack’s current incarceration in Russia, plus all the political talk swirling in the real world about Russian shenanigans worldwide, there would be no shortage of story ideas right now for such a venture.

I still hold that a movie is not only the best next step for ’24’ but frankly the only real viable step…

They are surprised that the ratings were so low? You take Kiefer Sutherland out of 24 and it is no longer 24. I don’t care what you call it, it’s not the same.

What did you think would happen without Jack Bauer at the very least?! Nobody cared about anybody in the show, except for maybe Tony. Wait awhile, that’s fine. I love the original 24 (everything except Legacy) even Season 6. They aren’t that old and the having years or months in the 24 world in between seasons would help it fit. Kiefer Sutherland said that the real-time format was the star of the show, but obviously Legacy disproved that and especially Kiefer but also the rest of the original cast are the real stars of the show, not these uninteresting characters in Legacy. There are so many characters from the original 24 that are alive and either disappeared, are in jail or have unfinished story lines. You’ve got Kate Morgan, Chloe O’Brian, Arlo Glass, Cole Ortiz, Allison Taylor, Mike Novick, Aaron Pierce, Martha Logan, Tony Almeida, James Heller, Kate Warner, Mandy… how about Charles Logan? Anyway, the list goes on and on. Plus Jack is a Russian prisoner, and if Jack Bauer got away from the Chinese, there is no way that he will let some evil Russians take him down for good. People will watch Kiefer Sutherland and company, not some boring, annoying spinoff. You could take all the living main characters (and maybe develop some plot lines for “dead” characters to come back), add a few new likable with depth awesome characters and you’ve got enough material for several movies or seasons. Most of the characters don’t look that much older anyway. I am a die-hard fan of the original series and that’s all I or anyone else want to watch.

I wonder if Fox’s plan is to go the anthology route in hopes that Kiefer would eventually return for one more season down the line. That way they could do a couple of seasons of the anthology and do a season with Kiefer if he is available.

Also, if they go the anthology route, that might allow some of the actors who are currently on a series to appear (just like the Prison Break cast, who are regulars on another show were eligible to star in the reboot since it was a limited series).

The writers of 24 Legacy are so confident in themself and they think that 24 Legacy will be renewed for sure so they can write lazy plots and things. Instead of doing there best in order to prove Fox that they deserve a second season.

I know that in the beginning of 24 the people who worked there and kiefer Sutherland thought that fox won’t order 24 after the pilot episode as a series and after this they thought it will only have 13 episodes and then Fox order another 11 episodes and after 15 years we have 9 season of 24.

The writers in the original 24 create an amazing series but they were very modest and they didn’t take a renewal as granted when they wrote it.

And now they want to do an anthology series and replace again all of the cast. Why they think that it will be better than 24 Legacy rating, it will probably be worst in the rating.

24 was best in introducing new cast member with the old ones in every season.
So they just need do a season with Kate Morgan, Chloe O’Brian and Tony Almeida if they you want that it will succeed and bring back Jack Bauer when Kiefer Sutherland is available.

I would like it to return with the original cast don’t care for some of the new ones.

Justin Urciuoli
June 8, 2017 at 6:48 pm
Howard Godon said they have begun work on the new take of 24 to me in an email exchange with him. He said 24 Legacy was cancelled due to Fox not thinking season 2 was fresh enough for re invention. So Fox decided to pursue the Anthology series of 24. Howard said he is not sure who will be involved with the new iteration but they r thinking of a 2019 launch. It will be a while until we hear more concrete stuff on development as they need time to develop story and characters. Probably get an update in August.

Now that 24 Legacy aired and producers have feedback on what the audience wants, I really believe Howard and Brian and Fox will work there asses off to recover the franchise and make the next iteration of 24 the best one they can to win over fans again and not to have it one and done again. It would be too embarrassing for them if they had another one and done. I think the next iteration will be the original flavour and could be fresh and original and new. The franchise needs to evolve. Legacy was a spinoff that did not take risks or evolve. The anthology format can potentially do that.

When Fox first announced plans for more 24 in 2015, they said it would be 1 installment without Kiefer and they were not thinking of continuing show without him. Meaning I think Fox and producers had a back up plan and always knew they wanted to continue with franchise even if Legacy failed. Legacy was a limited series like last only meant to continue if it was successful. So now they go back to the drawing table and start over again. The fact that Fox announced plans for another 24 on the same day Legacy was cancelled, shows Fox still has interest in the franchise and has not shut the door completely and is open to more 24 and working with Howard and Brian.Never say never in TV. Everyone though 24 was dead after 2010 but it came back in 2014 and 2017. 24 is like a cat with nine lives aha.

With 24 Legacy being cancelled, this will only force Kiefer to reprise his role soon enough.

Justin Urciuoli
June 8, 2017 at 6:57 pm
I would like everyone on here to share their idea’s for what they want to see for a new 24! Setting, characters and storylines. I will then create a list of people’s ideas and share them with Howard over email since he knows me by first name and he knows I am a big supporter and work in TV

If he also asks for your bank account details, please don’t send them.

Hopefully they would consider doing something completely different. No terrorism/CTU. There are so many different type of threats that could take place over 24 hours (a raid, hostage crisis, natural disaster, serial killer on the loose, etc).

Or if they do the rescue of Jack Bauer from a Russian prison storyline which many fans have wanted to see since LAD ended.

To expand on your idea a bit, if they wanted to take full advantage of this anthology format, they could maybe do each of those stories you mentioned as standalone self-contained episodes. First 5 minutes would set up the story and the rest of the episode (conclusion) would take place in real time.

Could be literally anything in entirely different genres each episode – police chasing a suspect, firefighters rescuing someone from a building, surgeons frantically trying to save a life, a hostage negotiator, DEA agents busting a drug cartel, a spy having his cover blown and needing to escape, an air marshal preventing a plane hijacking, basically whatever. They’d be able to try a whole bunch of ideas that maybe aren’t sustainable for an entire season but could make a fun episode of TV.

Perhaps that’s straying too far from 24, but if they truly believe real time is the star of the show and not the characters (something I very much disagree with), they might as well try something like that.

But I’d be happy with a more traditional season as long as it had quality writing like the earlier seasons. Competent characters doing competent things, that shouldn’t be too much to ask for.

Do you think it would help if Joel Surnow returned to 24? And with Fox having feedback from Legacy, wouldn’t that help them? I think 24 Legacy being cancelled will force the writers to bring Jack back sooner and hopefully do quality writing

Yes, I think Joel Surnow (and his cousin Michael Loceff who co-wrote most episodes with him) were very important to the show. They had a much better understanding of character development and relationships, two things that have been lacking after they left. Unlikely he’ll ever return though.

And having feedback from 24: Legacy only helps if they actually do something with it. They haven’t acknowledged any of the fan criticism at all. The writers appear to be in denial and actually think they made a great season. For example, Manny Coto’s public statement on how they were “so creatively pleased” with Legacy hasn’t been reassuring.

Wasn’t Bob Cochran important in the success of 24 as well? Didn’t he co create 24 with Joel Surnow?

I think Manny Coto, Evan Katz, David Fury, Alex Gansa, Chip J, are all wonderful writers. Not showrunners.

I hope Fox, Howard and Brian all take the fan criticism into consideration

That one hour self-contained story is a horrible idea.

When they say ‘anthology’, I hope they mean one season that has nothing to do with other seasons, focusing on something entirely different every season.

I’d love season long Twilight Zone / Outer Limits stories.
Slow-burn thrillers.
Anything that’s not dealing with CTU or terrorism.

And if they ever have the balls to bring Jack Bauer back as the villain working for Russia who succeeds in his mission to bring down America, then that could be interesting for a final season.

Maybe have sequel seasons every now and then.


24: Invasion

– An alien invasion prompts a group of strangers to work together to survive.

24: Vengeance

– A young man in 1920s New York decides to fight crime when bank robbers take refuge in his family’s home.

You can have all kinds of great stories.
Even follow up some of those later on.
24: Vengeance can have another season down the line where this guy becomes a real-life superhero and the first Vengeance season was his origin story. (24: Vengeance 2)

24: Invasion 2 could be the humans escaping Earth.

Sebastian Monroe
June 9, 2017 at 9:48 am
Just give the people what they want and do a final 24: Prison Break season. No large scale terrorist attack.

The U.S. government needs Jack Bauer’s intel on the events from LAD and have learned from Chloe O’Brien that he is either dead or in a Russian prison. She is able to determine that he is indeed alive. Since the U.S. government does not want to start a war or negotiations with Russia, they authorize a black-ops unit led by Tony Almeida to break him out.

I am a writer and, after the completion of season 8, I wrote a story called “24 Day 9. The Final Hours”.
A close friend of mine is very close to Glenn Morshower, who played Aaron Pierce. I met Aaron a few times in the past, and, through my friend, gave him a verbal outline of my story. He loved it.

Since then, LAD aired, so I had to change my story to begin shortly after LAD ended. My story takes place in Los Angeles, and Jack, Tony and Chloe are back. I would be happy to get my story to either Howard Gordon or anyone else involved with 24.

lmao wow everyone has friends of friends. Maybe I should answer King Abubu back and get that money he keeps offering me.

What makes Justin full of crap, is too few realize you can’t give story ideas, why? Because well you may not, if they take an idea, poof, lawsuit. Legal won’t let them. So unless you are specifically hired or have an actual in at Fox, the people who have final say, not an actor on a show who has no say what so ever, don’t waste your breath.

June 8, 2017 at 9:26 pm
The anthology format is going to fail, cause it would just be like Legacy.
Unless they had some big movie star (Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Gary Oldman, Johnny Depp) as the protagonist, so that people will watch it solely for them, it’s just going to fail. Nobody will watch it, because Legacy proved these writers don’t know what to do, how to create compelling characters and how to be creative.
And they sure as hell will NOT get a big name movie star.

So the only way this will work is if they actually expand on the established universe with old characters and better writers. Bring back Joel Surnow and Michael Loceff. Write a compelling story for Tony. Have him, during one of his contracts, get involved with Mandy. Somehow find a way to naturally get Kate Morgan involved. The political story could center on what Mike Novick or Keith Palmer are up to.

Just expand on the “lore.” Have fun with the characters. Get them into difficult situations. Let them make tough choices with real consequences. With established characters you don’t even need to try and fail to get us to care about new ones. We’ll automatically care if Tony, Kate or whoever are in tough situations because we already know them and want them to make it out okay.

Also, the show is called “24”, not “Terrorist attacks on a huge scale.”
It’s totally fine to have a season about former CTU/CIA operatives doing mercenary work anywhere in the world and just trying to deal with some personal betrayals and old grudges, or trying to find a place in the world. Trying to find a reason to keep going after all the shit that went down. A lot of characters still have a lot of potential. Even Belcheck. Or Chase if you declare that one novel not canon.

There is so much potential, if you just dig for it. Especially Tony is such a complex character. You’re not going to achieve that with ANOTHER all-new cast in 12 episodes.

If jack Bauer ordered a subway sandwich that would be the best season ever!😏

Fox should tell the writers to write a summary of the next season from episode 1 to the last one and then send it to critics and if their reviews are positive, they only then should make another season.

And if they want a good season then do it with the old cast.

Fuck critics.

June 9, 2017 at 9:19 am
Is this for real?

Yvonne likely won’t be available to do 24 for at least 2-3 years given how well her new show (Handmaid’s Tale) is doing.

@Chlojack it will take atleast that much time to commission another series as well.

just a try to create some buzz for it from a die hard fan, who was thoroughly disappointed by Legacy, I thought, why not give it a shot?

Kate Morgan fans are either virgins or feminists.

Maybe they should actually do the 24/Prison Break crossover miniseries for the first anthology series. :P

actually, a great idea

Everything in the world started to make sense … Legacy got canceled, justin changed to a normal person (ok, maybe it is not the same justin).. fucker Andy disapearead with his THE Almeida shit … it is good way to start the weekend.. I am about to meet Kiefer tomorrow (on the concert 100 m from me at least but still :D) so if I have chance to tell him .. I will order him to return to 24 asap! :D

Ask him what he thinks about 24 Legacy being cancelled and what he thinks about the future of 24 including movies

No more spin off’s……

Copied from another thread:

I think a pretty good twist would be to see the gang try and rescue Jack from Russia to find he is not in prison but has escaped deep into Siberia somewhere and gone relcluse.

Tony remembers a hideout/meeting place from when they worked together and they eventually find him.

Russians secretly follow the gang so that they can apprehend Jack.

And it becomes a chase to the finish line where the US government are waiting to pick them all up at the border (with Kim waiting) and at the end….Tony sacrifices himself to save Jack who has already been injured/shot but is looked after by the paramedics (similar to the end of season 2) with Kim and family watching over him. THE END

Jack wouldn’t escape from the russians. He surrendered in exchange for the russians to free Chloe and never put Kim or little Teri in danger.

I’ve got an idea to set Jack back to the game…

A terrorist threat on Russia would put the country on its knees. Then, the russian intelligence would realize Bauer is an expert about this group’s leader.

The country would have 24 hours to prevent the ultimate attack. The russian president, desperate, would make a deal with Jack: help for freedom.

Beyond the terrorists, Jack would deal with some evil russian agents who would try to kill him once the threat was gone. CTU could be involved: they’ve satellites, agents on Russia and databases on the terrorists. Maybe CTU could have political problems on giving info to the russians. Now we have lots of conflicts and the possibility to bring back lots of characters!

Spoiler alert: in the end, after saving the day, Jack would die as a free man, and once again as a hero. So Kiefer could accept to return (one last time) to the role.

I like it a lot.

That or Jack comes to America to take it down as a Russian insurgent and he is the villain of the season.

There is no rescuing Jack because Jack is there of his own free will in exchange for peace.

I’m happy with Live Another Day’s ending because I know the ending for any follow-up (Jack’s fate) will very very likely suck.
I loved LAD’s ending as a definitive ending.

Hated that they made Legacy (but still enjoyed it).

Great idea, up until you shoehorned CTU into the story. Maybe they are the reason the show has gotten so fucking stale, maybe they (and other 3 letter agencies) should fuck right off.

Good and realistic plot. Chloe and Tony must be back too to help him, Jack and Tony could die in epic way, and Jack also saves teen Teri, what he couldn’t make in Season 1, with wife Terri. It will be reverse: Season First/Season Finale. But we need a President. Like Palmer. I know such a President: Tom Kirkman:) Can Kiefer take all the burden of the show?)

Guys ! Now really … I have the autograph from Kiefer!!! … he bro-fisted my nephew and the concert was amazing. Great night

I would have liked to have been a fly in the room listening to the pitch that the producers made to FOX to try to persuade the network to keep the show on the air.

Legacy reminds me of a remix album by Michael Jackson that was released about 20 years ago. A bunch of artists took a bunch of mostly B-sides and remixed the crap out of it and threw in unreleased material intended for the Addams Family Values soundtrack and called it an album. But 24: Legacy was much worse.

Legacy wasn’t for me. Felt spoon-fed watching it. It highlighted all the wrong aspects of 24 IMO.

I don’t care about the BIG BAD or how grand the stakes are, but the storytelling and the original characters who could make any plot emotional. They took time to make us care about them back in the day. Season 1 is my favourite, and had the least END OF THE WORLD plot of all. It truly had unexpected twists and turns, and not just because 24 was new at the time, but because it didn’t follow the formula some of the later seasons did–still loved them compared to Legacy.

I’d love a small for TV movie to send off JACK and 24. I can’t see a movie ever happening, and more seasons at this point would hurt 24 if they’re anything like Legacy was. It’s sad, but I’m happy this was cancelled. I had no problem with the lead, he was great. I actually very much enjoyed the finale and that scene with the young girl. Wish the rest of the season had some depth!

Also, don’t hotwire cars in 2017. Don’t show real terror footage in ep. 4. Awful.

It’s funny reading through these comments considering how I got into 24 in the first place.
Basically I never watched it when it aired, for whatever reason. When all the hype around 24:Legacy came about, I ended up watching the premiere after the super bowl. I liked the concept and so I watched the remainder of the series. By the end of the season, I was surprised at the concept of killing off one of the main characters of the series, which was shocking at the time.
I liked the general concept so much I decided to give 24 a run on Netflix.
By the time I got into the first couple of episodes of season 1, I got so hooked on the series I actually ran through seasons 1-9 within 2 months (just finished season 9 last week).

I am now going through major 24 withdrawal and believe Jack Bauer to be the only real protagonist of 24.
24:Legacy got me into 24.
24 got me hooked and now thinking 24:legacy to be a total knock off..

We need more Jack Bauer and Chloe O’Brian.

Well, I just thought I’d weigh in with my ideas since 24 was one of my top 3 can’t miss shows in the 2000s.

The producers didn’t realize that 24 IS Jack Bauer. And the franchise IS Kiefer Sutherland in the same way that Dirty Harry IS Clint Eastwood. There’s no substitute. At All. That’s why it was so easy to kill off major characters….because Bauer is the heart of the show. They were doing that long before Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead. Even if you could have someone fill Jack Bauer’s shoes, they really did not cast the right person in “Legacy.” He didn’t have charisma, take-no-prisoners attitude, tortured soul, or plain badassery as Jack.

If Sutherland has a change of heart (after all, his character never really was given closure) and is willing to return after Designated Survivor runs its course, the season needs to be 24 episodes, not this 12-episode “event series” crap.

I also think 3 seasons would be great (though I doubt Sutherland would commit to that) because the original run seemed to follow 3-season story arcs. With 9 seasons now done (I’m leaving out “Legacy”), one more 3-season arc to wrap up his character would be great. And while I understand that Jack Bauer is a tragic character, I’d like to see him finally reunited with his family for good at the end.

Also, bring back Yvonne Strahovsky! She was one of the best things about “Live Another Day.” She and Jack would make a good team, and she was a lot more fun to watch than the red-headed agent that jack worked with a couple times (can’t remember her name offhand). Also, of course, bring back Chloe–but, bring back the non-hacker anarchist Chloe. And, you can always bring back Tony.

Tony and Chloe must reunite to save Jack from Russian gulag. We need a new President. What about Tom Kirkman? It would be terrific to unite two universes, though of course it is not probable)

Here’s a really bonkers idea, but screw it, why not? How about we just bleed 24 into Homeland’s universe, or the other way around, whichever works, and have Carrie Mathison run into Jack while working in Russia. I’m not sure on plot details yet, but hell, Jack and Carrie teaming up would at least be interesting, if only to watch Claire Danes’ cry-face and Kiefer’s scowl face off.

May be better to unite 24 and Designated Survivors universes? It would be a great fun to watch how Jack Bauer saves Tom Kirkman and how Kirkman manages one day crisis working with Jack. Of course, in that case will be only one man show – Kiefer’s. We already had some elements of 24 in DS: wise, honest President (Palmer/Kirkman), federal agent who wanna save the world (Jack/Kate-Hanna) with help of her computer genius (Chloe/Chuck) former President came to help the incumbent (Palmer to Logan, Logan to Taylor/ Moss (same guy who played 24’s President Keeler) to Kirkman), the Islamic terrorists used by the conspiracy powers inside the US government, the Russians and Chinese are also about. So, duo Bauer-Kirkman would be terrfic!)

Idiots! I truly enjoyed watching legacy almost as much as the original. So great, now I’m stuck watching some stupid show that won’t hold my attention. Thanks FOX, you guys can really screw up a persons day.