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Elisha Cuthbert: having to wear same outfit is “driving me nuts”

While almost nothing is predictable about 24, Fox’s twisting and turning drama, one thing you can count on is that, due to the show’s real-time narrative, kidnapped Kimberly Bauer will still be wearing the same increasingly grimy T-shirt and jeans. How does Elisha Cuthbert feel about her character’s ready-to-walk-on-its-own wardrobe? “It boils down to two… View Article

Sarah Clarke

Former classmate chats with ’24’ star Sarah Clarke

Mike Schneider of the Associated Press has an interview with friend and former classmate Sarah Clarke. I first met Sarah Clarke in seventh grade when she was a ponytailed student in St. Louis with a dimpled smile and an infectious laugh. We went to junior high and high school together. The rest of you met… View Article

Sarah Clarke

Sarah Clarke 24 Season 1 Radio Interview

Sarah Clarke (Nina Myers) was interviewed about her role. The host says that he was bummed when it looked like Nina was going to be bad, but luckily that was a false lead. He predicts Tony Almeida is the evil one, but no one knows. While filming the pilot, Bob Cochran and Joel Surnow said… View Article

Dennis Haysbert as David Palmer in 24 Season 1

Dennis Haysbert 24 Season 1 Radio Interview

Dennis Haysbert says the ratings may have been hurt a bit by the September 11th attacks and the show being moved back a week, but that they’re not really all that disappointing at this point. He explains that some shows like Seinfeld started off slowly but turned into hits. Although film is his first love,… View Article

Jack Bauer ready for action in 24 Season 1

CNN – ’24’: Great, but impossible?

(CNN) — They’re not working 24 hours a day, but Bob Cochran and Joel Surnow, executive producers of the new FOX series “24,” are definitely working hard. An hour late for their phone interview due to on-set responsibilities at the Los Angeles production, Cochran, in particular, tells how he’s been working into the early morning… View Article

Leslie Hope as Teri Bauer in 24 Season 1

Leslie Hope Talks About Audition Process, ’24’ Series

It’s hard to write about a show that’s as critically acclaimed as FOX’s new real-time drama “24” without giving anything way. Star Leslie Hope says it’s even harder trying to promote it. “It’s so weird, but we’re under these strict mandates about what we’re allowed to say,” says the actress, who plays Teri, the wife… View Article

Leslie Hope as Teri Bauer in 24 Season 1

Leslie Hope 24 Season 1 Premiere Radio Interview

Leslie Hope predicts that if 24 is lucky enough to get a second season, it might go back in time to show what caused all these events to happen – either that, or that it will jump forward in time, so the characters can have some sleep. As an actress, she gets to experience a… View Article

September 11th Attack with 24 Season 1 billboard visible

’24’ Items to Be Auctioned for Sept. 11 Victims

FOX re-edited the pilot for its new series “24” after the Sept. 11 attacks, and now the network is putting items from the show up for auction to aid victims’ families. The items will be part of online auctioneer eBay’s “Auction for America,” which is raising money for the Red Cross, the Twin Towers Fund… View Article

Elisha Cuthbert “high hopes” for 24 Season 1 back order

BUSY ACTOR: Elisha Cuthbert’s character leads a dangerous life on espionage drama 24. The weeks leading up to her 19th birthday are an exciting and emotional time for any young woman. Imagine then what it must be like for Elisha Cuthbert, who turns 19 on Nov. 30, and starts that birthday countdown tonight with a… View Article

Xander Berkeley as George Mason in 24 Season 1

’24’ promos try viewers’ patience

John Carman of the San Francisco Chronicle has said he’s fed up with the advertising blitz for 24. My sin is watching a whole lot of baseball. My penance is watching a thousand Fox promos for “24.” Fox hit baseball with “24” promos as if it were saturation bombing a Taliban pickup truck. Every half… View Article

24 Season 1 Artwork

’24’ Repeats Will Air on FX

Should you miss an episode of FOX’s new drama “24” on some Tuesday during the season, its cable cousin has your back. FX will rebroadcast each episode of the series, which unfolds in real time over the course of one day, on Sundays and Mondays after the episode runs on FOX network stations. The networks… View Article