24 Season 8 resumes production on March 1

Just a little over a week ago, production on 24 was halted to allow Kiefer Sutherland to have surgery. Everything went fine and production will resume on March 1.

20th Century Fox Television has told Show Tracker that “24” will resume production on March 1, now that its star and executive producer, Kiefer Sutherland, has been cleared by his doctors to return to work.

Sutherland underwent outpatient surgery on Feb. 16 after a cyst near his kidney ruptured a few days earlier.

Sutherland’s representatives could not be immediately reached for comment.

But Jack Bauer is OK, America. You were never that worried about him, though, were you?

Source: LA Times


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Thank God! Man, Kiefer works very hard year after year. Many people tend to criticize the show’s sometime repetetive plotline (which show doesn’t do that?) but forget to appreciate the 10 months he & the rest of the crew puts into making it every year. By the way, how many episodes have they finished filming anyway? 20 or 22?

Sharan they stopped production after 19&20 so they have four left to do.

Thank You Michael. They normally take 15 days to film 2 episodes… I hope the finale won’t be delayed.. So They could possibly finish somewhere around mid-April, I think?

Yes I think they will finish around that time. The finale doesnt air until late May so they have plenty of time to spare i think. at least a month.

that’s good I’m glad=) Ok maybe I was a little concerned for him but it’s because I care that’s all….. Glad he’s doing well.

What about the post-production: editing, looping, music, sound effects… how long do those take?