Two “surprising deaths” coming up on 24

From TV Guide’s Mickey O’Connor:

Since 24 is almost over, everyone is going to die now, right? — Mark G.
Wow, that’s a dark spirit you got there, fella. Welcome! The continuing movie talk has squelched the idea of Jack making the ultimate sacrifice in the series finale. But I do know of two surprising deaths that will take place before the show’s May 24 finale. One will be shockingly emotional; the other will just be shocking.

Source: TVGuide

Just about anything is possible in terms of death with this being the final season (I never thought they’d take out Renee), but here are some of my predictions:

  • Cole Ortiz: Freddie Prinze Jr. was cast in a pilot “No Heroics” for ABC on March 18 – the day before the final episode pair started filming.
  • Dana Walsh: Katee Sackhoff was already filming a new pilot “Boston’s Finest” for ABC on March 18 (again, the day before episodes 23/24 started).
  • Ethan Kanin: Bob Gunton recently teased “earth-shaking” shocks


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Theories anyone? I say:

Shockingly emotional: Chloe

Shocking: Logan

No way! Not Chloe please. She deserves to be in the movie.

I’d say Cole then, Dana.

Although shockingly emotional fits MLR. :(

Emotional: President Taylor

Shocking: Ethan or Logan

I think we’ll definitely be losing another main cast member. Dana, in my opinion, is toast. “Shockingly emotional” could fit Dana, if she and Cole still care about each other (that is an “if,” mind you, but not an impossible one).

As for just plain “shocking,” hell, anyone outside of Jack could fit that one. I’m thinking Logan, for whatever reason.

Watch me be way off base.

No, not another death after still reeling from President Hussan’s and Renee’s passing. What could be more emotional and shocking then we’ve already seen?

I wouldn’t miss Dana
Cole I would be sorry for
Ethan, I would miss very much he’s my ‘Aaron Pierce’ this season so far.

Logan or Taylor would be a great twist perticualy(sp?) Logan.

I know ones gotta be Chloe :( but hopefully Logan too :)

please don’t let logan die. If chloe dies will this moment going to be emotional.

please don’t let logan die he’s the best bad guy.
If chloe dies will this getting emotianal and this is not ok!

Emotional: Aaron (killed by Taylor’s administration because he’s trying to take down Logan) or Chloe (killed trying to protect Jack at the series finale – remember that crash photo). Other than these two, there’s no real emotional death. Perhaps Kim or Tony, but they will not be shown this season.

Shocking: Cole (he is in field with Jack at the series finale=dead), Chloe’s family (why not? Would be interesting to see Chloe’s reaction), Kayla or Dalia (by the russians, trying to stop peace conference), pres Taylor (suicide after tragic events). Maybe Arlo? (but he’s barely important for the season plot). Don’t think Logan will die. They almost did that in season six.

I have a feeling Cole will die.

At the end of the trailer for Episode 20, Dana is pointing her gun, with that mischievous look.

The key here is BEFORE the finale. Didn’t Mary Lynn Rajskub tweet regularly that she was filming for the finale or something and that she can’t believe the stuff Chloe will go through during the finale?

yeah now that I think about it chloes definitely in the finale so I think the emotional death will be cole


emotional: chloe (please no) or president taylor

shocking: cole, one of the hassans, prob dana, maybe logan (possibly ethan but thats a slimn chance i think)

Run. Just run.
April 28, 2010 at 4:52 pm
pffft, they killed off 2 majors in 2 back-to-back episodes, then the next 2 don’t have any action whatsoever, minus 1 guy being knocked out. Nothing’ll bother me more then Renee’s death, and at least this promises for some upcoming action. So, emotional: Cole. Shocking: Logan.

I have to say that I think prez taylor isnt gonna make it cuz a couple of articles down it has that she wont make it unscathed so…. also sherry and david palmer both fell for logan just like taylor and they r both dead 2 so again…….

April 28, 2010 at 5:26 pm
Oh please no. I am still trying to get over Renee’s death.

Emotional: Ethan, hassan’s wife
Shocking: Logan, Cole

Run. Just run.
April 28, 2010 at 5:33 pm
yeah, I guess it is just all a matter of perspective as to who finds the 1 death emotional. Jack would find Cole’s death more emotional then Ethan’s,but the prez’ll find his death more emotionally straining then Cole’s.

shockingly emotional:Dana
shocking:Logan or Kayla

Uh, Sherry Palmer did not fall for Logan. Logan wasn’t introduced until Day Four (Sherry’s been dead since). ;-)

not chloe cuz this articale says 2 deaths BEFORE the finale and it has already been established that shes in the finale and so it prez taylor

Dana, Cole, or one of the Hassans are my guess :(

Cole and Logan.

It can be Chloe. Before the finale means before this finale season is over, not before the last two episodes. And if this is the last season, I bet the producers will do something extremely painful and dramatic. And Chloe is the last friend for Jack out there. I assume Chloe has 50% chances to die. Dammit!

Well we know the shocking one is Dana. For emotionally shocking, I’m going to go with one of the Hassan women.

Dana’s death wasn’t really shocking… I think everyone expected that.